C114: Personal Relations On The Farm No. 1

Well, well, well.

It’s me again.
Lately, I’ve realized that we’re getting more and more people on our farm.

Not all of them are “human”-people, though.

First, the twenty elven bandits joined us, followed by a short intermission of winter, then the earth spirit volunteers, and the alluring satyrs. Even Pochi and the other hylyecaons who joined way before them have gotten completely attached to us and become our watchdogs.

…Say what?
They mutated into hyperycaons?

…Oh, well.
Let’s leave that for later.

Our stable family of one hundred suddenly increased twofold, so now we’re met with all sorts of complications.

Race may divide the mermaids, orcs, and elves, but everyone uses the same language and uses their pair of arms and legs to work, so there’s no problem there.
Race is a part of one’s individuality, after all.

…Though that’s probably just my preconceived notion as an otherworlder.

They, who were born and raised in this world, have their own sense of values, therefore there are times when they will be at odds with others.

If you were to watch from the sidelines, it could be hard to understand the meaning behind such complexities.
I want to respect each and every person’s quirks as much as possible, provided that they don’t bring chaos to the farm.

That’s when I decided to step in and check the psychology of my people.

Are they on bad terms with anyone in particular?
If so, would it be a grave problem or not?

As the leader of this farm, I must keep a close eye on them.

We’ll start with the elves who have gotten accustomed to our farm over the winter.

Orcs are in charge of construction work while they make small and handy tools, making them collaborate often. Hence, elves have the most opportunities to interact with the orcs, a race outside their own.

…Why I decided to start with their pair first is probably because of the stereotypes I have from my previous world. I just can’t get rid of my uneasiness when it comes to orcs and elves paired together.

Orkubo and Aileron’s subordinates are inside the workshop, so I hid myself to observe their interactions.

“Ohhh!!! Amazingggggg!!!”
“Right?! Amazing, right?! RIGHT?!”

…It seems the orc is astounded while the elf is proud about something.

“This is the new weapon that I developed—an ax fused with the bow and arrow! I bent the ax’s handle into a bow so it can also shoot arrows!”
“This is amazing! We can use either an ax or a bow whenever necessary, making it useful in both long and short-distance attacks!!!”

The elves have also started making weaponry lately so that the orcs can use them in dungeons.

“Okuyami! You’ll gain the most credit with this equipped! You can mow down any enemy, whether near or far!!!”
“Thank you so much, Sis Elio! Because of you, everyone will respect me!”

It seems the orc is named Okuyami, while the elf is named Elio.

“Go on! Try it on this firewood I prepared using that bowax!”

That’s quite a straightforward name.
It’s easier to understand that way, though.

“Consent acknowledged!”

Okuyami holds the bowax and faces the firewood.


Then, he swung it downward.
However, as soon as its tip hit the firewood, it bent and absorbed the impact.


I’m not surprised.
If you make the ax’s handle flexible to use as a bow, then it’s only natural that it would bend and absorb whatever force you put into it.

“…A structural defect!”

Elio fell down to her knees there and then.

“D-Don’t worry, Sis Elio! I’ll make sure to master this bowax! You put your heart and soul into making this, no way I won’t treasure it!”

The orc is desperately comforting the devastated elf.

“I sneakily took this mana metal from Lord Saint’s storehouse just to make this ax…”
“Ngh! I-I’ll apologize with you, Sis! Cheer up!!!”
“You’re so kind, Okuyami!”

Elio is so overcome with emotion that she hugs Okuyami.

“Wah!!! You really are such a kind person! I love you!!!”
“I love you too!!!”

The results of my hidden observations on the orc and elves’ relationship are…

All right.

No problems at all.
They’re getting along very well.

Now that I’m finished here, I’ll go and observe the rest…

“Geez, Okuyami. You’re so kind to this old hag, I won’t even care about what the others will think of us anymore. ♡♡♡”
“Huh? But Sis Elio, you look pretty young to me!”

Okay…Maybe I should be worried about something else!

By the way, Okuyami the Warrior Orc developed a strategy to double the power of his slashes by using a special ax with a bent handle and became a famous fighter of the orc team later on.

Just kidding.
I’m secretly hoping for that to happen, though.

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1 year ago

What’s there to be worried about?
If anything, he should be worried that, even with 2 wives already (and some other thirsty women), no romantic progress had been made, and it’s all his fault.

1 year ago

Thnx for the Translations~

Aww, that’s wholesome

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter ad the amazing work!

I believe that it was just: “This is amazing! We can use either an ax or a bow whenever necessary, making it useful in both (and) long and short distance attacks!!!”

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