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ITK C59: King’s Return

I am a member of the Heavenly Four, Glasya the Malicious, and the next ruler of the Demon Kingdom.
Before the Demon King’s disappearance, His Majesty angrily proclaimed that he doesn’t need his title as king if that’s what it takes to bring Astres back.

If he wants to cast away his title of Demon King that much, I’ll gladly take over it.
My lineage used to be the chosen one to inherit the Malicious-Holy Sword Fünfviolett.

It may have been broken for a long time now, but it still has the necessary qualifications!
I’ll be the next rule since Lord Zedan gave his throne away!

…Or so I thought. The moment I declared myself as queen, surprisingly enough, several idiots thought of doing the same thing.

It’s still understandable were it Lord Zedan’s sibling who lost during the succession struggle that happened long ago, but just who do these commoners think they are for them to dare to rise to the throne?

The title of Demon King isn’t something to be taken lightly!
You’re not even considered one bit worthy if you’re not of royal blood!
Besides, having the virtue, intelligence, and solemnity that can shut everyone up from one glance are also essential!

Naturally, Lord Zedan has them all. And yet, these dimwits think they can become His Majesty’s successor without having any one of these qualifications! There’s a limit to one’s absurdity!
I’ll eradicate all of you!

…Thus, a civil war broke out, and a considerable amount of time passed.

Because of the uproar caused by the dragon at the front lines, it has been predicted that even the human army won’t attempt to do something stupid. Nonetheless, everyone’s still rioting without a care.

It’s a messy civil war with fools drowning in their ambition as the next Demon King. Still, to my surprise, the other Heavenly Ones, Ravillian and Belphgamilia, remained calm and cooperated with the main army to maintain public order, devoting themselves to protecting the citizens.
…What, am I the only one trying to seize this golden opportunity?

As it turns out, the rest of the absurd fools are rather meek. They immediately give up when they get into a squabble with the private army. Even I was far from attempting to annihilate everyone. I couldn’t move the moment Ravillian and Belphgamilia confronted me.

…Damn it.

This is quite the stalemate.

And while we were forced to stand by and do nothing, that disappointment of a bastard, Lord Zedan, came back despite neglecting his heavy responsibilities and went missing in action before he disappeared.

However, his determination and conduct are far different from those who proclaim themselves to be Demon Kings. He led an army that focused on protecting the citizens and contained the situation in a flash. Thinking this was the perfect opportunity, he purged the rest of the troublemakers…including me. But when I was taken away from Lord Zedan’s sight after demoting me to regular soldier, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

That stupid woman, Astres, is right beside him.
And what’s with her outfit? A dress?

What’s a female general without an ounce of gracefulness like you getting a disgusting makeover like that?


Demon Queen?!
Does that mean you’re Lord Zedan’s wife?!
Cut the bullshit! When did such a thing happen?!

You’re an incompetent woman fired from being a Heavenly One after failing to accomplish your duty and was banished to who knows where!
Why is everyone coming back in such a surprising way?!

I can’t be satisfied with this! This calls for a match!!!
Like hell I can behave in front of Lord Zedan!!!

Besides, the civil war breaking out after Lord Zedan’s vanishment is all this stupid woman’s fault, to begin with!
I’ll judge this wretch that caused disorder to our nation right here and now!
Please don’t stop me, Lord Zedan! I’m betting my own life on this!!!

Hmph… so you do accept my challenge, huh, Astres? You’ve got some nerve.
We’ll officially see if you are worthy of being the Demon Queen!

Take that! My ultimate secret technique: Hellfire magic!

My magic dispersed before it reached her?!

“As expected of the dress Batemy tailored using Lord Saint’s adamantine silk. It can even intercept high-class magic from a Heavenly One!”

What the hell are you saying, Astres?!

If magic doesn’t work, I’ll just have to attack you physically! I’ll split you in half with this magical silver sword crafted by a skilled dwarf!


The entire sword shattered into bits and pieces!
Hey, Astres! What is with that sword you wield?!
The Wild-Holy Sword Sechsweiss, you say?!

Don’t lie to me! The holy swords we Heavenly Four possess have been shattered by Einrot ages ago!
It was restored with the help of the saint?!

What is the meaning of this?!

…You received the demon race’s ultimate blessing –Blessings of Mother Goddess’ Husband as a married couple directly from Hades, God of the Underworld?
And you’re telling me that was also the work of the saint?!

What the hell is up with the both of you?!

I’m supposed to be a Heavenly One, someone of equal family status with you, and yet…!
Lord Zedan only keeps favoring Astres alone!!!

Does being childhood friends matter that much?! Just because you met her at a way earlier time, I stand no chance against Astres!!!
I did my best to serve the military so I don’t lose to her! And yet, why does His Majesty never look at me?!
It’s always Astres this! Astres that!!!

I’ve had it! Execute me; I don’t care! Even I aimed for the throne and caused a mutiny while his Majesty was gone, anyway!
Like I care about His Majesty who never bothered to notice my feelings and only favors Astres all the time!
If I can’t become Lord Zedan’s wife, there’s no point in living!!!

So, just execute me!
If you can’t do that, then let me be His Majesty’s wife!

I want to be Lord Zedan’s wife tooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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2 years ago

Hey, I’m getting confused. Wasn’t the Holy Sword of the Wild family also named Wild, not Wicked?

2 years ago

Lol so she was in love with Zedan all this time?

2 years ago
Reply to  Gautam

yeah, more or less
wait till you read how the author elaborated on her character in the future chapters lolol

2 years ago

The mc has no demon wayfu yet XD

Thierry Herald
Thierry Herald
2 years ago
Reply to  Fumungus

Ele já tem duas assistentes demônio mas elas não foram para a cama dele ainda, mais sim um deva no harém seria bom também.

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