C73: Army Corps

We recruited forty-five orcs and forty-five goblins to our settlement, a total of ninety new monsters.

Add this to Orkubo’s monster team of ten, and we already have a hundred.
It was quite a drastic reinforcement.

Had I not done this, I wouldn’t be able to complete everything I wanted while I lived.

Of course, we all got them from Sensei’s cave dungeon. Perhaps the souvenirs Puffer gave to me in excess did its charm because he gladly let me recruit that many monsters.

“I knew the day would come when you’d say that, so I already prepared them in advance for you, Lord Saint,” says Sensei. “Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything that you need for I have already pledged allegiance to you. Besides, neighbors must always help each other.”

I guess the reason why everything goes well is not because of the souvenirs I bring him and the like, but because Sensei is genuinely a good undead king.

Anyway, we instantly became one big family. An army of one hundred monsters, both old and new.
Naturally, they will be managing agriculture and public works. Not for invasion, just so you know.

The newcomers will get their command and training from the monsters already with us.
That is, the orcs and goblins led by Orkubo.

Let me introduce them once again.
Orkubo, leader of the orc team, and Gobukichi, leader of the goblin team, have already made their appearance several times.

Here’s a more complete list of the rest…

Orkubo (leader)

All named by yours truly.

I hope you can overlook the fact that I ran out of ideas midway through.
As for the goblins, I couldn’t come up with good puns for them like the orcs, so they’re as direct as they can be…

Gobukichi (leader)

Why do I feel like I’m running out of ideas from every fourth monster?

By the way, Gobusaemon’s name was mentioned during the sumo tournament as the second runner-up.
His legendary bout with Prince Arowana is still talked about even today. Whenever the prince comes to visit, it seems they have a little bout during their spare time.

The recruits would be then assigned to each of these orcs and goblins. I decided to have them form a team of ten; one senior and nine recruits.

Orkubo and the other older monsters will be the leaders of each team, so congratulations to them!
I hope they take good care of their new subordinates.

This time, I won’t get myself directly involved with the new orcs and goblins.

Because of “The Hand of Supremacy”, when I came into contact with the very first orcs, they developed their own consciousness. Not only that, the orcs mutated into Warrior Orcs and goblins into Spartan Orcs, making them several times stronger.

They were all a result of mere coincidence, and I’m grateful to have their good company, but…it feels like pseudo-life dwells in them somehow.

It’s as if I have one foot in God’s work…its limitlessness scares me.

In order to put a stop to this, I won’t get in direct contact with the new monsters to keep them from having an ego of their own with “The Hand of Supremacy.”

A month or so has passed since…

“Listen up! We’re doing our best today!!!”
“We’re working for the sake of our Lord!!!”
“What are an orc’s strong points?!”
“What are a goblin’s strong points?!”
“And for who do we put these to good use?!”
“All right, let’s get to work!!!”

Are my ears fooling me or are the new orcs and goblins having a fluent conversation with Orkubo and the others?
It was a little intense, but you can sense a hint of intelligence in their exchange.


“They’ve been doing that for days, you know,” says Platy.

They were doing that while I was busy hammering out mana metal axes and scythes for them to use?!

“They said doing that at the start of their day really gets them going. In fact, their work performance has also increased. Orkra’s team has already completed the house expansion. We can send them to offer back-up to the other teams.”
“Gobuhiko’s team is also about to finish their work too, so you can rush the field expansion now. I’m leaving that area completely up to you, Dear.”

Everything’s going well.
Everything’s going well… But!

The new orcs and goblins are developing their own egos!!!

“They’re mutating,” says Sensei as he wraps up his appraisal.

As expected, they all mutated into stronger monsters.
The orcs became Warrior Orcs while the goblins became Spartan Goblins.
But why?!
I didn’t come in contact with them at all!

“We may not be aware of it, but we are still in contact with each other by being in the same place.”

Is that really how it is?!

So now, even our settlement’s recruits will gradually become an actual army?!

“But if they also mutate, then Orkubo and the older monsters will lose face…”

Since their privilege as team leader will now become a simple senior-junior relationship.

“About Orkubo’s generation…” says Sensei as he foreshadowed something ominous. “They’re also mutating in their own way.”
“It’s called Stage-two Mutation. I only know about it through hearsay, never through actually witnessing it myself.”

So… it seems the Warrior Orcs and Spartan Goblins further mutated into Legatus Orcs and Brave Goblins, respectively.

“They say the strength of a stage-two mutated monster is such that it can pulverize an average hero in one blow. And now that they’re commanding an actual army of stage-one mutated orcs and goblins, both the human and demon races would be experiencing a living nightmare.”

Haha, no way…
Orkubo and co. are just harmless, gentle monsters who excel at cultivating.
Now, how about we get on with another day of work?

Note: The orc names are puns perhaps based on a famous Japanese statesman (Ookubo Toshimichi), a vegetable (Okra), a popular Japanese company (Okuma Corporation), the Japanese God of Agriculture (Ookuninushi), and the 10th month of the year (October) respectively. As for the goblins, their names are comprised of kanji that are commonly used in Japanese names for guys.

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3 months ago

Ah yes, Orktober.

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I lost it at Orctober!

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

I don’t think I could do what the MC or Rimuru for naming. Even though they both suck at it, they’re a lot better than me cause I don’t think I’d be able to get past 1 or 2 names much less 3 for naming.

What’s interesting is I play games like Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley where you name your farm animals. I’m glad that Stardew has a random name generator but in the past, I just named them Chicken 1, Chicken 2, etc (like Rimuru did after the demon orc arc).

2 years ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

That’s part of the reason why family name was invented. That way, you can reuse the same name and still make a personally identifiable person. Dunno why Rimuru didn’t have them divide into families and just start by giving each family a group name, then use a bunch of pre-set given names…

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago
Reply to  Kiki

Considering how bad he is with names, he probably never considered it. You pointing it out also shows I never thought of it either which goes to show how bad I am at naming as well. xD

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thanks for the awesome translation and for the chapter.. i really like this novel.. keep up the good work.. stay safe

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glad you enjoyed it. thank you, and you stay safe too 🙂

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