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ITK C67: The Three Witches’ Histories

While Platy was busy entertaining the new faces, I was entertaining Prince Arowana.

“The Six Mad Witches?”

What’s with the lame, chuunibyou-like name?

“It’s the name designated to the six notorious mermaids in our kingdom. They are all women, hence we call them witches.”

Each witch was also given an alias. Namely, Witch of the Bitter Cold, Witch of Hellfire, Witch of the Plague, Witch of the Abyss, Witch of Darkness, and Crowned Witch.
It’s like some middle schooler racked their brain to come up with such lame names.

“So, half of those people are with us today?”
“Yes. And they were all imprisoned for various misdeeds. When it comes to the witches, perhaps owing to their extremely potent potion-making skills, their actions are more atrocious. There’s a huge possibility they could bring serious harm, so we had no choice but to restrain them.”

That does sound dangerous.

I continue to listen to the personal backgrounds of each witch who just arrived at our settlement.
Or should I say, “criminal records…”

First, we have Puffer, the Witch of the Bitter Cold.
She focused on the global circulation of mana undersea and aimed to artificially manipulate this with magic.
They ridiculed her goals to be overambitious and that actually achieving such large-scale magic is impossible, but she was still imprisoned because of her radical idea.

“Where did she get her alias then?”
“I won’t go into too much detail, but it is said that by controlling the mana of the seas, the entire world can undergo a period of an ice age. If such a feat is achieved, it can also wipe out both the demon and human races. This is the actual reason behind her imprisonment.”
“I also heard that she particularly fancies the use of ice-based magic and that her skills are top-notch.”

Second is the Witch of Hellfire, Lampeye.
It seems she used to serve the Royal Mermaid Court as an Imperial guard.

She uses magic to assist her in battle and specializes in fire-based offensive potions. The explosives she makes ignite even underwater and spreads farther than any other similar potion made by researchers. They’re extremely difficult to handle that no one other than her can use them.
As a result, she was given the title of the Strongest Imperial Guard at the Royal Palace and became one of the Mad Six.

“Word on the street says that she’s the only sensible person among the six witches. But then, a certain incident overturned that very same reputation.”
“A certain incident?”
“The riot during Platy’s marriage, if you recall.”


Platy’s popularity sky-rocketed so much that the demon and human races came to ask her hand in marriage. If they accepted the proposal of either one, they would be at war with the other.
But that dispute was resolved when Platy married me, belonging neither race.

“That time, the opinion of the entire nation was split in half. They debated whether Platy should marry into the demon or human race.”

And then, a mermaid noble came to talk to His Majesty in person.

“His purpose for visiting was of course, regarding the marriage debate, but surprisingly enough, he was neutral with it. He was against Platy’s marriage. Both the demon and human race cannot overlook the risks of failing to get a bride, so if we stall for time, they will eventually back off, he said.”

Wow, that’s actually quite the composed opinion.

“But here’s the catch. He let his tongue slip and also said that since Platy is a drug freak, things will never work out, regardless of who she marries.”

Unfortunately for that aristocrat, Lampeye the Hellfire Witch was also present in the audience hall.
She heard the insults directed at the royal family loud and clear.

“As an Imperial guard, it’s good for Lampeye to be loyal to the royal family, but… She assaulted him on the spot and beat him to a pulp.”
“That aristocrat was also one of the distinguished persons in our nation and kin to the royal family. Just because he uttered a few harsh words, that still doesn’t give her an excuse to assault someone in front of the king.”

As a result, Lampeye was arrested and imprisoned then and there.
After that, Platy’s marriage riot came to an amicable solution without binding themselves to either race, just as the aristocrat said. This made Lampeye’s standpoint more and more insignificant.

“At worst, she would have received capital punishment. And even at best, she would still be dismissed from her duties as an Imperial guard. But since she refused to admit that she was in the wrong, we had to resort to the first solution.”

So, they brought her here to cool her head.

“I genuinely don’t want any casualties. The Mad Six are also precious individuals who deserve a second chance at life. Half the reason for imprisoning them is to protect them from discord with the public.”

And the person most intended for that aim is none other than Garra Rufa, Witch of the Plague.

“Her name sounds the most ominous of them all…”
“Garra Ruffa used to be affiliated with the Mermaid Medical Association.”

Magic potions are also called drugs.
That is why medicinal science plays an active role in this respect, hence the Mermaid Medical Association receives the highest authority on pharmaceutical magic.

“You see, Gara Ruffa proposed a slightly outrageous theory. According to her, most illnesses are caused by tiny creatures invisible to the naked eye.”

So… bacteria?
Isn’t that normal?

No, wait.
People of this world still haven’t discovered the existence of bacteria and other microorganisms.
Even someone with a good brain like Platy was quite surprised when I told her about malt and yeast.

In a world where such a futuristic claim still isn’t accepted by the general public, it’s only natural that those who talk about it would be treated like a freak.

“Her absurdity doesn’t stop there. She even said that the human body remembers the characteristics of these tiny creatures that entered its system and builds resistance against it! Can you believe that?!”

Yeah, she’s talking about the immune system.

“She was steadfast with her own theory that when a plague broke out once, she did the unthinkable.”
“What did she do?”
“She drained the blood from those who have recovered from the disease and directly injected it into the body of another infected person!”

That’s blood serum…

“Even though one can die from being injected with someone else’s blood into their veins, she still dared to treat weakened patients like that…And so, we arrested her. She’s the only person who really went nuts.”

As an otherworlder, all her actions made sense to me though.
But I have to admit, injecting antibodies into someone else’s system without knowing their blood type is a bit of a rash act.

“That’s why… Gara Ruffa is the most dangerous one among the bunch. But her knowledge about magic and compounding skills are both top-notch! You must be very careful around her, Lord Saint.”

Well…all of them are still weirdos one way or another.

“I wonder if Platy alone can handle those oddballs… Now it’s starting to make me worry.”
“She’ll be fine. If anything, Platy is the only one who can handle the Mad Six.”
“The Crowned Witch, head of the Six Witches, is my sister.”


“She’s the most troublesome person to deal with, developing new drugs that have made their marks in our history, such as the perfected human-transforming drug and many other drugs that are far too dangerous they had to be banned. But since she’s a princess, she cannot be imprisoned like the other witches.”

So, they gave her the nickname Crowned Witch.

My wife…is a witch.

This is the real “My Wife is a Witch”, guys.
Just kidding.

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