C72: Insatiability

Our newcomers are such great help.

But I bet Platy is the one who feels most grateful here. She’s been assuming responsibility for the production of fermented food and medicine all this time that she definitely must’ve been overworked. On top of that, as my wife, she also looks after all of us and manages our coordination with each other, so her schedule really is murderous. It must have been even harder to support me as I bustle about here and there wherever my interests take me.

I should’ve taken things into account sooner and made the necessary improvements!

Now that we have more people with us, Platy can entrust the brewery work to the newcomers and concentrate on supporting me, almost like a secretary. She knows exactly what my schedule is, when and where I’ll be, and reports any of the residents’ wishes to me. Everyone is grateful for this because it has saved each section from being short-handed.

We also assigned Puffer to become the new head of the brewery.

For example, when I went there to pick up the souvenirs to bring to Sensei, she looked at me discontentedly and grumbled. When I told her what I wanted, she reluctantly took out several packs of pickled radishes from the vat…and was actually way more than what I asked for.

“You’re going to ask him for a favor, aren’t you? Then don’t be stingy about it,” she scolded. “As you probably heard from the princess, Garra Rufa just finished her portion of samples, so give those a taste. Also, I’m going to do the pickling tomorrow so could you tell Lampeye to come back here because I’m going to need extra hands. Oh and, tell the princess to drop by every once in a while. She’s still the head of this place, more or less.” said Puffer as she gave one order after the other.

She looks a delinquent from the outside, but in reality, she’s surprisingly the responsible type.

“One more thing…” says Puffer again, but this time bashfully. “When will Lord Arowana pay a visit?”

That was cute of her.
Let me add something regarding our three new ladies.
Lampeye, Witch of Hellfire, and also ex-Imperial guard, said the other day…

“Will you please let me do the hunting work too? It’s not that I’m unsatisfied with my duties at the brewery, but my nature is such that if I’m not regularly active, I get out of shape! I don’t mind working in the field, but if possible, I prefer hunting as it helps me regain my fighting instincts!”

I wanted to ask her what she plans on doing once she gets that feeling back, but I also wanted to respond to the residents’ wishes as much as possible, so I let her join the orcs who were on their way to the dungeon.
I heard she played a very active part there.

Though I expected as much from someone who was an Imperial guard in their previous job, as her alias, “Witch of Hellfire”, suggests, she excelled in the use of fire magic potions that it even surpasses that of Platy. She would close in on her opponents and burn them in an instant with her potions, then scoring cheers from the orcs.

…However, because she thoroughly burnt each monster they came across, the spoils from their hunt were rendered utterly useless.
She says that she can only deal with monsters that have no usable parts in any way.
As for our Plague Witch, Garra Rufa, well, she was the most intense of them all.
She wrung out every bit of information from my brain regarding bacteria and fermentation for an entire day.

“What magnificent creatures bacteria are! I never would’ve guessed they are also involved in the making of butter and cheese!!!”

It seems dairy products are a thing in this world.
I want some milk, too.
Except, we don’t have any cows that can give it to us.

I searched every nook and cranny of Sensei and Veil’s dungeons for any cow-type monster that can be used as a substitute, but there weren’t any.
Besides, looking after a cow isn’t as easy as a yoschamo or a silkworm.

As much as I’d like to have one, I guess I’m going to have to put this matter away for some other time.
There are still many things that I want but haven’t been able to finish yet, such as the waterway, rice, kiln, and bathhouse.
Yet here is someone who’s lavishing her greed more than I do.

“Lord Saint! Bacteria are involved not only in the making of butter and cheese but also in the brewing of alcohol, right?!”
“I want to try brewing some! I want to witness for myself the process by which the bacteria break down the sugars into alcohol!!!”

Garra Rufa’s passion for bacteria is amazing.
Liquor, huh?
Yeah, even I would love to have some.

While the variety of food that we had at the welcome party the other day was ample, without the ever-so-important alcohol, it would have lacked excitement.
Prince Arowana brought them from the Mermaid Kingdom and somehow managed to keep his composure.
I’d like to entertain everyone with homemade liquor next time.

But we have none of the main ingredients used to make all sorts of liquor, such as grapes for wine, rice for Japanese sake, and wheat for beer.
Wait no, we do.
We do have wheat. In fact, we have it both floured and un-floured, which we used a while back to bake bread.

But can beer really be made from it?
There’s more than one kind of wheat, after all. I’ve heard of barley and rye, too. I just don’t know which exact one is used to make beer.

Oh, well. I’ll leave that to Garra Rufa and let her research it thoroughly.
These girls are so outstanding that they can come up with the correct interpretation from the rough hints I give them.
Since they are witches from the Mad Six!!!

They don’t like that name, so they get angry when they’re called by it.

But will we do it in the brewery that we have once we’re going to brew some alcohol?
I somehow don’t like that idea.

We must prepare a special brewery for it, appoint Garra Rufa as head, and let her do her research to her heart’s content.

…My dreams are running wild.
In that case, we’re going to have to build another building as big as our food storage and brewery.

We haven’t even finished the waterway, bathhouse, or even the kilns yet!
The things I want to build only keep on increasing, somebody, stop me!
Stop this unending desire of mine!!!

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6 months ago

“Centrifuges play no part in churning butter”

Seriously? Industrial scale machines called separators actually play SOME part, according to Wikipedia in several of its articles, on cream:
“In the industrial production of cream, this process is accelerated by using centrifuges called “separators”.”
and churning butter:
“Centrifugal cream separators allow the properties of centrifuge to be applied to butter making. Instead of having spinning paddles, the paddles are fixed and the container spins. This allows better separation of the butter from the buttermilk and water.”

2 years ago

Rye is more often used for vodka. Actually anything that contains starch can be made into vodka.

2 years ago

Microbes are required for butter? That’s news for me. Butter is just a long-molecule fat-rich fraction of milk (of fresh cream, specifically), right? It’s made with a centrifugal machine, so no microbes are necessary.

2 years ago
Reply to  Exfernal

The best butter is made from clabbered (mildly soured) cream. Buttermilk is the remaining liquid after the butter is made and removed from the churned cream

Cultured buttermilk is made by adding the microbial culture found in buttermilk to milk

Yes, butter is the congealed butterfat from cream. The separation process is started by microbial action

2 years ago
Reply to  Exfernal

BTW. Churning is a gentle mixing action similar to a stand mixer with paddle or dough hook. The churning action caused the butterfat in the clabbered cream to form lumps that grow by accreting more butterfat

Clabbering makes it easier, but there are other ways to start the clumping process. One of my parent’s cooking mistakes was the Thanksgiving Dad brought home Double Devon Sweet Cream to make whipped cream. It whipped into a really high quality unsalted butter.

Centrifuges play no part in churning butter

2 years ago

All of them
There are wheat, barley and rye beers. Most are blends of 2 or 3 of these grains

Rice, buckwheat, sorghum, millet and corn (maize) are used to brew gluten free beers
Japanese beers are often rice beer

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