C91: Ceramics from Another World

I’m thinking of making ceramics.
In order to eat our meals properly, we need fine tableware made of quality material.

Up until now, we’ve only been using plates and bowls made out of carved wood, sometimes even leaves. It felt more like we were survivors in the wilderness rather than an actual civilized group.

I’d like to enjoy a more cultured lifestyle by having standard tableware, so I’ve been dreaming of making ceramics for a long time. We used to not have the necessary kiln to make it, but thanks to the orc and goblin groups, our problem is solved.
Finally, I can now embark on my journey as a potter. If there’s a plate I don’t like, I can just break it!

…Just kidding. I aim to make proper plates.

“Lord Saint!!!”
“Ack! You surprised me!”

For some reason, the demon duo Batemy and Belena came rushing at me.
…Wait, what’s with those tormented faces?!

“Would you please allow me to assist you in your work?!”
“Huh? Why?”
“No particular reason at all! Serving and devoting myself to Lord Saint is the mission Miss Astres gave me!”
“Your expression says otherwise!!!”

Well, it is true that this demon duo stayed here under the orders of their superior, Mrs. Astres, now Demon Queen.

They are proof of our friendship with the Demon King, so maybe that’s why they want to show that they’re constantly contributing to the farm?

“All right. Let us take the path to pottery together.”
“Yes!” said Belena as she jumped for joy while her cute chest jiggled from the motion.

Who was that?
Who said she has a flat chest?

“What’s the matter, Lord Saint?”
“Nothing, nothing. Let’s get down to the specifics of pottery making!”

The process involved is only based entirely on my smattering knowledge of pottery back in my world.

After kneading the clay into the shape you desire, you bake it in the kiln.
Thinking about it now, it sounds too crude.

Is it really possible to make proper pottery with such simple knowledge? It’s almost like I’m underestimating the art of it. We have no particular time limit set, so we just have to go at it nice and steady through trial and error.

I’m optimistic that the Hand of Supremacy will take care of the rest.
Anyway, let’s start making bowls that will surprise even Ueda Souko himself!

First, we need to gather clay for the pottery.
We dug up a lot of soil when we were making the waterway before, so we have a lot of it piled up with no specific purpose. I scooped up some soil from the pile.

Of course, not all of it is suitable for pottery, but that’s okay. Because the moment I touch them…there we go.

“Wah, it got really sticky when I mixed water and kneaded it!” says Belena, surprised at the soil’s stickiness.

No matter what kind of soil it is, as long as it comes in contact with the Hand of Supremacy, it can turn into top-quality clay in a flash.

Now, we just have to place this on the pottery wheel and shape it into a bowl. The clay forms the shape on this wheel as your hands touch it. I used to think that the watery clay being shaped by the rotating wheel and the hands of the potter I saw on TV were aesthetically pleasing.

We made our potter wheel from excess building materials, so it’s not the electric kind. We need to manually supply power to it by turning the wheel with our left hand while our right-hand molds the clay.

I gave it a try, but it was surprisingly difficult.

Spinning by hand is far less rhythmic and neat than an electric wheel. Not being able to use both hands to shape the clay is also troublesome in itself.

“Lord Saint!” says Belena as she raised her hand. “How about we try making that “potter wheel” rotate with magic?” she suggests.

Magic can also do that? Amazing.

“I believe it’s possible with psychokinetic magic, though it cannot make everything move, only these magic stones,” she further adds as she takes out something from her breast pocket.

They were pebbles, shining like jewels but also appearing as if they were candy.

“We fill these stones with magic like so… And the more you fill it with magic, the more it becomes psychokinetically active! Let’s try putting some here, and…nghhhh! Now that I embed them in the rim, I just have to chant… ‘Move.’”

The potter wheel is moving by itself!

“This is amazing, Belena! We can proceed with our potter lives more comfortably with this!”
“Really? I’m useful? Needed? Does that mean I won’t be unemployed anymore?!”

What is this girl saying?
Anyway, let’s resume our pottery work on our improvised wheel…


Let me try and express the momentum of the wheel with onomatopoeia.

Whir, whir, whir whir, whiiiiiiiiir! It goes.

“Isn’t it spinning a little too fast?”

It’s almost like a high-torque motor.

“I’m sorry. This is my first time, so I’m not quite used to it. I’ll adjust the magic right away…”

But before Belena could even make any adjustments, the catastrophe was already upon us: on top of the wheel lay the clay, full of water. It couldn’t resist the strong centrifugal force of the rotation, and perhaps some other force also acted on it, because it exploded at once and splattered everywhere.

The vibration liquified the clay in an instant and splattered the muddy water all around, hitting me and Belena.


As a result, we were covered in mud from head to toe.

“Ahh! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry!!!” was Belena’s earnest apology for the blunder that happened.

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6 months ago

If you make the bottom wheel weighted down with some metal or something like an old millstone fixed around the axis symmetrically, it can spin in regular manner due to momentum of that weight rotating around even if you only ‘kick’ it from time to time.

6 months ago

You can make a double wheel that looks like a wagon axis with two wheels fixed at its both ends, only flipped on one of them, which is usually larger than the top one. You need a stable pedestal for all the rotating parts to stay on too. You sit by it and turn it with your legs on the bottom wheel, one foot moving forward, the other backward at the same time, which leaves both your hands free to shape the clay without any magic involved. They call that a potter’s kick wheel, I guess.

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