C60: A King’s Murmur

I am Genesis the 18th, the great king of the Human Kingdom.
My nation is made of the purest humans in the world; hence it is called the Human Kingdom.

That name is more than enough to embody what we are. There’s no need to begin with a designated name such as “Town” or “Village.”
We’re just like the demons who rule over the Demon Kingdom and the mermaids who govern over the Mermaid Kingdom.
However, the only kingdom that can truly be called a nation is the Human Kingdom I govern myself.

Why, you ask?
Because humans are the superior race.

We, the humans, created by the god of the heavens, Zeus, are the noblest, strongest, smartest, and most righteous race in the whole world.

Even the demons and mermaids are nothing more than inferior races created by gods who are also inferior to Zeus. Legally speaking, they should be pledging absolute obedience to us like the slaves they were always meant to be, but since they still dare rebel, we have to subjugate them.

Once we conquer the demon race, the mermaids are next.
I’ll teach these fools the righteous great king that should reign this world!

…Well, they’re surprisingly holding out, so things have more or less turned into a drawn-out war extending for several hundreds of years. Nonetheless, this war is coming to an end!

Why, you ask?
Because I’ve been enthroned as king!

The human race will claim victory over this war thanks to yours truly ascending the throne, the greatest kind of all time! Such is the fate the gods have set, after all!!!

…Huh? What?
That’s what the previous king also said?

Quiet! My father was incompetent; I’m not!
Huh? My grandfather said the same thing?

I see…

Whatever. Anyway, I’ll show you that we can end this longstanding war with me as your ruler!
This is exactly why we summoned multiple heroes from a different world. I’m sure we’ll manage!

We may be at risk of using up all the mana circulating our territory, but fear not!
If we defeat the demon race, we can use their mana to replenish our supply, so everything will still turn out all right!

As long as we win! We will!!!

But then.
I received reports about the front line collapsing. What is the meaning of this?

They lost? My army lost?
Terrified, I listened to the report in more detail, but it turned out that it was not the case.

It seems the dragon that appeared on the front lines out of nowhere was the cause, so both factions were forced to retreat momentarily.
Afterward, though the dragon had already left, the war didn’t progress one bit, so both sides continued to look daggers at each other.
I felt relieved knowing my army didn’t face an ignominious defeat, but that dragon sure is vexing.

I don’t give a damn if it’s supposed to be the strongest creature in the world; how dare it bring disorder to my plans!
Thanks to your uncalled-for meddling, the victory of my army will be delayed!
It’s despicable how even we can’t do anything about you!

Nevertheless, humans are the most superior race in the world! Dragons aren’t loved by god, so their ranking is out of the question! That’s just how things are!
…In any case, the generals stationed at the front lines said that no army will be ordered to move until reliable information regarding the dragon’s motive to intervene had been obtained.


The dragon said that it was under the command of some Saint Kidan.
The dragon’s master?

I was really doubtful whether someone other than a god could do such a thing, but we cannot resume our war against the demon race until we know that this person won’t get in our way.

The generals further explained that if we end up unknowingly provoking him again, he’ll definitely send the dragon to the battlefield and annihilate all of us together with the demons.
What a bunch of chickens.

But wait.
If we recruit this person as one of my retainers, he can send the dragon to attack the demons, and then victory will be ours!

That’s it! I have decided!
We’re finding this Saint Kidan!!!
Call this fellow at once!

You don’t know where he is?!
You’re all so useless!

What are we supposed to do now?!
Form a search party to look for him?
Fine, I approve of it.

Until we find this saint, suspend all war expenditures!
If we make this saint our ally, winning this war will become child’s play!!!

A civil war broke out at the demon capital?

Forget about that! Like I said, if we make this saint our ally, winning this war will become child’s play!!!

How many people should we allocate for the search team?
…80,000 people?
Isn’t that a little too much?

You tell me that it’s the only shot we have at finding him since we don’t have any clues at all, but mobilizing such a large number of people is going to cost a lot, and that’s too troublesome.

The war may be at a standstill right now, but we still need military force stationed at the border, you know?
That’s why we need to decrease that number…

8,000 people? Decrease it some more.
800? More!
8 people! Perfect!

Eight chosen heroes! Find this Saint Kidan and bring him to me!

This is my order as the king of the Human Kingdom!
No matter who it may be, anyone will obey my orders!
Go, now!

Lady Momoko is also part of the search party.

You’re also going?
I mean, since there’s a ceasefire right now, a beauty like you should stay at the royal palace and liven up this place…

A hero’s mission is to bring peace to the world, that’s why you’re going to find the saint, you say?

I see…
If you’re that determined, I won’t stop you even as king!
Go fulfill your duty and make a triumphal return to the royal capital!

Come back every once in a while, won’t you?

Note: He’s named ジュネシス(Junesis) in the manga, but ジェネシス (Genesis) in the web novel. Even I’m not sure if this was a deliberate change or a mere typo, but for now, I’m going to stick to what was written in the novel.

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1 year ago

And this is the mentality of arrogant selfish delusional elites who think the world revolves around them.

2 years ago

What a retard. Why does he think Kidan would want to become his retainer?

2 years ago
Reply to  Gautam

cause he’s a selfish little sht who thinks the world revolves around him hahah

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago
Reply to  v-rus

Because they think that Saint Kidan is most likely human so he has to be on the side of humans.

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

Note: He’s named as ジュネシス(Junesis) in the manga, but ジェネシス (Genesis) in the web novel. Even I’m not sure if this was a deliberate change or a mere typo, but for now, I’m going to stick to what was written in the novel. <- clearly a typo; mangas are prone to mess up some spellings until they catch the mistakes, and since ュ and ェ look so similar…

2 years ago
Reply to  jorgelotr

thats probably true, yeah.
even the web novel has some typos here and there too
earlier I thought mutated orcs were called Willier Orcs, but after chapter 38 (I believe) they were always referred to as Warrior Orcs

2 years ago

Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

*teach a crow to say “baka” and send it to the king*

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