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ITK C74: Completion Rush

I was able to complete all sorts of things as I immersed myself in my work.

First, our expanded house.
In addition to the private rooms I promised Puffer, Lampeye, and Garra Rufa to have, we also dedicated a large space for Batemy’s clothing room. It’s a sort of reward on its own after she worked hard to produce clothes for our new monster army.

Next, we have started building the foundation for the liquor-exclusive brewery right next to the general brewery. Our goal is to start with beer since it has the most convenient ingredients. Platy and Garra Rufa will combine their ideas from the methods I suggest and give them a go through trial and error.

We’ll first try wheat and barley.

We got our barley from the time I made the mistake of growing it with red beans instead of wheat and soybeans with the Hand of Supremacy.
Will we finally be able to make use out of it? It all depends on Garra Rufa’s efforts.

We officially appointed her as the head of the liquor brewery while the general brewery’s ownership was transferred from Platy to Puffer. She is very eager to make a new variation of pickled radishes, as well as continuing to make miso and soy sauce. After knowing Prince Arowana’s love for the pickled radishes, she’s been giving her all to make ones that better suit his palate.

I left the management of all of these plus the food storage to Platy. Of course, she’s still my assistant as the owner of this land.
As for Lampeye, she was appointed the role of offering support as per the situation required.

And then, we finally completed the kiln that we’ve been working on for some time.
Up until now, we’ve only been using plates I brought from the capital or made from carved wood. With more people at our settlement, some had to put up with using leaves as a substitute. But now that we have the kiln, we can make chinaware!

I’ll try and imitate how the potters do it, but if I don’t like how it turns out, I can just smash it to pieces!
Just kidding, I can’t do that. We must take good care of things.

In fact, with the monster team suddenly inflating to a hundred at once, it has put a huge load on all sorts of aspects.
There isn’t enough space for them to live, and we often have a shortage of daily necessities and food.

At first, the new monsters lived off of absorbing mana as any typical monster does. But the development of their self-awareness also came with the necessity to intake food, making things tighter for us.
To make up for the shortage, they get-by by hunting in the mountain dungeon or gathering shellfish and fish from the seashore.

Batemy worked hard to make clothes for all of them, and we also expanded their longhouse.

Once the confusion caused by the rapid expansions and development subsided, we were finally able to complete the last project from the list—the waterway.
Now, we have water flowing into our settlement straight from the tributary.

As one would expect, not even the Hand of Supremacy can keep up with filtering seawater now that we have over a hundred people with us. Phew, just in the nick of time.
With our secure water source enough to sustain a large group, we can finally start farming for rice!

We Japanese are known for our rice! Our efforts of holding a lavish feast and mass recruitment will now bear fruit!

The soil plowed by the Hand of Supremacy works perfectly as a paddy field, even with water drawn from the canal, the soil keeps it in place without absorbing it.
After spreading large amounts of hyper-fertilizer across the entire field to stimulate growth and preparing the rice seedlings we planted in advance, we are ready!!!

In order to plant the rice, all the settlement’s residents gathered at once. The more the merrier, after all. Besides, with this many people, we can also finish planting faster.

Thus, all the ladies gathered in one rice field. Platy, Veil, Batemy, Belena, Puffer, Lampeye, and Garra Rufa each took a lane of their own. I and the monster army stood by to watch.

Once this field is finished, we will move on to the other fields.
So, this first rice planting is more like an opening ceremony.

“Lord Saint! I would like to withdraw from this activity!!!”

We haven’t even started yet but Garra Rufa already declared her withdrawal. Naturally, I didn’t permit her.

“I beg of you, Lord Saint! If I participate in a competition where both Lady Platy and Lady Veil are present, I’ll be defeated in an instant!!!” she further appealed, teary-eyed.

Don’t worry, this just an event where we work together to plant the seedlings. We won’t be competing for speed or anything like that…

“Veil. Looks like now’s the time to find out who is Dear’s real wife between us two.”
“Funny how a mermaid dare stands up to a dragon. Let me show you how different we really are.”

I can almost see a line of spark forming between Platy and Veil.
…This isn’t a competition, all right?

“I’ve always wanted an opportunity that will clarify who’s the most superior here. I’m hyped up for this.”
“I will be your strength and life, Princess Platy. Let me offer you my support as you take on the world’s strongest dragon!”
“Let’s show them what we demons are made of, Belena!”
“Naturally, Batemy! We’ll never be able to face Miss Astres if we back down here!”

…I let Garra Rufa withdraw and made her a medic instead.
Looks like this rice planting race will not proceed peacefully.

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9 months ago

“Looks like this rice planting rice will not proceed peacefully.”

Haha. Not a rice planting rAce?

9 months ago

“The soil plowed by the Hand of Supremacy works perfectly as a paddy field, even with water drawn from the canal, the soil keeps it in place without absorbing it.”

That doesn’t make sense. The watered down soil is just mud, and it loses water in three ways: direct evaporation into atmosphere from its surface (nothing can prevent it short of physical separation from air, which would be extremely unpractical), seeping into deeper layers of ground (that can be prevented if you have some layer between that is relatively hard to seep into, made that way naturally or artificially), and the most important route is happening when the actual crops suck water with their roots, then evaporate it with their leaves (which is called transpiration). That part is required for absorbing nutrients from soil, so it can’t be skipped by any means. So author, don’t confuse soil with a sponge.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

I can see it now, the next big hit series! I mastered rice planting and became a hero!

2 years ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

The Combat Rice Planter skill will be critical!

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