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ITK C193: Long Live the Demon Prince!

Demon Queen Astres has given birth.

We’ve already heard the news of her pregnancy and have seen her baby bump multiple times, so it didn’t come as a surprise to us.
However, the birth of a new life is something that should be celebrated under any circumstances.

All the residents of our farm applauded and congratulated Mrs. Astres and her newborn baby.

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap !

“I don’t really know what’s going on, but congrats!”

Receiving all the felicitations like a wave, Mrs. Astres, now back to having a slender waist after so long, is moved to tears with her baby sound asleep in her arms.

“Thank you. This makes me tenfold happier than with the ceremonial event we had at the palace,” she replies.

“My husband, Demon King Zedan, was unable to accompany me due to his official duties, but he said that he would definitely pay a visit soon. I wanted to give you a chance to see our child as soon as possible, Lord Saint.”
“Please, you didn’t have to concern yourself with that.”

Mrs. Astres’ baby is a boy, which means he’s the legitimate demon prince.

The problem of the current demon king’s successor has also been resolved for the time being. Things seem to be more and more tranquil.

In the future, he’s destined to succeed his father and rule over the entire demon race.

“Do you have a name for him yet?”
“Yes, Lord Zedan himself named him Goetia.”

Goetia, the Demon Prince.

For this child whose father is Zedan, the “greatest demon king of all time,” will his bloodline be a boon or a bane?
Perhaps only his future growth will determine that.

But let’s leave the serious stuff aside.

“These are our baby gifts to you!”

Our farm’s residents each have their own present to give.

Mine is a selection of vegetables from the farm, such as carrots, potatoes, and onions, all of which are flavorful and nutritious.
If you boil them and make a soup out of them, it will make fine baby food.

It’s too early for him to eat baby food? Drats!

“Here’s a set of magic potions from me,” says Platy as she hands over a medicine box. “I’ve prepared special remedies for diseases that babies are prone to. Always keep them ready in case of an emergency.”
“The mermaids’ magic potions which are said to be the most effective in the world! Thank you, I’ll keep it by my bedside at all times.”

Next are the elves.

“This is a statue that has been used by us elves for generations to ward off evil,” says one of them as she brings an eerie wooden statue.

It must be their custom to use that terrifying figure to drive away the invisible evil that targets babies.

“This is a work of art that took Mieral, the leader of the woodwork team, seven days to sculpt. Don’t you feel the soul in its twisty horn extending from its head entering your nostrils?”
“My apologies, I don’t really understand art…” says the Demon Queen ambiguously and equivocally.

“As for me, I’ll grace him with sound health…”
“You too, Sensei?!”

The demon prince has received a spell from the Immortal Lifeless King to repel misfortune.

Other baby gifts were presented in turn by the orc team, goblin team, satyr team, and the earth spirits.
Even the angel Horkosfon gave hers…

“My congratulatory gift to you is this deluxe natto I specially fermented for this occasion…”
“Wait a second!!!”

I managed to stop her just in time.
It’s still too early to give a baby fermented food.

Then, there’s Letasreit, the former princess of the Human Kingdom…

“Umm… The only thing I can give you right now is the fava beans I grew…”
“It’s all right. Thank you.”
“Ngh!!! My… My fava beans!!!”
“Do you want to eat them with me later?”

Instead, Mrs. Astres was being the thoughtful one.

And so, the demon prince received all sorts of blessings from everyone.
The fact that he is already loved so much reassures me that he’ll grow up healthy and strong.

However, the congratulatory gifts don’t end here.
If anything, the climax is only about to come.

Batemy and Belena.

They are directly related to Mrs. Astres, the demon prince’s mother, so we can expect an even more extravagant congratulatory gift from them.

Belena goes first.

“F-Forgive me, Miss Astres! The only things I can give you are these pebbles and weeds I picked up here and there…”
“Mm-hm, understandable.”
“I find it dishonest to buy gifts with the money I made from my part-time job building magic information systems!!!”
“I still think that’s nice.”

In the end, Belena gives her a stuffed toy that she bought with her part-time salary.
Even though Goetia is a baby boy, a stuffed toy is probably the most appropriate gift he has received so far.

