C55: Three Sizes

Thus, I entrusted clothes-making to Batemy. But of course, it will take some time for her to bring out the finished products.
In the meantime, I immersed myself in my own work.

I wanted to expand the house now that we’ve got more residents with us, but I also want to finish making the kiln for making ceramics. The bathhouse isn’t even complete yet.
While I was busying myself attempting to finish them one by one, I heard something.

“Do you really need it that bad, Batemy?”
“Yes! No matter what!”

It sounds like the voices of every female resident of this land; Platy, Veil, Mrs. Astres, Belena, and Batemy.

The reason behind my assuming tone is that their voices are coming from one of the rooms inside the house.

While walking down the corridor, I heard the girls’ voices from inside the room, grouped as if some meeting were going on, so I pressed my ear against the door and listened attentively.

“Without it, it will never be a success!”

This voice must be Batemy’s. I can picture her speaking with such a zealous voice that her saliva is everywhere.
But what in the world are they doing?

“Please… Let me measure everyone’s sizes!!!”


“The saint appointed me to make your attires! It’s a sacred duty assigned to me, so to speak! Please, I request everyone’s cooperation!!!”

Did I really give Batemy that grave of a responsibility?
I think she’s getting a little too worked up, but I guess it’s good to be highly motivated.

“What makes a good article of clothing is its perfect fit on the wearer!”
“Batemy is on fire today…” says her colleague, Belena, in a composed voice.
“So, please let me measure your height!”
“As well as your bust, waist and hip sizes!”

Everyone other than Batemy shouted in unison.

…Ah, their three sizes.

I heard that making women’s clothing is particularly important. I only realized now the risk I’m putting myself in by eavesdropping their conversation on the other side of this door. If I value my safety, I should leave immediately without making a sound.
And yet, my legs refuse to move.

They definitely haven’t noticed me eavesdropping.
I can hear their coquettish voices from the other side of the door.

“Well then! In order to measure everyone’s sizes as accurately as possible, I need everyone to strip from top to bottom. Now!”
“From top to bottom?!”
“Of course! Any miscalculations on the measurement will greatly affect the finished product!”
“Even so! Being nude in front of everyone else is just too embarrassing!”
“What are you saying, Lady Platy? I know all about when you first met Lord Saint utterly stark naked!!!”
“Gyaaaaa! Stop! Don’t make me remember!!!”

I can recognize that feminine shriek from anywhere.

“I didn’t know much about land-dweller etiquette back then, okay?! I’m already used to life here, so it’s embarrassing! I will never do that ever again!!!”

She won’t?!
Somehow, that makes me sad.

“Batemy. Doesn’t the demon army frequently measure our sizes to make our custom clothes and armor? Is there any need for you to measure them again?”

That’s Mrs. Astres’ voice.

“Does Her Majesty really believe that the size you measured yesterday will be the same as today’s?”
“Lord Saint makes good food, doesn’t he? Her Majesty even asked for seconds of ginger pork this morning.”
“What point are you trying to make, Batemy? I did not gain weight! I repeat, I did not!!!”
“But don’t they say that the power of love makes you fat once you’re married?”
“That only applies to the gents, not us women!”
“Would Her Majesty prove that for us, then?”
“Of course!”

Here we see a Heavenly One’s subordinate tricking her own superior.

“I just have to take my clothes off, right?! Fine! Belena and Platy, you two strip as well! We’re all going to the grave together!!!”

“She’s dragging us in?!”

From the other side of the door, I hear the sound of clothes rustling. Over. And. Over. Again.

“Chop, chop, now! Please take those clothes off faster. Why do you think I brought everyone to this cramped room?”

Judging from her voice alone, I can tell that Batemy is getting excited.

“Yikes! Is it just me, or has your chest got bigger again, Miss Astres? Was your femininity stimulated after getting married?”
“Demons have dark skin tone, so I always wondered what color that specific part was. Now I know.”
“Lady Platy’s, on the other hand…”
“Are so slippery.”
“Slippery indeed.”
“Shut up!!!”

This is quite the spicy gossip!
As a gentleman, I know I should stop prying into their conversation any more than this.

And yet, my legs refuse to move!!!

“I’ll start the measurements now, starting from Miss Astres!♪“
“Hyah! Don’t just touch my skin all of a sudden! The cold startles me!”
“…You did gain weight.”
“Like I said, don’t startle me!!!”

Mrs. Astres…
I’ll decrease your portion a little tonight.

“Ah, but there’s nothing to worry, Miss Astres. Your waistline is the same. Only your chest got bigger.”
“Her Majesty sure sounds relieved. Your hips got bigger, though.”

Female hormones are secreted in excess once they get married, huh?

“As for Lady Platy… Actually, before that, what’s with your skin texture?! It’s so smooth!”
“Not only does Miss Platy look smooth, but she also feels smooth?!”
“Wow, you’re right! It’s like I’m touching a blueback sardine. Do all mermaids have skin like this?!”

Batemy, Mrs. Astres, and Belena all spoke in order.

“Gyaa! Stop! Don’t touch me! Only Dear can touch that place!!!”

I wonder where they’re touching her.

“I’ll begin with the measurements… Lady Platy is also quite the busty lady, huh? As expected of the Mermaid Kingdom’s princess!”
“You won’t announce our actual sizes, right?”
“Yes, I won’t.”

Confidential, huh?
Oh well. Not announcing the actual measurements has its own pros and cons. Besides, their unit of measurement is probably different from meters, so even if I ask them, I won’t be able to understand it.

But am I really all right with that?

“You’re next, Belena. Flat-chested as usual. That’s all.”
“Have a little more sympathy for me, Batemy!”

Does that mean Batemy has a note or memory of Mrs. Astres and Belena’s sizes?

As expected of a tailor’s daughter. I wasn’t mistaken in entrusting this to her.

“Ugh, how ridiculous.”

There was another voice coming from inside the room.
Is that Veil?

“You’re all so concerned with the most insignificant things about your body. What difference does it make having such a minor variation?”

I didn’t even realize Veil was there. She wasn’t speaking all this time.

“Kuh, you transcendent being of a dragon!”
“Come to think of it, Veil. On what basis does your human form depend on? If your dragon form is fat, does it make your human form fat?”

I can hear Veil scornfully laughing at the question she was asked.

“The extent of a dragon’s human form depends on its magic, so I can change how I look according to my will. It doesn’t matter how much I eat!”

All the other girls are totally hating on her right now.
However, Veil didn’t mind this and continued to boast about herself.

“My clothes are also made from magic, so there’s no need for me to be measured. But for the sake of letting you peasants know the overwhelming difference we have, I’ll let you measure my body!”

Flap! Goes the sound of clothes being removed.
She must’ve proudly removed her clothes in one go.

“While you’re at it, you should burn this image in your memories! The Grinzel Dragon Veil possesses the ideal body you girls so desire!”

I can hear Veil’s triumphant voice through the partition, but…

“They’re small.”
“A loli body?”
“Don’t tell me a dragon’s sense of beauty comprises of this?!”

I guess she didn’t receive the appraisal she expected.


Well then.
Let’s stop eavesdropping here and leave before I get found out.

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