C51: A Holy Sword’s Murmur – Sequel

I am the Wicked-Holy Sword, Dreischwartz, the strongest holy sword there is.
My thousand-year plan has finally bore fruit, for I have now acquired the Hand of Supremacy. With this, any battle against the other holy swords will result in a win!
Let us go, My Lord! Let us find the other holy swords who quiver from my menace and take their last breath away! To arms!
This isn’t the time to seclude yourself in this isolated area!

…Huh? The firewood has decreased?
All right, all right…I just have to halve them, right?
Be it one or two thousand blocks of wood, I’ll smash them all! Fire!!!

…And while I was doing that, a new contender arrived.
It was Furious-Holy Sword Einrot, a brother sword made at the same time as me. Brothers destined to fight and kill each other to determine who can claim the title of the strongest sword.

Just when I was worrying about how to get my Lord to go to the battlefield, you came. What perfect timing!
It seems my very first prey will be you, Einrot!!! I’ll give you the honor of placing your corpse on the cornerstone of my supremacy!
…Or so I thought.

The sword aura my brother emits is at an unusually strong level.
What is this?!
This intense aura is intimidating me!

“It’s been a while… Wicked-Holy Sword Dreischwartz.”

That voice…it’s Furious-Holy Sword Einrot!
He’s using a voice only fellow holy swords can comprehend!

“After a thousand years since we were destined to kill each other…I have finally found you. Now, be still and become food for my nourishment.”

Yeah… Um…
For the thousand years we didn’t see each other, didn’t you change quite a lot? A massive change, if I dare say. Even the sword aura you give off is several times stronger than mine.

“What, you don’t know?”

“While you were busy running away and hiding, the Battle of the Holy Swords continued. Coveted-Holy Sword Zweiblau, Corrupted-Holy Sword Viergelb, Malicious-Holy Sword Fünfviolett, and Wild-Holy Sword Sechsweiss all lost before me.”

Huh, really?! I didn’t know!
But now that I think about it, it makes sense.
It’s been a thousand years since that time, after all!
There’s no way the battle wouldn’t have progressed one bit!

“Every time I won against our brothers and sisters, I absorbed the sword aura they released upon breaking. I repeated that four times, accumulating this much power I have with me now.”

For real?!
Is that how you changed drastically?!

“Otherwise, a coward like you who ran away amidst the battle would’ve triumphed. If he who fought and triumphed more does not win in the end, then what is the point of having such a battle in the first place?”

Yeah, true, but-
It’s not like I ran away! I was busy looking for the strongest wielder who could guarantee my victory!

“The brave perished, leaving the cowards to survive. I am fortuitous for having you brazenly show yourself to me. After I crush you, all that’s left is Annihilating-Holy Sword Siebengrün, whose whereabouts are also unknown. Sooner or later, I will find him and crush him, and then I shall declare myself the King of the Holy Swords!!!”

This bastard has completely regarded my entire being as his prey!
But I don’t blame him.
He has already smashed four other holy swords and absorbed their power. In simple math, he’s four times stronger than me!
Like hell I’ll win!!!

Damn it! What kind of messed-up leveling system is this?!
If I knew such a thing existed, I never would’ve gone on my search and instead threw myself directly into battle!!!
If we have this big of a gap in our power, not even my Lord will be able to…

…My Lord?
What are you doing picking up that broken sword? That’s Wild-Holy Sword Sechsweiss, isn’t it? She’s broken all right, just as Einrot said.
What are you planning to do with her remains? Restore it?!

There you go again with your jests, my Lord.
If that were actually possible, the fight between us siblings wouldn’t have…


…She was restored.
Just how heroic of a swordsmith are you for you to resurrect a holy sword, my Lord?!

“…I am Wild-Holy Sword Sechsweiss.”

Yeah. I know.
Long time no see, man. Glad to see you haven’t changed.

“Fighting is futile. Cohabitation has always been our true path. Let us join forces to bring richness and beatitude to this earth!”

