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ITK C197: A Contest Between Sisters

“Didn’t Batemy join the Demon King’s army as an orphan after her village was caught up in a war and she got separated from her family?”
“I took notice of her hard work as a low-ranking officer and promoted her to be my aide.”

After a brief reunion with my family, I returned to Miss Astres’ side.

“Color me surprised, Batemy. You never showed any signs of looking for your family, so I thought you had been bereaved.”
“I took the initiative to look for them when I first joined the army. But my training became stricter after I got promoted to be your aide, Miss Astres…”

As in, all I could ever think about was my own survival!
I managed to become a fine aide who could think of nothing but what was necessary under Miss Astres’ grueling training!

“But now, we have reunited! I always believed we’d meet again someday!”
“I’ve never had a happy day like this since the human army destroyed our hometown!”
“Thank you, Arachne, the guardian spirit of us tailors!”

My father, mother, and sister’s combined excitement are a little too intense for me right now.
It’s been about a decade since, so I don’t really know how to react around them.

“Batemy! What have you been doing all this time?”
“I joined the army. Got promoted. And even became a Heavenly One’s aide.”

My family is surprised, but I guess that’s to be expected.
Being an aide to a Heavenly One is the pinnacle for us non-careers with no degree.

“Then I quit.”
“I’m now making clothes for a living in a certain place.”

Of course, I can’t casually mention Lord Saint here.
But looking back on it now, I realize that my life has been full of ups and downs.

“S-So, Noujou’s tailor that has been threatening us is…”
“Me, yessiree.”

And that’s why I’m here.

“O’ God!!!”

My sister fell to her knees.

“What a mess! WHAT A MESS! To be reunited like this with the sister I’ve believed to be alive all this time! Yet, we reunite as enemies! Why must Hades force us to suffer such a harsh fate?”

I’ll personally ask him that for you in the future.

“Well, it wasn’t all that bad with Miss Astres’ support.”
“I see! You were Queen Astres’ aide when she was a Heavenly One. It makes sense. Her Majesty was the first person seen to be wearing Noujou’s clothes. What a powerful patron you’ve got on our side!”

There are other more powerful patrons, though.

“A-Anyway, now that things have come to this, it all ties up.”
“Batemy, join Mixpider!”

Huh, what’s this out of the blue, Sis?

“Now that you’re an established tailor, it’s only natural that you must belong to an industrial organization. To Mixpider, run by our family, of course!”
“She’s right, Batemy!”
“Let’s unite as a family again!”

Even Father and Mother are being overbearing.

“Besides! You’re getting ahead of yourself if you think you can make clothes on your own without an apprenticeship in an actual workshop! What you need is exemplary guidance! I’ll teach you since I’m your sister!”


“Hold on a second. The clothes I made are all the rage in the capital right now, overwhelming yours. Isn’t it a bit condescending of you by saying you’ll teach me?”
“That’s only because you have Queen Astres as your support. Such cheap tricks will soon expire. I’m telling you as your sister that before that happens, I’ll help you make up for the lack of basics that self-taught people tend to have!”
“I’ve been taught the basics in our hometown! You’re taking this ‘big sister responsibility’ too much! I’ll show you your sister’s true worth!”

Mm-hm, this is nostalgic.

My sister and I used to fight like this all the time when we were young.
Although, she was always 100% wrong!

“Ah, this quarreling!”
“It’s like you’re back to the good old days!”

Father, Mother, don’t just stand there and be touched by seeing your daughters quarreling.

“I’ve never seen Batemy act like the mad dog she is right now!”
“People usually have a different side to them when they’re with their family. But I don’t know about it being a mad dog…”

Miss Astres!!!

Please stop looking at me all confused!
I have a favor to ask of you!

“I’ll do it! I’ll participate in this contest!”

The biggest tailoring brand in the Demon Capital, Mixpider, proposed a contest.
How strange. At first, I was completely reluctant. But now, I suddenly feel the urge to give it my all!