“Up next is Batemy… Where’s yours?”
“I already gave it.”


This cunning demoness.
Her speedy preparations have impressed me once again.

“I already gave three sets of baby clothes for the prince. Because of their nature, it would’ve been too late to start making them after his birth.”

Batemy sure is tactful and well-prepared.

“The baby clothes made by Batemy fit Goetia strangely enough. His clothes right now are one of her works,” says Mrs. Astres with satisfaction.

Baby clothes.
They’re ‘typical’ gifts from Batemy, our farm’s tailor.

“I gave it my all since they’re Prince Goetia’s clothes. It’s been a while since the last time I used adamantine silk and have ensured that they’re impervious to any blade or magic. Of course, I also paid attention to heat retention, breathability, and convenience for daily use to ensure that the prince would have a healthy childhood.”
“Wonderful. It’s reassuring to know that my child will grow up dressed in your incredible work.”
“I am not worthy of those words!”

This is like an exchange between a big-wig and their talented subordinate.

Belena, watching from the side, vexingly bites and tugs her handkerchief.

“In fact, the workmanship of the baby clothes you made is so splendid that he’s in a good mood when he wears them.”
“Nothing makes me happier as a tailor than hearing my clients say that.”
“I would like you to make five more outfits for him. Is that possible? Provided, of course, that it doesn’t interfere with your portion of work for Lord Saint.”

Hearing this, Batemy had a sudden doubtful look on her face…

“Well… I’m sure it wouldn’t take too long with the sewing machine, but are you sure, Miss Astres?”
“What do you mean?”
“I only know of the word on the street, but they say a member of the Demon King’s family must have a variety of artisans at their disposal.”

Such as armorers, woodworkers, and even personnel for providing even the smallest necessities in daily life.
Surely, the Demon King, ruler of the demon race, and his family members employ personnel who produce first-class products for them.

“I’m sure you have professional workers exclusive to the Demon King’s family, including clothes. Don’t these people sew your garments, including Prince Goetia’s?”
“Just as I expected from you. Is this why you’ve always limited the number of clothes you have given to me?”
“No, Ma’am! I wasn’t really limiting it!”
“I know you. You’ve always been attentive to those around you.”

It wouldn’t be very fascinating for the exclusive dressmakers to see the royal family wearing clothes made by others, ignoring the clothes they made.

“You must’ve been conscious of this and kept the number of clothes you gave to me to a minimum, but that still caused its own problems.”
“I’ll let him explain in detail. Shax.”

Out comes Shax the demon merchant.
So, he’s also here with us today.

“It’s been a while, Lord Saint, everyone. I, Shax, president of Pandemonium Trading Company, would like to give you an explanation.”


“The tailoring brand named Mixpider is currently employed as the royal family’s personal dressmaker. It was the most popular brand in the Demon Capital.”
“The most popular…”
“Being the official purveyor of the Demon King’s family, it is a highly-regarded top brand that receives many orders from upper-class demons. Its prestige has been around for a long time after being in business for 200 hundred years.”

The successive Demon Kings and Queens made their public appearance in the formal clothes made by this Mixpider.
It is said that they have overwhelmed its witnesses and made them bow down to them, befitting a king’s tailor.

“We actually received a protest from Mixpider…”
“A protest?”
“They want to meet you, Ma’am Batemy, the tailor of the clothes that are all the rage in the capital these days!”

Oh boy, this is going to be another long story.

this chapter marks the end of volume 5 🙂 (we’re getting closer and closer to kidan jr’s appearance)

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Thousand Skeleton
10 months ago

It’s weird to me that in almost 200 chapters there has barely been any development between MC and his so called wife.

1 year ago

It’s weird to me that in almost 200 chapters the mc haven’t met his father in law

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Astro

Considering how she was exiled, makes sense? It seems only her brother (and sister) seemed to care of what happened to her (granted we haven’t had any POV’s from her parents at all).

Leave a Reply
Leave a Reply
1 year ago

I’m surprised Letasreit even gave congratulatory gift to her sworn enemy’s child.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Leave a Reply

Sounds like her working on the Saints farm is doing wonders for her personality issues before.

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