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ITK C92: Bathing

This is no time to be talking about pottery now that we’re covered in mud; we need to wash this off.
Platy will get angry if she sees me walking around in the state that I’m in.
And when I was about to pour water over myself after taking off my clothes…

“Please don’t look this way, Lord Saint! You mustn’t, okay?!” says Belena.

She’s blaming herself for the blunder she caused earlier.
Naturally, as a gentleman, I faced the opposite side. But just behind my back stands a nude lady who took off her muddy clothes…
…Actually, why are we even bathing in the same place?

“Um… Lord Saint? I also took off my underwear, so I’m totally naked now. Please don’t look this way at all costs, okay?!”

If she keeps emphasizing on that, reverse psychology will start working on me.

Now that I think about it, Belena is kind of weird today.

It’s like she’s so worked up as if she’s running away from something…

“May I ask you a question?”
“Sure, what is it?”

After pouring the water over ourselves and making sure the mud is completely washed off, we wiped our bodies clean.

“Why do you not order any of us to be your entertainer?”

Why ask such a thing at this moment?!

“A-An entertainer? You mean those people who keep you company at night?”
“Please don’t elaborate on its definition!!!”

She’s the one who brought up the topic on her own accord, yet she’s the one who got all flustered.

“Batemy and I are fully prepared for when we become a burden. And such deadweights must obey their master’s every word.”

Is that how the value system works in this world?

“And if you, Lord Saint, start taking pity on me, then my reason for existing will…”

What did she mean by that?

“I already have Platy and Veil with me, so you and Batemy can rest easy and just live here in peace.”
“That makes sense…” says Belena in a slightly disappointed tone.

But why?

“While we’re at it, I’d also like to ask something. Is it normal for men in this world to have at least two wives?”
“It all depends on their social status and capabilities. Knowing your skills, Lord Saint, I’m sure even having a hundred wives is all right!”
“And where do you think I should I keep them, the basement?!”

It seems people from a different world don’t get this joke.

Anyway, I feel like this problem will become more apparent the more female residents we get.

At least, that’s what my gut feeling tells me. And I’m going to have to confront it without fail.

After cleaning ourselves and putting on fresh and clean clothes, we pulled ourselves together and decided to try our hand at pottery once again.

Now that Belena adjusted the speed of the wheel, I gradually started to get the hang of kneading the clay. Of course, with the Hand of Supremacy’s complete help.

Eventually, it started forming the shape of a bowl somehow.

“Wow! It really does mold into such a beautiful shape!”

Even Belena was astonished by the almost-circular bowl.
But the real challenge only starts when we place this inside the kiln to bake it.

…Aaaaand it broke.

It must have had something to do with the water evaporating or the expansion and contraction of the material that it wasn’t able to heat up well.

After countless tries, we were finally able to make one without any cracks.

“Amazing! We actually made a plate from soil!!!”

Belena was overjoyed with the outcome, but I personally felt that it was below average.

“…Yayoi pottery?”

It was the exact color of earth and had neither the tinkling sound nor the glassy finish characteristic of ceramics.
If I were forced to describe it, it looks like earthenware straight out of prehistoric times.

“It’s passable as a prototype, but we still have a ways to go from our goal.”
“Huh, really?!”

In order to achieve the outcome I desire, we need to do more research.
I’ll devote my time to improving our handicrafts.

“I-In that case, Lord Saint…” says Belena as she draws closer. “Would you please let me handle that research you speak of?!”

Huh? What’s this out of the blue?

“This is the very first time I became impatient since I came to this land. Despite my partner, Batemy, landing herself a fine job at making clothes, I’ve yet to receive any definite and stable post! I’m slowly losing my position here now that we’ve replenished our manpower, so please, give this project to me!!!”

She was troubled by such a thing that’s why she’s this on edge?!

“All right. I assign you as the person responsible for our crockery project!”

And just before Belena’s face could light up with excitement, something came up.

“My Lord! I have something to report!” says one goblin who came rushing to us.

Good job killing the atmosphere there, chap.

“Apologies for disturbing your fun, but we have a matter of great importance!”

We weren’t doing anything like that!

Oh, you meant that we looked like we were having fun crafting things?

Wait, what’s this matter of great importance?

“We have a group of elven bandits intruding on our farm!”

Huh? A group of elven bandits?

This world has elves too?!

“And what happened to those bandits?”
“We captured every last one of them!”

Well, that was fast.

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1 year ago

man i can barely hold my patience knowing that this dude accepted to marry veil because he didnt want her to cry. i was hoping this was different from others since there was also no harem tag, if more women wants to get in their way im rlly gonna drop this sh8

2 years ago

Interesting that he says ‘Platy and Veil’. He’s accepted Veil as second wife? Then why not Belena?

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter. I wonder how the elves learned and found that place and what they want.

Considering his current comment about the lack of manpower (like another isekai’d farmer), they’re probably all female elves.

2 years ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

maybe ‘womanpower’ would be better from now on lool

Pushyanth Kumar
Pushyanth Kumar
2 years ago

As expected….. well, we can’t even say we didn’t see this coming…..
Thanks for the update……

2 years ago

literally 90% of isekai works ever

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