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ITK C77: An Unbreakable Contract

“In fact, Glasya wasn’t entirely serious about rebelling and aiming for the throne.”

As Queen Astres spoke in a dispassionate tone, the sour look on Glasya’s face became more and more apparent. She certainly sees Mrs. Astres as a rival as she glares at her from her peripheral view. Perhaps the true cause of her misery isn’t because she failed in her revolt.

“It seems she’s been in love with Lord Zedan ever since. Her lineage also allows her to become more than qualified as the Demon King’s marriage candidate for she possesses the Malicious-Holy Sword Fünfviolett, though broken.”

Miss Glasya’s parents already gave up on her from an early age, thinking that she would not be able to win the Demon King’s favor because of her masculine and unrefined physique. Hence, they didn’t let her go to court like the other noble girls.

As a result, she grew up a total tomboy, excelled at martial arts, and succeeded in life through a different route: joining the Four Heavenly Kings. It was here that she first met Demon King Zedan.

“She said it was love at first sight.”
“Shut it!”

Glasya raised her voice for the very first time since her arrival here.
It sounded like a lone wolf’s voice, befitting her wild yet beautiful figure.

“Besides, you’re the one who cheated here! We’re both Heavenly Kings, yet why does Lord Zedan only ever have eyes for you?! Is being childhood friends that special of a thing, huh?!”
“If you have complaints, tell that to your aristocratic parents. We don’t have any difference when it comes to our family statuses. Weren’t your parents the ones who took the liberty of discerning and decided to keep you away from meeting with Lord Zedan?”
“Time doesn’t matter when it comes to falling in love with Lord Zedan! What matters is who loves him the most!!!”
“If so, I’m definitely the one who loves him more than anyone else.”

Looks like they started arguing with each other.
I can speculate this has happened dozens of times.

“This is just…”

The Demon King spoke once more, but this time in a disheartening manner.

“It seems that Glasya’s motive for rebelling wasn’t because she really aimed for the throne, but because she was enraged that I gave up everything in order to go after Astres.”

She was jealous and thought that if Mrs. Astres is more important than his title of Demon King, then she’ll be the new ruler in his place?

“You’re the rashest person among us Four Heavenly Kings. If everything really did go as planned and you assumed the throne of Demon King during Lord Zedan’s absence, what were you planning to do?!”
“I urged him to choose between the throne or you!”

But that’s not what really happened.

“We have already succeeded in eradicating every threat and problem within our nation, save for Glasya’s.”

This was the very first time I heard the Demon King sound terribly exhausted.

“My passion and desire for Astres are such that as long as I have her, I have no need for anyone else. It may have been easier for me to make a decision, but I’m just not that conceited.”
“What are you saying, Lord Zedan?!”
“It’s exactly because of your wisdom that I am more than willing to devote my body and heart to you!!!”

Protested the two Heavenly Kings.
Their harmony is amazing.

“Glasya is the best of the Four Heavenly Kings in terms of valor. It would be a shame to cast away an exceptional person like her. On top of this, I simply cannot ignore her because of her strong feelings for me.”

In other words, if she can’t become queen, then she should just get killed.

“What do you plan to do?”
“Most of my retainers are of the opinion that I should have her as my concubine.”

As expected of the Demon King. He’s the demon race’s ruler, after all, so he can have as many wives as he wants.

“It’s the only way to calm her down and consider her request. Naturally, she’s still pressed with charges of mutiny, so she would have to apologize for that first before she marries into my servitude.”
“That’s too generous of a favor. No matter how much Glasya persists, I’m sure even she would be convinced she can’t get a deal any better than this.”

But Glasya didn’t look one bit convinced.
However, it’s undeniable that she has no other choice but to accept this compromise.
So, she silently complied with a sullen look.

“But here’s the big problem.”

There doesn’t seem to be any particular problem to me, though?
Shouldn’t the Demon King be all smiles now that he’s going to have two wives?

“Oh, are you perhaps wondering if Mrs. Astres is against it?”

No one wants their beloved spouse to cheat on them, after all.

“Please don’t underestimate me, Lord Saint. As I am married to the ruler of the demon race, I understand the predicament my husband is in.”

I-I see…

“In order to unite a diverse faction each with their own thinking, it is inevitable to have several wives who hold special connections.”
“Hah, you talk so big now that you’re married.”
“Sorry, did a war freak whose only talent is to go berserk on the front lines say something?”
“Excuse me, but the same goes for you! Do you even have any idea what they call us on the battlefield?! The Muscle-Brained Kings!!!”
“Well, you’re also one of those people, so stop acting pompous!!!”
“All I wanted to say is that it’s not one bit admirable that another war freak like you suddenly became the queen! You big, big dummy!!!”
“Their relationship has always been like this. And it’s certainly not because of the riot that happened recently…” says the Demon King with a glum look.

I mean, being love rivals is probably the main reason why they don’t get along…
So? What’s the real problem here?
Why can’t you just marry Glasya and create your own harem?

“I have been greatly indebted to you for many things in the past. Among those…do you still remember our audience with Hades, god of the underworld?”

Why of course, no one can easily forget an incident like that.
Sensei went overboard and accidentally summoned Hades himself when he only wanted to pray for the couple’s marriage.
Hades, the god of the underworld, is also the god who created the demon race.
By receiving his direct blessing, the Demon King and his wife were able to obtain a bond that no one can sever. That’s just how powerful the blessing is.

“The Blessing of Mother Earth’s Husband bestowed upon us by Hades, is the most powerful blessing a demon could receive. It has multiple effects, and one of them is that…you mustn’t cheat on your spouse for the rest of your life.”

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8 months ago

Don’t know why you’re all going off assuming that this demon Lord is trying to start a harem. He’s obviously here to pawn this chick off on the MC.

8 months ago

Taking back your earlier promise, no matter the content, is treated as cheating in the general sense. Reneging on a contract, unless being earlier forced into it under duress, is acting dishonestly even if the other side allows it.

1 year ago

Author: let’s make a wholesome relationship for some of the characters where they will only have each other and anyone who tries to mess with their relationship will get divine punishment!

Author a bit later: Hey so remember that thing about them only having each other? Yeah well we’re just gonna not do that.

2 years ago

Well, the blessing of Hades, the husband of Persephone (and nobody else), means that the groom is cursed with monogamy too. I take it as for the Demon King to have an intimate relationship with a musclegirl being received as worse than death, judging from him agreeing to that restriction.

2 years ago

I thought it was quite admirable earlier when the oath was made in front of the god if the underworld. Yet seeing where this is going I can only shake my head at the author. In my opinion this was done in poor judgment and a weird desire to make a harem for absolutely no reason. I am fine with the harem tag for the most part, however this is something else.

2 years ago
Reply to  Daniel

tbh i was pretty confused too like
wat but ooookay

2 years ago

But… is it cheating if the wife knows and approves the relationship? Isn’t “cheating” defined as having a secret affair or relationship with someone else behind the wife’s back?

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