C56: Sumo

When the ladies have their fun, we gents start to worry.
It’s unfair if they’re the only ones enjoying themselves, so we decided to suspend today’s work and have some fun.

“Let’s sumo wrestle.”

There’s no particular reason as to why I want to sumo wrestle.
It’s a game that can be easily played without using tools or going through some troublesome explanation, and sumo is what I immediately thought of. That’s all.

“What’s that?”

As expected, neither the Demon King nor the orcs know about it.

Let me draw a circle someplace wide and flat.
This will be the wrestling ring.
While I don’t know the precise measurements, I think it should be wide enough to encircle the wrestlers during their heated bout.

“It’s a one-on-one game where the person who gets pushed out of the ring loses.”

Currently, there are 12 people here with us; me, the Demon King, and the monster team.

“Oh, that sounds interesting.”
“Seems like a good change of pace. Let’s do it!”

Their enthusiasm towards this is making things more interesting.
But please, put down your axes and sickles.
Sumo doesn’t allow the use of weapons.


Despite the monsters’ unwillingness, they obediently followed my orders.
I made sure I also didn’t turn a blind eye to the Demon King, gently sheathing Einrot back after excitedly taking it out.

What’s going on, everyone?
Of course, some bloodshed is about to happen if you take out such sharp tools.
I guess I will have to explain the rules from the very basics.

First of all, weapons aren’t allowed in sumo.
It’s an unarmed bout, a game to be enjoyed and never taken seriously.
It’s also highly crucial to never injure your opponent, the establishment of this rule guarantees so.

No kicking and punching, either. That won’t be sumo anymore.
The main point is to either bring your opponent’s back against the ground or push them outside the wrestling ring.

Got it?
Once again, no injuries or fatal deaths.


“Understood, my Lord!”
“So, we only have to knock down our opponent till they can’t move anymore, correct?”

You didn’t get it at all!
These orcs really are monsters to the bone! They’re too hotheaded!
We must instill a sense of rivalry in them before they can compete against each other.

All the reason to make them do sumo.

And Demon King, please don’t give me that puzzled look after throwing shadowboxing punches loaded with magic.

Let’s add one more rule: No magic.
It is nothing but a simple and weapon-free game.
Any act that’s beyond the game’s category is outside the rules.

That being said, they won’t know the specifics until they actually try it, so I asked someone to be my opponent for demonstrating.

Me vs. Orkubo.

There shouldn’t be any problem if it’s him, the leader of the orc team.
We decided to show them the ideal way to play sumo.


At the sound of my signal, he charged at me with harite*.


I managed to dodge before I got hit.

Since the monsters here got stronger after undergoing mutation, even a direct hit to the face with their open hand could result in my skull caving in.

“No attacks directed to the face either! That’s too dangerous!!!”
“Just as my Lord ordered, I was attacking with my palm.”

He’s right!

A sumo only has harite! When asked why sumo uses this move, it’s probably to prevent injuries!
I totally get it now!

“I was merely jesting. No matter how serious I get, there’s no way I can inflict any injuries on you, my Lord.”

So, you’re telling me it’s okay if you charge at me with the intent to kill?!
Let’s stop. Your harite is more than enough to kill someone!

Even if I only become a temporary master with The Hand of Supremacy, these guys still praise me despite not being able to compete against them!

“I guess this leaves me no choice but to do it!!!”

The moment I realized I could only fight back to survive, I dashed towards Orkubo to close in on him and firmly grabbed his loincloth.
Now this is starting to feel more like sumo.


Orkubo tried grabbing my waist in order to stop me, but he was too naïve with his approach, being an amateur.
Orkubo is at a bigger advantage with his power, so after taking the time to wear him down a little, I attacked him with an underarm throw in a single swoop.


As Orkubo tumbles, the spectators around us let out astonished voices.

“Amazing!!! Our leader was flung away!”
“As expected of Lord Saint! You really are the strongest!”

The orcs and goblins continued with their praises, but is this also the effect of The Hand of Supremacy?

Multiple moves came into my mind despite not learning any one of them, and then I ultimately chose the most ideal move all within the moment I grabbed hold of Orkubo’s loincloth.

After that, my body did the rest.
Just how versatile is this skill of mine?!

“Anyway, as you all just saw, grabbing and throwing your opponent by the waist or pushing them out of the ring are the basic tactics of sumo. I’d like everyone to play as such.”

Thus, the game began.

The headcount remains the same with twelve people, including me, the Demon King, and the monster team.

One bout for every group of two; a total of six bouts.

The speedy goblins and powerful orcs from the monster team were neatly classified, and by using their innate abilities, the winners proceeded to the next round.

In the case of a goblin vs. orc bout, the smaller goblin uses their agility to throw the orc off balance and use that chance to strike. So, before that happens, the stronger orc crushes its opponent to claim its victory.

Several people have already learned the techniques, while others came to ask me for more details about the rules and tricks to the moves.
Among them, the Demon King’s overwhelming presence stood out the most.

Even though he only got to know about sumo today, he already knew the gist of it just from one or two matches. He even crushed the orcs and goblins one by one with winning moves he shouldn’t have any idea about yet.

The initial twelve people were reduced to six and were further reduced to three after having them fight against each other.
One of those three finalists was me.

I’ve somehow maintained my reputation as the owner of this land.

The second person is the Demon King.
He’s been kept as a kachi-nokori*.
Looks like someone’s dignity as a demon king is on the line.

Last but not least, Gobuzaemon from the monster team.
He immediately figured out the ropes of sumo and fully utilized his characteristic agility and small stature as a goblin to take down the orcs.

Judging from the flow of events, the last bout should decide the champion, but…

“We’re odd in number.”

There are only three of us. If two people have a bout, one will be left out. We can treat one as a seeded player, but it still feels like an awkward set-up. If only we had one more player, we could proceed with the semi-finals smoothly…

“Lord Saintttt, I’ve come to hang out!”

Oh, Prince Arowana! Perfect timing.

“A last-minute challenger has appeared, everyone!”

The monster team started cheering.

“Huh? What?”

I won’t give you time to collect yourself, perplexed prince.

“Those who have advanced to the semi-finals will grapple with each other, three people plus Prince Arowana, a total of four semi-finalists! Today, we shall see who reigns as the sumo grand champion!!!”
“U-Um! I have absolutely no idea as to what is going on! And isn’t that the Demon King over there?! Why is he here?! Why are all the VIPs gathering in this land?! Are we going to fight? Please, no! A nobody like me won’t be any match for you! Please, stop! Don’t make me participate in such a reckless contest! Nooooooooooo!!!”

Thus, the semi-finals and finals proceeded like so, but surprisingly enough, Prince Arowana emerged as the champion.

Cause of victory? His powerful mermaid legs.

Sumo Terms:

*harite: slapping the opponent with the open hand

*kachi-nokori: winning wrestler who remains ringside in case needed during pre-bout.

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