C226: The New Heavenly Four’s Efforts (Second Half)

I’m Aeshma of the Heavenly Four who’s about to have her meager pride blown away at Saint’s Farm where I’m currently training.
It was during this time that I had an encounter with a small, frail-looking girl.

“Oh… It’s Lady Veil,” says Belena for some unknown reason.

If she knows her, that means this girl is also a resident here!
I feel like the two of us are going to get along.

“Aeshma? Whatever you’re thinking right now, I’m having none of it…”
“Why the worried look on your face, Belena?”
“This is just my guess, but you’re certainly not thinking of establishing dominance by persuading someone who you think is lower than you, right? With Lady Veil… who’s in her human form as your target?!”

You’re misunderstanding things, Belena!
I, Aeshma, who has inherited the title of “Wild” from Queen Astres don’t hold such malicious intent despite my lack of talent!

“I just wanted to use her cuteness to heal my heart that’s been scarred by rough experiences.”
“Military police! Military police, over here!!! Wait, no, they can’t arrest a Heavenly One like you!!!”

There are no military police on the Saint’s Farm, silly Belena.

I’ll just leave her to her own world and call out to the little girl.

“WAH-HAH-HA! You fragile little worms. I, Veil, shall crush you to death!”

I wondered what she was doing here outside, but she’s actually playing with bugs?
That’s cute.

“Well, pillbugs are persistent vermin… Are you helping out in the fields at Lord Saint’s orders for once, Lady Veil?”

Shut up, Belena.
You’re making it hard for me to talk to her.

“Helping with the work, little miss? Well, aren’t you admirable!”
“Hm? Who are you?”

The girl looks back at me with a wary expression.
She’s just like a stray cat wary of a stranger approaching it!

“I’m just a Heavenly One passing by who wants to praise an industrious little girl. Do you mind if I pet you?” I ask as I pat her head.

It’s just as soothing as I imagined it would be!

“Aww, good girl. There, there.”

The girl turns to Belena with a troubled expression.
Belena is pale all over, I wonder why?

“You’re such a cute little girl. And because of that…”

I held her up in my arms.

She’s so light that I managed to lift her easily.
So cute. It makes me want to rub my cheeks against hers. Nuzzle, nuzzle.

Why are you running away?

“…You dare insult Grinzel Dragon Veil like this? So be it! Let’s see if you still think I’m cute when you see me in my true form!”

The girl’s appearance is changing before my very eyes…

“…Lady Veil is scary.”

Belena and I are both dumbfounded.
For the next hour or so after that, I felt like a hamster being rolled around Lady Veil’s ‘palm’ after she reverted to her dragon form.

“I never imagined that a dragon could transform into a girl… I’ve learned not to judge the inhabitants of this farm by appearances alone.”
“That’s the first thing you should learn when you come here. If not, what did you learn during your first few days here?!”

My younger sister-figure is so harsh.

If you had been cuter, I wouldn’t have been distracted by Lady Veil.

“Lady Veil is the one who brought me and Miss Astres to the battlefield and threatened everyone present there. She’s one of the strongest people on this farm, definitely someone you shouldn’t piss off!”

Tell me that sooner.
Lady Veil is still roaring near us in her human form.

“Don’t you dare pet me again! If you do, I’ll get really angry!”

It’s more like you’re asking to want to be petted again with how you’re so insistent about it.
What do you think, Belena?

“Like an overexcited cat scratching you for petting them, but in reality, they want you to do it more.”

Dragons are so hard to please.
But my pride has not been healed at all.

“Hey, Belena.”
“What is it this time?”
“I’m sure the normal-looking guy over there is weaker than I am, but what do you think?”
“I told you it’s unhealthy to find someone you think is lower than you just to flatter yourself… Huh? That’s Lord Saint!”

You’re right, that’s Lord Saint.
He’s the very first person I met here. Oh, I’m such a clumsy girl.

“Get your grip together, you Heavenly Fool! It’s true that Lord Saint may look ordinary, but he’s even stronger than Sensei and Veil!!!”

I knew it.
I guess no one on this farm is as they seem.

“Pay attention to the sword that he has on his waist.”
“That’s the Wicked-Holy Sword Dreischwartz.”

The lost holy sword?
That’s the holy sword that the Demon King and each of the Heavenly Four have possessed for generations. But legend says that there are seven holy swords in total, and the whereabouts of the remaining two are completely unknown.

“Moreover, His Majesty’s Einrot is considered more precious because it’s the only one that exists in perfect form. Then again, Queen Astres and Queen Glasya’s holy swords have also been restored.”
“And do you know who restored them? Lord Saint.”
“Hahaha… Haha…”

I can’t help but let out an awkward laugh.

“I heard rumors that the other lost holy sword, Annihilating-Holy Sword Siebengrün, has also been confirmed recently.”
“Though I doubt that even matters.”

We continued to observe Lord Saint working in the fields for a while, but then he took a break and started playing with the orcs and goblins he was working with.
They faced each other one-on-one and grappled with each other.

“What’s Lord Saint doing now?”
“He’s sumo wrestling, a form of dueling, and a favorite sport of Prince Arowana from the Mermaid Kingdom.”
“Could you please not bring up such an important figure casually like that?”

Lord Saint wrestles and wrestles with his orc opponent…
…And hurls him?!

“His winning technique is the underarm throw. Lord Saint is very good at controlling the opponent’s balance movement, so he can hurl them quite easily.”

But… I was beaten up so badly by an orc right as soon as I got here!
Yet Lord Saint just flung him away…

“The orc that you lost to on your first day was a Warrior Orc. And the orc Lord Saint is grappling with right now is one of the Ten Outstanding Farm Monsters, Orkra the Legatus Orc.”
“Don’t put up any more insurmountable barriers than this, please!!!”
“Resigning to that reality is what it means to live on this farm.”

Thus, as one of the splendid Demon King’s Heavenly Four, I learned the vastness of the world and my own trivial existence.
I ended up crying.

After a few weeks of training, I decided to return to the Demon Kingdom to put into practice many of the things I learned here.

Thank you, farm.
And thank you to everyone who lives here.

I swear to you all that I will be a great Heavenly One!

“Huh? You’re leaving already, Aeshma?”
“But you were just about to get used to the wackiness here…”

I’m leaving before that happens!
Don’t lump me with you forsaken kids, Batemy and Belena!

“I, on the other hand, am going to pay regular visits to this place, though.”

Leviasa already got accustomed here?!
I swear to Hades, you scare me!

another volume, complete!

thank you so much for sticking around and putting up with my translations (Ghost Ape also deserves kudos for being my second pair of eyes). see you again on Monday with a brand new volume and cover art to accompany it ^^

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1 year ago

The heroine needs to show up, recognize the saint, then flip out because of all of the luxury items he has access to in comparison to her human made sub-par items.

Angel de Jesus Sanchez Gonzalez
Angel de Jesus Sanchez Gonzalez
1 year ago

Fun fact: The one who has Siebengrün is not other that the heroine(i think). But if you want to read that story bad luck the autor stop the series, at last in the web nobel

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Oh, man. Don’t swear to Hades. You may be lucky (unlucky?) to see him the next time you visit.

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