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ITK C49: Shinzenshiki

A being appeared right in front of us, one that clearly transcends that of humankind; a god.

He assumes a human figure, except he’s gigantic and has a beard so long that it reaches the ground.

Is this Hades, the god of the demon race?
Actually, why is a god here with us?

“…I must have gone overboard and summoned Hades Himself.”

You did this, Sensei?!

“I only intended to offer a prayer for turning the area into a sanctuary fit to host a wedding ceremony. I didn’t know it would turn into a god-summoning ritual by using my powers as the Lifeless King, hoho…”

This isn’t the time to act carefree, Sensei!
You just summoned a god, you know?! A god!!!
If this were a manga or a game, the descent of an evil god should be prevented by the MC’s sidekick with all their might! Is it really okay to let things pass this easily?!

“…Thee materialized me to this plane, huh? This hast not happened in a long time,” he says in a calm and dignified voice.

…Hades spoke?

“When wast the last time… ah, aye. I think it wast when I annihilated Zeus’ foolish creations, the angels of destruction. For what purpose is it this time? Hast his children finally waged an Armageddon?”

I guess he’s asking about us as he faces our way.

What should we do?!
Should we just come up with a believable lie and have him leave immediately?!


Demon King Zedan steps forward before I can even say anything.

“The conflict with the human race continues to be in a state of ebb and flow. It’s a situation where you can’t let your guard down. However, it’s nothing you need to concern yourself with.”

Hades nods.

“Then, wherefore didst thee call me? Thee who kneels before me, introduceth thyself.”
“With all due respect, I am Demon King Zedan, child of Hades, currently serving the demon race as their ruler.”

Wow, the Demon King is holding a conversation with a god!
Your average human wouldn’t even be able to breathe under the overwhelming presence of a god, let alone talk to them.
Batemy and Belena, on the other hand, look like they’re about to wet themselves!!!

“On this occasion, I have asked for a woman’s hand in marriage. The only woman I desire from the bottom of my heart and whom I want to spend the rest of my life with.”
“L-Lord Zedan?!”

Miss Astres is beet-red from the Demon King’s frankness.

“In line with this, we planned to conduct a wedding ceremony and wished to be granted god’s blessings. However, we ended up calling his Mightiness by mistake.”
“The undead king…and one who hath already lived for over a thousand years, huh? Then it is only obvious that it wouldst reacheth the gods.”

Sensei won’t stop bowing his head to apologize.
Even an undead king gets the jitters when facing a god, huh?

“Very well. Thou art worthy of my blessings as the king of the demon race. However, unlike Zeus and Poseidon, I am a god who chose to has’t one wife. Thee shall followeth the same if thee art to receive my blessings.”
“I could ask for nothing better! Being paired with Astres alone for the rest of my life is more than enough! I do not need a concubine or a mistress.”
“Well said. Demon King Zedan and Demon Queen Astres, thee shalt receive the blessings of the earth’s husband.”

The couple is enveloped by warm light emanating from Hades’ palm.

“That concludes the ceremony. I shalt returneth to my realm. I wisheth the best to thee mortals who walk on this earth.”

And with that, Hades vanishes like the fog.
The air around us has also returned to normal.

“He was surprisingly nice…”

He even gave them his blessings like it was nothing.
I thought he’d be more of an evil god, considering he’s called God of the Underworld, but he’s pretty… normal.

Those couples who directly received their blessings from a god are said to acquire the utmost divine protection.

The Blessings of Mother Goddess’s Husband is the highest form of divine protection for couples, a blessing so rare that it’s only granted once every several hundred years. One can easily confirm it by using magic that can view a couple’s parameters. On top of that, they are also blessed with sound health and safe delivery for the wife. Whoever tries to forcibly sabotage their relationship will be met with divine punishment. There’s no better proof of their love than this that they can show to their demon brethren.

“Lord Saint, we truly are at a loss for words of gratitude.”

The now-united demon couple joins their hands together to express their gratitude.

“Thanks to you, my dream of marrying Astres that I almost gave up on came true. I will never forget this favor for the rest of my life.”

Miss Astres, now Demon Queen, bows her head with non-stop tears running down her face.

“Oh, no, no. I didn’t do anything in particular. Sensei should receive the credit for summoning the god by mere chance!”
“I’ll be more careful with the prayer ceremonies next time,” says Sensei as he lets out a sigh.
“…But, if you received the utmost divine protection, that means the holy sword I restored won’t be of use anymore.”
“That is not true at all! Having another holy sword with us will surely help win over our people’s sympathy!”
“I swear to protect the peace of our nation with our swords, Sechsweiss and Einrot!”

I guess we can say that the future of the demon race is in safe hands. I’m not sure how that would fare for the human race, though.
So, what are they going to do now?

“Naturally, Astres and I will return together to our homeland and introduce her as the Demon Queen to the whole nation.”

Yep, that’s probably for the best.

“Please expose and purge those lot who planned this series of events. We don’t want to be involved in trouble over and over again.”
“I can also burn down their place if needed.”

Platy and Veil also gave remarks in their own way.

The officially married couple is going back to their homeland, in other words, the capital, huh? That seems like the most suitable place to build their love nest.
I wish them the best in their new life together.


Just then, Miss Astres says something unexpected.

“If permitted, I’d like to stay here for a little longer.”

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8 months ago

Hades from Hellenic mythology was one of less extreme gods, unless his wife was involved, besides being a shut-in from what I recall. In some way a patron god of hikikomori, I guess, complete with the devotion to his waifu.

2 years ago

Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

Honeymoon on a beach resort with a 5 star rating~

2 years ago

Loving the detail difference between this and the manga, can’t wait for it to catch up. Thank you !

Keller Casderai-Dest
Keller Casderai-Dest
2 years ago

Thank you for your hardwork.

2 years ago

no worries. it also makes me happy there are people out there who appreciate it.
besides, i’ve become more and more attached to this series ever since i started helping out with its manga translation. 🙂

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