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ITK C223: Fire Drill

One thing worries me now that we’ve added heaters to our farm: fire accidents.
A little carelessness and a fire could break out, burning everything down.

People say a single match is enough to start a fire, but with so much wood and coal burning in the heater, it’s not just a match that we need to look out for.

It’s something that must be kept in mind the moment you build a house, but it’d be better to spread awareness to all our residents once again.

Fires are scary.
Be careful of possible causes of fire.
We must never make light of it.

And so, we shall be conducting a fire prevention campaign at our farm today.

“You’re all going to learn about the horrors of fires.”

I gathered all the residents for today’s fire drill.

“I’ll teach you how to avoid fires and what to do in case a fire breaks out, so make sure you listen well and make use of this knowledge! Then, we’ll rid this earth of fires!!!”

Orcs, goblins, mermaids, elves, satyrs, earth spirits, wolves, and Bacchus’ Maidens—all of them are present.
There wouldn’t be any point in conducting the drill otherwise.

“The first thing you need to know is what to say when a fire breaks out. You better remember these words…”

And they are…

“O-ka-shi! (emergency drill instruction)”
“OKASHI?! (sweets)” shouts a group of people.

“Sweets? Did you say sweets, Master?! Is it cake? Ice cream? Maybe fruit parfait???”
“If it has butter, then all the better! It highwights the sweetness!!!”

Veil and the earth spirits are getting ahead of themselves as usual again.

“No. I’m not talking about treats-okashi.”

O-Ka-Shi is an acronym for the three things you should keep in mind when you encounter a fire, making it easier to remember and react promptly in an emergency.

Our ancestors sure have thought up something witty.
Or maybe it was recent, I don’t know.

“Let’s learn what ‘O,’ ‘Ka,’ and ‘Shi’ stand for!”

O-Osanai (don’t push)!
Don’t push one another when trying to evacuate, or you might miss your chance to escape.

Ka-Kasanai (don’t lend)!


Lending or borrowing money, even between friends, can lead to the breakup of relationships.
That’s why you should never lend money.

Wait, no.
That’s important on its own, but it has nothing to do with fires.

This isn’t the right ‘ka’…
The ‘ka’ after ‘o’ is…

Karinai (don’t loan).

Never take part in illegal loans.
…Not this either!

Why aren’t we moving away from the financial side of things?!

Wasn’t ‘O-Ka-Shi’ supposed to compactly summarize the necessary things to do during a fire?
Do I just have that bad of a memory?

“W-We’ll just come back to ‘ka’ later…”

Let’s try to remember what ‘shi’ stands for next.

Shi-Shiranai (don’t know).

Why is this getting so random?
My memory is fuzzy on everything but the first word.

“Oh well! I’ll try to remember what ‘o-ka-shi’ stands for by the end of the drill!”

I was booed for my lame attempts at hosting.

“Next fire drill lesson: Firefighting practice!”

Firefighters that come at the press of a few buttons like in my world don’t exist here.
We have to extinguish the fire by ourselves!
That’s why we need to experience firefighting beforehand so that we can be prepared for the real thing.

Hence, I prepared a small campfire in an open, flat area outdoors, by assembling wood and setting fire to it.
The fire burns red hot.

“You will extinguish this fire on your own to gain hands-on experience. I’ve prepared some fire extinguishing tools, so use them!”

Fire extinguishers are still too advanced for this world, so I prepared buckets of water.
I think I’m going to place these emergency water buckets everywhere on the farm from now on.

Come on, don’t hesitate to pour this water on the blazing fire!
Those who wish to try it, fall in line!

“Hmm… So, you just want us to put out that fire?”

Surprisingly, Veil was the one who volunteered first.
Currently, she’s in her human form.

“I don’t think we need to use water for that.”

Veil gives a glance at the fiery campfire and says, “Vanish.”

With a single word from the dragon-girl, the fire went out by itself, not even a wisp of smoke in sight.
Platy then explains to me who’s dumbfoundedly speechless.