I take back what I said. She changed a lot.
The hell are you saying? As much as I hate to point out the obvious, we’re swords, tools meant for battle, you know? You’re only being in self-denial saying that.
She didn’t speak like this back when she was first created by god.
But as I thought, she preaches like a saint now because my Lord remodeled her!

“Hmph! Revive as many times as you want; I’ll crush you all the same together with this coward Dreischwartz!!!”

Now that’s more like it, Einrot.
That bloodlust that damages anything and everything in its path is a holy sword’s true self!!!

“…Ah. Are you not the same Furious-Holy Sword Einrot who defeated me?”

Einrot’s knees gave way soon after he saw the revived Sechsweiss.
Well, we are swords, so we don’t have knees to speak of.
“Knees giving way” is a figure of speech. Please understand that much.

Anyway, that aside, the reason behind our assertive Einrot freaking out in front of Sechsweiss is because she emits a powerful sword aura. At least, stronger than Einrot’s. Her power is about twice as strong as Einrot, who absorbed the energy of the four holy swords he fought and defeated. Something must have happened during the time my Lord was remodeling her. Kind of like a power-up.
Actually, having said all of that, aren’t I pretty damn weak compared to these two?

“There is no reason for us to fight because you have already defeated me. As such, I have no right to participate in the battle for the supreme holy sword.”
“I-Is that so?”

Einrot’s cowering in fear like crazy.
I don’t blame him. If they did fight, I’m pretty sure Sechsweiss would win against Einrot nine out of ten times.
Hah-ha! Mr. Shaky Sword!

“I, who have lost my reason to fight, will use my power for the sake of the people and the world. Such is the duty of a sword wielded by human hands.”
Okay… But why the preachy attitude?

“Sir Einrot. Our lords seem to wish they remain married for life in love with each other. Now, why don’t we also become one and protect them together?”

Of course, he has no choice but to agree to it. If he refuses, he’s dead. Even a bystander like me can understand.

“Hehe. I look forward to being with you from here onwards, Dear. Since I already lost to you once, I will do my best to serve you as a good sword-wife.”
“P-Please be kind to me!!!”

Einrot had no right to refuse. It just goes to show that Sechsweiss’ power, revived by my Lord, is that strong.
My Lord is amazing. Who would’ve thought he’s also a blacksmith that can power up holy swords?

Hey, My Lord.
Any plans on remodeling lil’ ol’ Dreischwartz here?


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2 years ago

The list is now complete
1. Red (Ein Rot) – Furious Holy Sword
2. Blue (Zwei Blau) – Coveted Holy Sword
3. Black (Drei Schwartz) – Wild Holy Sword
4. Yellow (Vier Gelb) – Corrupted Holy Sword
5. Green (Fünf Violett) – Malicious Holy Sword
6. White (Sechs Weiß) – Wild Holy Sword [Saintly now?]
7. Green (Sieben Grün) -Annihilating Holy Sword

2 years ago
Reply to  fritzr

Slight error…
5. Violet…

2 years ago

Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

Thats what you get for doubting your owner’s victory!

2 years ago
Reply to  GonZ555

Ooh… I haven’t seen this meatbun in a long time among the novels I read… Good to see you ^^

1 year ago
Reply to  GonZ555

Hahaha! Just comes to show that not even male swords can say no to women.

Anderson Sanchez
2 years ago

Jajajajja que eso de esposa espada…… gracias por el capítulo

2 years ago

jaja, de nada
a mí también me ha gustado traducir este divertidísimo capítulo

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

He has already smashed four other holy swords and absorbed their power. In simple math, he’s four times stronger than me!<-Mr.3-black fails at simple math: unless the original Einrot started with 0 power, it should be 5 times stronger.

2 years ago
Reply to  jorgelotr

oh, haha you’re right, einrot is supposed to be 5x stronger. the ‘4x’ part in the raw didnt make me question it a second time. lemme change that rq, thanks for pointing it out 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  v-rus

Isn’t 4x technically correct though? Looking at it this way, the two swords started at level 1, since the other sword absorbed the 4 swords that is to say every sword is one level then Sword A is now level 5 and is 4 levels higher than Sword B.

At least that’s how interpreted it

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