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ITK C57: Adamantine Thread

“It’s done!!!” shouts Batemy.

She’s been immersed in making clothes lately, and at last, her efforts finally bore fruit.

“Lady Platy! Please try this spring-themed frilly fishtail skirt I made just for you!!!”
“Huh? For me?!”

Platy is baffled by Batemy’s sudden approach.
Even the skirt has quite the flashy name!

“I purposely made the hem length asymmetrical to imitate the sea waves, befitting a merprincess such as you! I created a flowy line after measuring your hip size, making it look very trendy! And to match the color of her top, I went with blue, just like the color of the sea, your hometown!!!”

Yep. I don’t get most of what she’s talking about. But I can at least tell she’s extremely enthusiastic about all of this.

“…It feels refreshing and comfortable when worn. Even its design is very stylish. This is the first time I feel smartly dressed ever since I lived here!”
“Allll right! I got LadyPlaty’s seal of approval!”

Batemy raises her hands in great delight.
It does feel great to have your efforts rewarded.

“But if possible, I’d like you to make the next one easier to move in when working.”

True, it’s hard to move around in a skirt.

However, with this, we can now produce stylish clothes that are well-received by the young generation!
Hooray for progress!


For some reason or another, Veil, a bystander just like me, is making a difficult face.

“What’s wrong, Veil? Are you jealous because Platy gets to wear stylish clothes?”
“No way. Hey Master, the fabric used to make her clothes is from the thread those disgusting bugs spewed, isn’t it?”

Hey, don’t call them disgusting; that’s mean.

Sure, the materials used to make the skirt are made from the thread spewed by those monster bugs I got from the dungeon weaved into silk, but what of it?
Its silky finish is so beautiful, even I’m impressed by the finished product!

“…Dragon fireball.”

Veil ignites a ball of fire as large as a baseball from her fingertip.
Is that magic?


She flings the fireball from her fingertip to Platy’s skirt.
A direct hit.


What are you doing, you stupid dragon?!
Do you hate the fact that Platy is the only stylish one here that much?!

“Don’t panic, Master. I adjusted my power. Look.”

The skirt was inflicted with crimson-red flames, but it repelled the fire before it even had the chance to spread.


The flames had completely dispersed, but not a single burn mark was left on the skirt.

“As I thought. Its cloth has an exceptional anti-magic affinity to it.”
“I bet it has high defense too. Far superior to its armor counterparts. If this really is the effect of the thread spewed by that bug, then Master has amazing taste.”

Don’t look at me. I know nothing about that.
I simply hoped to make silk out of the thread spewed by the caterpillar.

As expected of monster bugs in a fantasy world. They even went as far as adding a practical attribute as a special bonus.

“That can’t be.”

Oh, a retort from Platy?

“If they could spew such durable thread in the first place, we wouldn’t be thinking so lowly of them!”
“Then how else are you going to explain the high defensive power your skirt has?”
“This is just my guess, but didn’t Orkubo and the others mutate into Warrior Orcs and Spartan Goblins the moment Dear interacted with them?”


“So, those bugs must’ve mutated after Master raised them with great care, changing the quality of thread they spew.”
“But that drastic?”

…Did I just create yet another new species?!

After that, I experimented with the remaining fabric myself. It seems this mutated-silkworm-monster fabric is so durable, neither regular attacks nor magic work on it.

“This marks the birth of a legendary-class armor!!!”
“It’s fashion, not armor!!!”

The seamstress, Batemy, protests, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is quite a big deal.

Originally, this silkworm monster had an existence so insignificant that the humans didn’t bother naming it, but I decided to give its mutated variant a name this time. It’s a species that never had a name to begin with, so just naming its variant is unfair. Plus, I have all the naming rights since I’m the one who mutated them.

The thread they spew is white and sparkly and has the durability of steel. They look just like diamonds, so I’m naming them Adamantine Silkworms, and the fabric will be called adamantine silk.

Anyway, I’m just happy that Platy can wear stylish clothes now.
But I also saw Veil with an annoyed look on her face. I guess she is jealous.

“Master! It’s unfair how Platy gets all the attention! Do something for me too!”

Even if you tell me that, you’re a dragon, the strongest species there is. There’s nothing in particular that I can do for you…

“Are you saying my flawlessness is a flaw in itself?! Damn it!!!”

There was nothing else I could do, so I ruffled Veil’s hair for some time.
Surprisingly enough, she doesn’t seem displeased by it. While being petted, she smiled with her whole face and made purring noises.

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9 months ago

Lord Saint, teach Batemy how to make pleats instead of skin-tight dresses. Cuts are good too, but only in moderation, depending on local climate.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

At least he doesn’t tire out from naming like a certain slime.

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thx for the new chapter~

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Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

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