“A fire that size is no threat with dragon magic. Don’t underestimate the ultimate magic that mankind has yet to understand.”
“Exactamundo! I can put out a small fire like this with a snap of my fingers. I can put out even bigger flames in an instant! For example, I could put out a wildfire that would cover that whole mountain! Do you want me to show you how?!”

But there’s no wildfire on that mountain.
Since there’s no fire, you’re going to make one yourself with your dragon breath, you say?


That’s just like an arsonist getting credit for putting out a fire they started themselves!
Anyway, we all rushed to stop her.

“I’m not as good as Lady Veil, but…”

Next comes Lampeye from the mermaid team, nicknamed the Witch of Hellfire.

She holds her hands out toward the re-lit campfire and whispered, “Dorime, dorime…”
The flames broke into smaller flames and went onto her hands.

“…She’s manipulating the flames?”
“I’m called the Witch of Hellfire exactly because I can use flames as if they were a part of me. Those who can set fire to the flames at will are merely second-rate fire mages,” says Lampeye, as she holds up the flame in her hands and extinguishes it.

It wasn’t as fast as Veil’s, but it was still a remarkable feat.

“I don’t have the ability to control flames like Lampeye, but I made this,” says my wife, Platy.

Something smoky is coming out of the test tube she brought with her.

Wait… I think it’s more like mist.
It’s something in between smoke and mist… The best way to describe it would probably be dry ice vapor.

An unimaginable amount of dry ice vapor is coming out of the test tube!
As if crawling on the ground, it’s heading straight for the campfire!

…By the way, the goblin team is the one who reignites the fire every time it’s extinguished.
Thanks, you guys.

Back on topic, the vapor from the dry ice finally covered the flames and swallowed them!
It’s as if we’re watching the predatory behavior of an amoeba!

Over time, the fire was extinguished by the vapor.

“This auto-extinguishing mist is made by diluting a monster called smoke slimes with a magic potion,” explains Platy. “Smoke slimes originally use the body heat of living creatures as their energy source and are known for clinging to their prey, stealing their body heat, and freezing them to death. I applied that logic here.”

The smoke slime, modified by the magic potion, only reacts to high-temperature objects like fire, so it automatically goes to any fire source and extinguishes itself—an ideal fire-extinguishing device.

“I’ve already placed this fire-extinguishing mist all over the farm.”
“Huh? For real?!”

According to Platy, they’re sealed in paper boxes and set in every possible place where a fire could start.
If a fire breaks out and the paper box is burned, the fire-extinguishing mist will leak out and extinguish it.

“You don’t even have to wait for the fire to reach it, you can also just throw the box into the fire. It’s a great system, isn’t it?”
“Besides, we’ve got some reliable people with us to help prevent fires,” says Platy as she shifts her gaze toward the elves and the hypercaons who immediately struck a pose.

“Forest fires are a matter of life or death to us elves! We can use our superior senses as forest dwellers to immediately detect and extinguish fires!!!”
“Woowoowoof! Woof, woof, woof!!!”

‘Wolf monsters’ sense of smell can detect even the slightest scent of burning!’ is probably what they’re saying.

I can’t believe I forgot something important.
Though our worlds are different, fires are still the same so it’s only natural that corresponding countermeasures are in place.

Fantasy sure is great.

I finally remembered it!
I was about to finish the drill without remembering, but I managed to remember one thing: the ‘shi’ in o-ka-shi.

Shi stands for…

Shinanai (don’t die).

That’s it.
That’s the most important thing!

Thank goodness I remembered it.

Ahh, I feel so much better now!

the real o-ka-shi: osanai (don’t push), kakenai (don’t run), shaberanai (don’t talk).
sha in shaberanai is composed of shi and a small ya to make the sha (しゃ) sound, hence shi.
today’s chapter was more of a gag with practically impossible to localize jokes/puns.

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1 year ago

I’m going to each you how to deal with fire.

We got magic.

Shit, i forgot about that.


1 year ago
Reply to  Feuervogel

shaberanai (don’t talk). Is that bad, wouldn’t it be good to talk or communicate in that situation?

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