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ITK C115: Personal Relations On The Farm No. 2

I decided to observe the residents on my farm to keep our peaceful state in balance, but…

I was already hit with an intense issue right from the very start.
As I thought, there would always be a relationship between an orc and an elf.

I’ll find a less intense combination next.

The earth spirits are tiny and adorable dwarves materialized by the Earth’s Divine Protection.
As earth spirits, they stay underground at night and work in the morning, crawling out like zombies.

According to them, they don’t bury themselves underground but instead become one with the earth.

These little girls’ work is to look after the mansion, which has helped us concentrate on our work. They’re pretty much working as maids, so maybe that’s why.
The adorable spirits wear handmade maid uniforms when they’re working.

Naturally, the person who tailored them was none other than Batemy, whose presence has now become relatively significant as the farm’s seamstress.

“Aww!!! Cute, cute, cute!!! Sooooooooooo cute!!! ♡♡♡”

And today, she’s squealing for dear life as she dresses the spirits with the maid uniforms she made herself.

“Hey, fashion nerd, get to work!”

Last time, I observed from the shadows, but I decided to make my presence known this time!

“But Lord Saint, I am working! Can’t you see I’m dressing these girls in adorable maid outfits?!”

Yeah, you made them in excess too.
Five kinds of maid outfits, with more to come in the future.

“There are other clothes I want you to make. Gobukichi and the others are having trouble without spares to change in.”

It’s easy to dirty your clothes when you work outside, after all.

“I understand, but… Aren’t maids and little girls cute in their own right?! When you combine them, it’s even cuter!!!”
“I don’t get you at all.”

Well, it’s not that I don’t understand how she feels, but if I told her that, I don’t think I can stop Batemy for the rest of my life.

Actually, has she always been like this?
My first impression of her was that she was an earnest kid, being an elite aide for the Demon King’s army and all.

“You don’t understand, Lord Saint…” says Garra Rufa as if she knows what’s going on.

Why is she even here?

“Creative work expresses one’s personality. Batemy, who was once a soldier, is now soaring the skies of freedom by making clothes!”
“I knew you’d understand me, Garra Rufa!”
“Long live creativity!”
“Long live creativity!!!”

They shook each other’s hands firmly, with some sort of fellowship forming between them.

“Well then, I still have brewery work to do!”

Once Garra Rufa said her part, she left right away.

“We are happy!”
“Happy to weceive these cwothes!”

The spirits, on the other hand, are delighted with the maid outfits they’re wearing.

It seems for them, receiving a piece of butter as thanks for their hard work is their joy, but what makes them even more joyful is having clothes tailored for them.

It may be a rule in the spirit realm, but it doesn’t mean that you can tailor clothes for them non-stop…

“Well then, feast your eyes on the types of maid outfits I made for the spirits, Lord Saint!”

Like I said, don’t make too many.
One type is more than enough.

“Starting with the classic: the long skirt!”

Nothing beats the classics, I guess.

“Next is the counterculture miniskirt!”


“I also made one that imitates the Demon Kingdom’s school uniforms, one with cat ears attached, and another that resembles a nun’s uniform!!!”

The maid uniforms are causing a gestalt collapse.

Maybe Batemy fancies cosplay, that’s why she incorporated all sorts of genres in the outfits?
I tried asking her a leading question.

“About these cat-ear maid outfits…”
“They look like they would suit the elves well, don’t you think?”

Batemy reacts instantaneously.

“I was thinking of the same thing, Lord Saint! In fact, I already prepared the patterns for Miss Aileron and the others! Just say the word, Lord Saint, and I’ll make them right away!


Batemy finally realizes her slip of the tongue.

“Batemy. I’m going to confiscate those patterns.”
“No, Lord Saint, wait!!!”
“You’re also banned from making anything other than the clothes we ordered.”

Having a hobby is all right, but only do it once you’ve finished what needs to be done.

“Please wait, Lord Saint! My libido! My soul cries to make cute clothes, and it’s beyond control!  You sympathize with me on this, don’t you, Lord Saint?! Okay, at least let me finish the avant-garde nightgown I have prepared for Miss Platyyyyy!!!”

I was shaken by the phrase “nightgown for Platy,” but I held my ground.

We also have a few elves on the clothing team to increase our production rate, so if you do your job right, you can have all the time to indulge yourself in your hobby afterward.

In the end, I was only able to talk about the intensity of Batemy’s evolved character and nothing else.

The earth spirits are hard at work while in their maid uniforms. They are both reliable and adorable.
That’s all.

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

I see that Batemy is a maid of culture!

Niorine Corithni
2 years ago

Dolby is now free!!! oh wait wrong franchise

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