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ITK C47: The Restoration of the Holy Sword

The Wild-Holy Sword Sechsweiss, a hundred-year-old broken sword.

I don’t know how many holy swords are there, but the fact that this sword died the moment it was broken doesn’t change. But with the Hand of Supremacy, I should be able to restore it back to life.

I replaced its broken blade with pure concentrated mana materialized into mana metal. Then, Veil’s dragon breath melted them with the sword’s remains. After putting them together, I kept the sword in the forge of my house for three days.

Sechsweiss is finally restored!
Its broken blade has been beautifully reconstructed into a long, slender, well-proportioned one. The aura emerging from its edge is even more intense than the other holy swords.
I inform everyone about the sword’s successful restoration.

“The holy sword…”
“has been restored!”

Miss Astres and the Demon King are so surprised that they can’t believe what they see with their own eyes.

“I don’t believe it! Seriously, Dear, is this even possible?!”
“The intense aura emanating from its blade…this is no doubt a holy sword. A restored holy sword!!!”

Even Platy and Veil can’t contain their astonishment.

“Here you go.”
“What do you mean ‘Here you go’?!”

Miss Astres, you don’t need to be that surprised. This holy sword is yours to begin with. I only wanted to fix it for you.

“But… Are you sure? Now, there’s only one holy sword left in this world—Wait, since you possess Dreischwartz that was said to have been lost forever, does that make it two? Add the restored Sechsweiss to the list, making it three!”

Miss Astres sure is confused. I just pressed the holy sword onto her since it was getting bothersome.

“Isn’t this great, Astres?!” says the Demon King as he hugs her with great joy. “With this, your lineage is now eligible to vie for the position of Demon King once again! There’s no way they can keep a noble family outside the sphere of influence! We can even restore your rights this instant!!!”
“Lord Zedan…!”
“Then, we’ll get married right after! Forgive me. Even though my heart was already set, I was too busy with duties as a Demon King that our relationship grew stale.”

The Demon King’s on a roll today.

“I will never let you go ever again. I want to retain my relationship with you. Astres…will you marry me?”

Well, that was a quick response.
As much as I’m happy for them, I wish they could’ve done it someplace else.

“Yay! Congratulations, Miss Astres!!!”
“An overwhelming comeback for the ex-Heavenly One!!!”

Batemy and Belena also express their joy for the couple.
Is this case closed?

“Too! Naïve!”

Guess not.
It was from my wife, Platy.
We were so close to the grand finale already. What’s with the last-minute objection?

“With all due respect, Demon King, if you are involved in governing your nation, do you think such a complicated and mysterious political situation such as this can be settled so easily?! My apologies for failing to introduce myself the first time. I am Platy, princess of the Mermaid Kingdom who was arranged to be your concubine.”

Ironically enough, the Demon King is the most surprised of us all.
But why?

“I didn’t hear anything about this! We haven’t even decided who’s going to be my legal wife! What is the meaning of this?!”
“I knew it. Some people have been negotiating with the Mermaid Kingdom without your permission.”

Marrying Platy?
But she’s here now because that negotiation was called off, and Miss Astres and the Demon King came here on their own accord.

“Plotting Astres’ fall aside, it’s hard to imagine exactly how many people are doing as they please behind your back. But there’s a high possibility one person is behind it all, probably someone from the Heavenly Kings.”
“Does that mean it’s alright if I kill him?”
“I’ll consider it. But it should never cause Dear any problems.”

…Veil and Platy speak of terrifying things. Let’s settle things as peacefully as possible, okay?

“But the point I’m trying to make here is that things won’t go that easily. We’re talking about scoundrels who have ignored their ruler’s orders and do whatever they want here. No matter how much you quibble, they will surely sabotage your marriage.”
“Yeah. Increasing the number of holy swords is probably weak as a political card.”

Even Veil gave her sincere input.

“If the holy swords are important to the demon race, some might even argue that Sechsweiss should be taken away from Astres since she’s currently an exile. And if a family lineage possessing a holy sword qualifies to become a Demon King, there’s a possibility for their relationship with the apex family to become dicey.”
“This means the process of succeeding the throne that has been monopolized for so long will be thrown into confusion. If worst comes to worst, it might split into old and new political power that will develop internal strife.”

I don’t get it, but it sounds terribly complicated.

“…T-Then, what are we supposed to do?” asks the Demon King with perplexity.

He may be a man of character and valor, but I guess plots like this isn’t exactly his forte.

“There’s only one thing you need to do,” says Platy high-spiritedly. “If the other party plans to interfere, it’s better to settle things sooner instead of using cheap tricks!”
“W-What are you trying to say?”

Platy responds, “You should just get married right here and now!”

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