C106: A Mysterious Event

Thus, some time after resuming our farmwork, I was consulted by Gobukichi.

“We’re making progress with the field.”

Again…Gobukichi told me:

“Fieldwork is progressing faster than anticipated.”

What’s wrong with that?

The goblin team led by Gobukichi consists of four other senior Brave Goblins, each having nine goblin subordinates, a total of five groups, and fifty goblins. Though they are monsters like the orcs, they are smaller in build and are more dexterous, so I entrusted the field management to them and their main tasks involve weeding, exterminating pests, and checking for any crop disease. Not only is it a humble job, but it requires patience and consistency. That’s the responsibility the entire goblin team carries. And their leader, Gobukichi, is our farm’s unsung hero.


“Pardon? Could you repeat that for me?”
“Work in the fields is progressing too fast, it’s worrisome.”

Did he come to boast to me on the pretense of a consultation?!

You know, like the kind of vibe that goes, “Sometimes, my talent is almost frightening.”

“No, My Lord! Please listen to what I have to say!”

Thus, I listened to Gobukichi’s story in more detail.

One morning, Gobukichi and the others went out in the fields to go about their work as usual.

Their first task of the day is the most important one: weeding. If weeds are left unchecked, particularly the more tenacious ones, the soil loses its nutrients and won’t be absorbed by the crops. The hyper fertilizer that fortifies the soil in our farm makes it more prone to weeds, so careful management is highly necessary.

And just like any other day, they were about to start their battle against the weeds.
But to their surprise, the battle was already over before it even began.

The field was left with a beautiful earthy color, while a huge pile of weeds is stacked to its side.

“…So, what you’re telling me is that someone already did all the weeding before you guys arrived?”
“It can only be the logical reason! Of course, I made sure to confirm with Sir Orkubo and Madam Aileron first before bringing this matter to you, My Lord.”

But it appears that no one from the orc nor elf team plucked the weeds on their own.

“It would mean that they’re taking away your department’s work, after all. I don’t think any of their subordinates would do such an illogical act, either…”
“This isn’t the first time it happened. On some days, diseased leaves were thinned out, pests were crushed, the list goes on!”
“Oh, wow.”
“We did some investigation just in case, but the crops were left untouched. I suspect it could be some eccentric veggie thief…”

To make up for the vegetables they stole, they would get rid of the weeds?
But weren’t the crops left untouched?

“That does sound weird. And somewhat eerie…”

So, this is what Gobukichi meant when he said that things are progressing too fast it’s troubling.
Some people would be happy to see their work done without their notice, but it’s still eerie.

“We always plan ahead on what work we’re going to do. But seeing that work completed on the day itself leaves us jobless and with too much time to spare.”

You’re so industrious, Gobukichi.
You’re actually uncomfortable having free time.

“All right. As the owner of this farm, I’ll solve this mystery!”
“My Lord!!!”

Thus, I began searching for this mystery fieldwork agent.

As for the plan I thought up…

“Lying in wait?” asks Gobukichi, hiding with me by the side of the field at night.

It’s completely dark, so I can’t rely on my eyesight.

“The culprit…”

It’s hard to say if we can even call our target a criminal.
We can’t conclude for sure whether or not we’re up against a human in this fantasy world.

“…Anyway, the person behind all of this strikes at midnight when everyone is fast asleep, right?”
“Yessir. Hence, we’ve never caught sight of them working on the scene. It’s always early morning when we would find out.”
“So, we’ll ambush them in the dead of night when we’re most likely to catch our target red-handed! I know you’re sleepy, but let’s do our best to stay awake together!”
Mumble, mumble…”

He’s already asleep!

Is he some kind of baby?!
Oh, well. He works tirelessly as the goblin team’s leader all day long.
On top of that, I’m making him stay up late with me. I’ll let him sleep until something happens.


As soon as I said that, something happened right away.
The soil at the field’s fallow area started rising, and then something crawled out of it.


I couldn’t help but muffle a shriek at this sudden horror-like development.
However, what came crawling out under the soil were neither zombies nor dorotabo like those in horror movies.
They were little girls.


I could tell from a glance that they were neither humans nor demons.

They’re too small to be considered human since their height looks like that of a medium-sized dog. They were dragging hair behind their backs much longer than their overall height and were dyed in colorful shades of green and blue.

More of their kind keep crawling out of the ground.
This entire situation is becoming more and more horror-like, no matter how I look at it.

Once the girls reached a certain number, they exchanged looks and bowed to each other as if to say: “Let’s all do our best today.”

After that, they gave a hurrah to fire themselves up, and scattered in all directions.
They then started to pluck the weeds that were growing in the field.

There’s no doubting it. It’s them.

“Got you!” I say as I come out of hiding.

As soon as they took notice of me, they started moving about in confusion.

Even though they tried running away, they didn’t know where to go. There were some who blindly ran around in the dark and ended up hitting each other on the forehead and lost consciousness.

“Hyah!!! Is it morning already?!”

Gobukichi was startled awake by the sudden noise.

Aw, that was kind of cute.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the translations!

2 years ago

Cute Gnomes/Dryads joined the fray….
Congratulations, Your “Farm” has leveled up.

2 years ago

Im guessing some type of Dyrad or Earth Spirits/Fairies.

2 years ago

Thnx for the Translations~

It’s probably fairies?

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Considering they’re coming from the ground, I wonder if maybe a mandrake-type monster girl?

2 years ago

Some earth spirits? nothing to see here 🙃

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter

2 years ago

hmm, the plot thickens.. thanks for the awesome translations

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