C97: The Elves’ Talent

What Aileron picked up was the clay plate that we were still working on.
Though it’s more appropriate to call it a prototype than an actual, usable plate.

We were just about to discuss their future here, but it seems we’re back to where we started.

What does she want to do with the plate?
It’s still incomplete, so I feel embarrassed when she scrutinizes it like that…

“Er, well, I was just wondering why it isn’t enameled.”
“Without it, it will only look rough and gritty and will absorb any water if used. It’s incomplete.”

But that’s exactly what it is!

“Do you perhaps know how to make it better?”
“Well, for starters… Could you give me the remaining ashes from the kiln?”

Here you go.

“You can dissolve this ash in water to make enamel out of it. Then, if you coat the plate and bake it again, you should be to make durable pottery.”

I never would’ve thought we’d get a lead from her!
Let’s try her suggestion right away…

“…It actually worked.”

After some time has passed, I was able to make my ideal plate by following Aileron’s instructions!

“Coating earthenware with enamel is the most basic of the basics, how could you not know that? Ash achieves a glassy texture once dissolved and heated at very high temperatures. It coats the container to make it durable.”

I see!
With this, our dining table will look much more luxurious!

“I’m surprised you knew about this, Aileron. Are you some kind of genius?”
“Elves know at least this much.”

What does she mean by that?
Up until earlier, she’s been telling us that elves are a race that only makes use of the natural resources around them…

“Of course, you would need workarounds to utilize nature’s bounty. Elves are most dexterous when it comes to making tools needed to enjoy that.”
“No one can top elves when it comes to making them!”

The other elves started chiming in.


So, elves do have their field of expertise.
They even possess the knowledge that we needed the most on our farm right now.

The more I listened to them, the more I realized that their survival skills are far more profound than I had ever imagined.

They can easily make items that let them live comfortably in the forests by cutting, shaving, and kneading the natural resources around them. However, they limit themselves to making small and portable items. This is because the elves, though assertive in their ways of enjoying the forest’s bounties efficiently, consider any action that deliberately alters nature itself to be taboo.

They make use of anything and everything the forest has to offer, and once it has nothing else left to give them, they move on to find a new one. Hence, they live a nomadic lifestyle and leave their crafts before they migrate. The humans then take advantage of this by gathering the tools the elves left behind and selling them in markets.

“You should have told us sooner!”
“Well, how should I put it… It’s because of that demoness over there…”

Demoness? Is she talking about Belena?

“She’s been menacingly glaring at us all this time as if telling us not to speak of anything uncalled-for.”
“Please forgive me!!!”

Huh? Belena starts weeping.

“I knew from the very start that elves are skilled at making small articles! But I just received the special privilege of making pottery, so I-!!!”


“I feared that if Lord Saint gets to know about their skill, my work will be handed over to them! That’s why… That’s why I proposed to send them to the Demon Kingdom before that happens! I’m a selfish person who deserves some scolding!!!”

I’ve been getting weird vibes from Belena’s words and actions for some time now, but I guess it was all because she feared going jobless.
I need to think up something for her.

I’ll still let Aileron and the others handle the pottery, though.

In the end, the elves secured their position of making handicrafts at our farm.

Being forest dwellers, they excel not only in clay pottery but also in making a wide variety of tools which are made by cutting and putting together pieces of wood.
I divided the elves into four groups of five and assigned one group to work on pottery.

As for the other three groups, I asked them what they wanted to make.

One group noticed the monster hides that had been kept in storage for who knows how long because no one knows how to process them. They tanned the hides with the squeezed extract from a special fruit they got from the forest and processed it into various products like bags and belts, and sometimes, they even collaborated with Batemy to make clothes.

Another group focused on woodwork by cutting wood and turning it into all sorts of useful tools. They’re most dexterous when it comes to making the weapons that represent elves as a whole; the bow and arrow.

Orkubo’s monster team, who has worked with close-range weapons all this time, easily mastered the use of the bow and arrow and made their dungeon hunts better by a long shot (pun intended).
…However, when I caught sight of them consulting with Lampeye to develop a magic arrow infused with explosive magic at its head, I began to wonder.

The most powerful long-ranged attacks infused with highly explosive magic potions?
Eh, I know nothing of that sort.

Just be rational about enhancing your equipment and keep it in moderation, okay?

As for the last group, they focused on glasswork.
This delighted Platy and the rest of our mermaid residents because they need a lot of test tubes and flasks for their potion mixing.

“I won’t have to keep asking my brother to bring me new ones now that we have this!”

Of course, lab apparatuses aren’t the only kind they can make, they can also make glass tableware and glass windows.
Thus, the elves easily adapted to our farm like so.

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Poor Belena. You may think you’re becoming useless but you’re more useful than a goddess of party tricks.

1 year ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

At least she is actively trying to do work…

10 months ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

Lol, the goddess of debt and anti-luck.

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