C76: The Demon King Revisits

Just after we finished planting all the seedlings, Mr. Zedan the Demon King came to visit us again.
He can come and go as he pleases all thanks to the waypoints Belena has been managing up till now.

Nonetheless, it has been a while since the last time he visited, so everyone was in a welcoming mood.
Naturally, Mrs. Astres, now Demon Queen, is also with him. She was happy to see her former subordinates Batemy and Belena again.

“We missed you, Miss Astres!”
“You became even more beautiful during the short time you were away!”

A complete bystander like me can tell that their words weren’t mere flattery.

Mrs. Astres, former Heavenly King now promoted to the wife of the Demon King, has truly become beautiful as if to match her title as Demon Queen. Her beauty has a sense of dignity to it and though her new dress made by Batemy may restrict her movements, it makes her look more like royalty.

The couple looks the same as before…except there was something a little different this time.

“…Who is she?” I ask, referring to the other woman accompanying them.

However, it was difficult to tell if she is a woman or not from a glance because of her muscular and wild-looking appearance. Her dark skin, characteristic of the demon race, is also darker probably from getting tanned. Even her height was almost similar to that of the Demon Lord’s.

“Let me introduce her to you. This is one of the Heavenly Four, Glasya the Malicious.”

Ohh, I see.

“Before I go into a detailed explanation about this person, please let me apologize for my long absence.”

According to him, cleaning up the rebels causing havoc during his absence took a lot of time.
He only finished everything the other day, apparently.

“As expected, it was the other Heavenly Kings who took the liberty of discussing my marriage with Lady Platy and plotted Astres’ expulsion.”

“…Is it perhaps that person who caused it all?” I asked as I glanced at the sulking Miss Heavenly King.
“No, she’s different. I already made the rest of them take full responsibility and step down from their position as Heavenly King. So, I came to bring good news that things are finally settled.”
“That’s good to hear! But then, who is this person you brought with you?”

Everyone couldn’t divert their interest away from the sulking Miss Heavenly King.
Our Demon Queen on the other hand only kept smiling bitterly.

“She’s the reason for our visit today. It pains me to say this, but I need your help once again, Lord Saint.”
“What do you mean by that?”

Apparently, this Glasya turned against the Demon King to take over his position during his absence.
Other mobs attempted the same, but they were also exterminated altogether in one fell swoop with the Demon King’s clever tactics.
Now, everything is ideal enough to establish a new order of things with Mrs. Astres as the Demon Queen.

“Only Glasya remains the sole problem in this situation,” says the Demon King hesitantly. “She’s the highest-ranking person among those who participated in the recent mutiny. Even the flamboyance of her actions surpassed the rest. After all, she boldly declared that she will overthrow me and become the next Demon King.”
“Ah, there really is no turning back on that one. But are you going to execute her now that you’ve oppressed her?”

The Demon King shakes his head in response to Platy’s frightening question.

“I commend Glasya’s splendor and bravery. She was unlike the others who were only beating around the bush and were trying to use cheap tricks to legally force me out of my title,” says the Demon King so on and so forth. “Thus, in order to spare someone as remarkable as her, I decided to keep her position as Heavenly King. I figured if I could thoroughly oppress her and make her surrender, this could convince the people around me and uphold discipline.”

By the way, the rest of the mobs who tried to snatch the throne from the Demon King through their schemes didn’t get away scot-free. As punishment, they were revoked of their territory, were fired from their position, and the like.
In any case, they were stripped of any power they can use to plot against their ruler.

“…However, Glasya is steadfast in her decision. No matter how many times we knocked her down or pressed her to submit to me, she wouldn’t budge. She won’t even utter a single word of apology, so she leaves us no choice but to execute her. It’s stumping, I must say,” says Demon King with a sincere look of distress.

I’m sure he wants to avoid any casualties. He truly is a kind man.

“I understand the troublesome situation you’re in, but why us?”

Did he come to ask for advice from us?
Hearing the specifics of his story, it sounds like an internal affair within the demon race, not something for us to stick our noses in.

“About that…” mumbles the Demon King.

That’s rare.
I wonder what is he hesitating to say?

“Lord Zedan, please leave the rest of this discussion to me,” says Mrs. Astres with a tone of dignity.

I can somehow feel the mellowness in her voice.

“The problem is that Glasya is in love with Lord Zedan.”
“She only keeps making difficulties for us by insisting that she be made the Demon Queen or execute her if the former is not plausible.”

The riot that shook the Demon Kingdom took a blander turn than expected.

Note: My image of Glasya that I could never erase from my head after translating this chapter.

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6 months ago

To have respect to someone as a professional is something completely different from romantic interest. She deserves execution for being emotionally stupid. You shouldn’t force someone to marry you if they refuse because they are repulsed by by your appearance. Even if you could do so, that won’t bring anything good even if you succeed. What did she expect except a celibate, only-in-name marriage?

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

I would say maybe close to Grislaine but wonder if her front is as well developed. Doesn’t sound like she’s wearing the same type of clothing.

The other would be maybe Biscuit in her normal form?

2 years ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

ohh, OG Bisky is a good one too

Black Platino
2 years ago

You have a not so bad mental image of Glasya, i can only think of her as a black skinned version of Gagaran(overlord).

2 years ago
Reply to  Black Platino

i looked it up, i can actually imagine her in such a get up
flashback to that monologue chapter of her though, at that time i thought she was the typical himedere type

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