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ITK C142: Fashion Revolution

I think… My farm has suddenly become more gorgeous these past few days.
Thoroughly observing my surroundings made me realize why.

Our residents have become fashionable in their own way!

“Platy… What’s that get-up?”

First, we have Platy, my wife and the oldest member of this farm, wearing clothes that allow her to move freely.
Her lower half has a silhouette that boldly highlights her buttocks and thighs.

“Oh, this? Batemy made this for me. How does it look?”

Women tend to get excited whenever they wear pretty clothes, and Platy was no exception as she strikes a pose for me.

It hasn’t been that long since this farm used to be a reclaimed wasteland.
Platy, with whom I spent those early days, was utterly stark naked when she first transformed into her human form. So, I had to forcibly make her wear pants to prevent any disasters.

At that time, she complained about the same linen pants being distributed among the average class in the Human Kingdom, saying she didn’t want to wear them because they looked ugly.

Now, Platy is wearing fashionable tight pants that make her buttocks stand out.
I can’t help but be moved to tears at how we started with almost nothing to this.

“…H-Hey! You don’t have to be so happy that you’d cry over your beautiful wife!”

Platy got the wrong idea, but I let her be since I’m not one to correct others over such trivial things.
She was in a good mood the entire day.

…Of course, it wasn’t just Platy who suddenly upped their attire.

I caught sight of a group off to hunt in the dungeons. When I approached them, I noticed that they looked like an order of knights with magnificent equipment.

“Oh, Lord Saint!”
“We’re grateful for you seeing us off, Lord Saint!”

It was a mixed group of elves and monsters.

The elves who main at mid to long-range attacks with their bow and arrow have basic light clothes, but the leather armor they’re wearing now looks really great on them.

“These are the leather armor Miss Batemy made for us!”

They seem quite pleased with it.
The leather armor made by Batemy is not only functional and sophisticated in design, but it also shows her fine attention to detail as a designer.
The light armor has been designed to allow its wearer to move swiftly and with ease, but it’s also boldly open in unexpected places, showing off the elves’ armpits and thighs…


No. Despicable thoughts, begone.

Aside from the elves, there’s also Lampeye from the mermaid race.
Perhaps it’s because of her past experience as an imperial guard at the Mermaid Kingdom that she doesn’t hole herself up in the brewery like the rest of the mermaids. Instead, she often goes exploring in the dungeons.

Compared to the elves, she’s heavily clad in armor. Did Batemy also make this?

“Lord Saint, please take a look at this!”

She’s like an excited little kid showing off their new toy.
She elevates her left arm to show me the bulky gauntlet equipped on it.

“Take a good look, okay?”

She directs her arm toward a large, empty space and grabs her left wrist with her right hand as if turning on a switch.
Then, flames fiercely erupt from the gap of her gauntlet!

“A flamethrower?!”
“The inside of the gauntlet has a built-in mechanism that fires explosive magic potions!”

Did this also arise from Batemy’s creativity?
Isn’t this pretty far from fashion already?!

Lastly, the leader of the orcs leading today’s dungeon exploration team, Orkubo, has arrived.

He, clad in heavy armor, straddles the armor homunculus horse he got from Zoth Syra before with a mana metal ax in hand.

“…Did Batemy also make that?!”

The sky is pretty much the limit now!
With his fine horse, giant ax, and magnificent suit of armor, of course, he’d look like an army general!

Because of him, this mixed group simply going to the dungeon to hunt some random monsters has an imposing atmosphere of an expeditionary force!
Orkubo looks way too much like a general!
Which kingdom are you planning to invade?!

“…Being graced by your presence as you see us off is a great delight, My Lord.”

God, even the tone in his voice sounds more dignified now.

“We shall come back with marvelous results.”

But you’re just going to hunt in the dungeons! Why make it sound like you’re going to subjugate some barbarous country and come back with new territory to offer to your king?!

Ah, I know!

He must be the type that gets significantly influenced by what he wears; that’s why he’s acting like this!

The influence of that manual sewing machine on Batemy must have been so strong that she could create such a variety of clothes.
Its sewing speed has remarkably reduced her working hours, allowing her to make clothes that she likes in her free time

“I’m at the prime of my youth!”

When I visited the tailoring room, I found Batemy cheerfully working on the sewing machine, full of life.

“I haven’t felt the fun of making what you want, how you want it in such a long time!!!”

I guess the stress from making the mass-produced clothes to no end was the reason for her whimsical behavior the other day.
Nevertheless, the flamethrower gauntlet and the general armor are still beyond the realm of clothing…

“It’s all thanks to the sewing machine you gave me, Lord Saint! I don’t know how else to repay your kindness other than making new clothes for everyone on the farm!” she declares as she keeps moving her hands under the sewing machine, sewing non-stop.

The fact that she’s sewing with the machine means that…

“You’re making the mass-produced work clothes right now?”
“Whatever are you talking about, Lord Saint? I’m sewing my masterpiece right now; what else!”

Didn’t you say that using the sewing machine is blasphemous because you can’t feel the warmth of hand-made clothes?!

“The sewing machine gives cleaner stitches and better quality, after all!”

Batemy has already lost to the sewing machine!
It’s this mechanization wave that’s going to ruin the market…

“I’m sewing your clothes right now, Lord Saint!”
“I’m going to make it as luxurious as it can be, befitting of you as the owner of this farm, so please look forward to it! Do you want me to add some hidden features?”

Hearing her words made me anxious, thinking that I would be dressed like royalty.

Batemy, your craftsmanship knows no bounds!

Finally, Maelga, the head elf of the leather good production team, came to discuss something with me.

“Please equip our workshop with sewing machines as well.”

It seems she got envious after seeing Batemy.

“We’ll have many opportunities to use the sewing machine as we make lots of bags and belts. We want a sewing machine so badly!”
“It’s unfair that Miss Batemy gets the priority treatment just because she has lived here longer than us!”
“We deserve it, too!”

Even the other workers joined in and pressed me.

But you see… Making it is hard work.
You strike the metal, shave it, all while maintaining millimeter precision.
Your eyes grow tired, your fingers go numb, then you wouldn’t want to go back to working on it for a while.

“Lord Saint!!!”

Batemy arrives on the scene.

“I have a request to make. Could you please make another sewing machine? It’s better to have a spare and would help my pitch-in assistants!”

You make it sound so easy!

It’s nice that mechanization has made your jobs easier, but think about me here!
I’m still going to make that sewing machine by hand, you know!!!

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1 year ago

I have two words for you there guy. Interchangeable parts. Guns used to be handmade and would take a long time too, then they standardized them all so they were all interchangeable. Build molds.

Yhose Yhayr Garcia
Yhose Yhayr Garcia
1 year ago

Thanks for the fashion

1 year ago

The machine revolution is proceeding nicely. Soon our artificial overlords shall rule the isekai worlds too!

Your friendly neighborhood FBI
Your friendly neighborhood FBI
1 year ago
Reply to  derpcherp

This man knows too much…
Elimination through means of “denial and disappearance ” in process.

1 year ago

One-eighty in attitude from the last chapter.

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