“You’re the host, aren’t you, Miss Astres? Please start it right this instant and open up my victory road to crushing my sister!”
“Oh? You’re going to do it?”

I, too, suddenly feel like knocking down the challenger with my pride as a tailor on the line.

“Huh? But why? Isn’t this supposed to be a touching story of a family reuniting?!”
“Shuddup! You’ve been living in harmony with our parents, leaving me out of the picture! I’m going to take out my frustration on you and beat you to a pulp!!!”
“If you’re going to bring that up then I also have something to say to you! Why didn’t you look for us when you were still a Heavenly One’s aide?! You should have at least that much power to do so!”
“You can’t even command a single soldier without a Heavenly One’s permission! And one more thing! Miss Astres’ hellish training has worn out any unnecessary desire I had!”

Only those who do are promoted to Miss Astres’ aide!

“I guess we can only settle this with our needles and thread!”
“Agreed! Not as sisters, but as tailors!”
“I will prove that no younger sister is better than her older sister!”
“I will prove that no older sister is better than her younger sister!!!”

Let the sparks fly!
We’ll fight until the bitter end!!!

“Ohh! Now, this is what I’m talking about!”

Even Miss Astres is joining the bandwagon.

“I suppose we should start this contest! But what about the rules? Will you be fighting with bare hands? Maybe… armed?!”
“Miss Astres, this isn’t a shoot-out.”

It’s a sewing contest.

As for how it goes, I guess we could make a piece of clothing out of the same material and then have them judged based on workmanship and design.

“What about the judge? I don’t think it’d be fair if the judge were from Mixpider.”

Miss Astres and Belena are both inexperienced in this field, so I don’t think they can judge to a high standard.

What about Mr. Shax?
He’s the president of a large trading company, I’m sure he has a discerning eye.

“Everything is under control, Batemy. I’ve prepared the best judge for you,” says Miss Astres confidently.

“Take a look at our spectators!!!”

Come to think of it, this open space has been crowded by tons of other people.

I thought they were just spectators.
Is she telling us that our results will be based on their votes?

“All of them gathered here are summoners.”
“By my authority as Queen, I’ve prepared two hundred of the best summoners in the nation. They’ll be using their summoning power to the fullest.”
“To summon what?”
“Why, of course, the judge of this contest!”

We’re summoning a judge?!
This is getting more and more confusing!

“This is a sewing contest, right? In that case, the most appropriate person to be your judge would be the Goddess of Sewing.”
“Who’s this Goddess of Sewing?!”
“From what I’ve heard, Mixpider is a devotee of Arachne, an elder spirit. She is a spider incarnate who rules threads, is an excellent weaver and embroiderer, and is said to be the guardian of all seamstresses.”

Even Mixpider’s brand name and tailored designs seem to have been inspired by Arachne.

“So, you’re saying…”
“Exactly! I’ll mobilize these two hundred summoners to summon the elder spirit Arachne and have her judge this contest!”
“Isn’t that going a little too far, Miss Astres?!”

Unfortunately, only someone like the Demon King could stop Miss Astres and her fancies.

What I first thought were mere spectators filling the venue were actually summoners with an important role to play in today’s event as they simultaneously made symbolic signs with their fingers.

“Let the elder spirit summoning ritual begin!!!”

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1 year ago

I can only see those 200 summoner failed and sensei lifeless king being called for the summoning ritual with a smile on his face since he likes that kind of job

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Yamijoma

As soon as she mentioned the 200 summoners, I thought they’re going to summon a god. Read the next lines and, “yep, thought so!”. Then I thought, I’m sure Astres could have just asked Lifeless King sensei and he’d be happy to do so.

Also, commonsense chan, she took another blow when Batemy casually had an internal monologue that she could ask Hades why their reunion ended up this way.

1 year ago

Oh God, I can see the next chapter for my eyes, they summon a god, god sees Bartemy, god and Bartemy have chat and revel they know each other by site because of the farm and everybody loses their mind. Pls et it be like that

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