C116: Personal Relations On The Farm No. 3

Oh yeah, the earth spirits cherish their satyr sisters the most. 

Satyrs are a mix of man and goat, and…

They produce milk.

They provide us with milk and other dairy products around the clock and have become an indispensable asset on our farm. 
It’s during the nighttime when they would usually start working. 

Nighttime is the time when most people wrap up their work. 
The earth spirits who have been cleaning and tidying the house have finished and taken off their maid uniforms to put them away. 

“Great work today, everyone!”

Once they finish giving each other a pat on the back, they rush toward a particular place.

…Just to make things crystal clear, the spirits wear a simple one-piece dress after they’ve taken off their maid outfits.
They finally arrived at their destination: the satyr’s workplace.

“Gweat work today, big sisters!” calls out one spirit energetically.
“Oh my. You too, little ones,” says Panu, who comes out after hearing their voices.

As usual, she has an alluring air about her.

“I’ll prepare them in a bit, so wait here, okay?”
“OKAY!” say the spirits as they form a neat line.
“Here you go. Enjoy,” says Panu as she serves each of them a piece of butter on a small plate.

Their beloved butter.

I don’t understand how butter is a justified reward for the daily cleaning of the house.

Ever since the satyrs started processing dairy products on our farm, it became their routine to distribute the butter they made to the spirits after they were done with their work.
The spirits licked the butter for a while. Once they were full, they hugged Panu as a thank you. 

“Thank you for your dewicious butter!”
“And thank you for enjoying them.”

Even their hug has also become part of their routine. Seeing the petite spirits hug the maternal satyrs fills me with heartwarming emotions. The elves, mermaids, orcs, goblins, and the rest of our personnel also gather here to soothe their souls. 

Panu, who took notice of the audience around her…

“Oh, great work today, everyone. I’ll be with you in a moment. Please wait.”

Panu went inside the workshop with the serenity of a holy mother, earth spirits in arms.
When she came back, she was carrying trays in both hands.

Numerous glass cups (made by the glasswork elf team) were filled to the brim with white liquid.

“Please help yourselves to a glass of milk after a hard day at work.”

It was the satyr race’s special milk.
Everyone took a glass and drank it. It was delicious.

“Thank you for the tasty milk as always!”

With the satyr’s milk, our farm is healthy every day!

No one is calcium deficient, nor is having qualms with the others.

Would you look at that…
I worried for nothing. Our farm is as peaceful as it can be!

After all, everyone drinks milk every day!

A side note.

I knew Sensei had come to visit because of the chill that I felt running down my spine.
When I went outside to greet him, as expected, he was there.
He was with Pochi, the hypercaon.

“Aww, good boy. Good boy, good boy!”

He’s stroking Pochi a whole lot. From the head to chin to his back as if licking him all over.

“Are you a good boy? Yes, you are!”

I could tell Pochi was perplexed even when I was looking at them from afar.
But he instinctively knew that he shouldn’t go against Sensei, so he let him do as he pleases.

“Good boy. Good! Good? Good, good, good, good, good, good boyyy!”

Pochi’s tail has been hanging low for a while now, not a single wag seen from it.
I feel sorry that he’s starting to lose his fur from the stress of being petted too much. I should probably step in and help him.

“Good boy! Good, good, good, good, good, good boy! Goodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboygoodboy!”
“Sensei! Sensei!!!”

He didn’t even notice me the first time I called out to him…

Sensei noticed my presence only after I shouted his name multiple times. The moment he realized I was there, he immediately straightened his posture.

“…I am a being who has transcended both life and death. An undead king…”
“Yessir, I’m aware.”

I didn’t know Sensei was such a dog lover.
You don’t have to start acting like how you did when we first met just to hide your embarrassment.

Pochi, who was finally free from the unintended torment, scratched his chin with his hind leg as if to get rid of the itch.

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1 year ago

Thnx for the Translations~

Ortho Maleq
Ortho Maleq
1 year ago

I understand sensei. You can’t help but pet a good boy like Pochi.

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