C241: Account of the Pilgrimage Part 6 – Handling Auspicious Events

“Platy’s pregnant?!”

Hakkai the orc here, one of Prince Arowana’s companions on his pilgrimage.
We’re all surprised to hear some essential news from Lady Puffer.

“She finally did it! Bravo!!!”

Prince Arowana slapping his knee in delight is reasonable since he’s Princess Platy’s brother.
And Lord Saint, Princess Platy’s husband, is his brother-in-law and his best friend.

“The reason why Platy was so obsessed with getting a baby was ridiculous, though. I can’t help but be astonished.”
“What kind of reason?”
“Well… It’s so ridiculous it’s not even worth mentioning in detail!” says Lady Puffer as she turns away, blushing.

Everyone present guessed various things.

Lady Puffer is merfolk just like Prince Arowana and is a high-ranking mage known as the “Witch of the Bitter Cold.”
She uses her extraordinary power to teleport back and forth between the prince and the farm, helping the prince on his travels and working on the farm simultaneously.
The reason why she’s doing such an annoying thing is…

“Hey, Sis, ain’t you n’ Bro Arowana gonna make a baby?” nonchalantly asks Songokufon, the angel.
“Wha- I- Uh- Huh?!?!”

There you have it.
However, Songokufon is an angel of destruction who cannot sense the mood and just keeps moving forward.

“Y-Y-Y-You idiot! The prince and I will… be engaged! Get married! Build a family! Get pregnant! Give birth! Get pregnant! Give birth! Get pregnant! Give birth! Get pregnant! Give birth! Get pregnant! Give birth… Oh.”

Lady Puffer… How many children are you planning to have?

“She’s right, Songoku. Personal relations are delicate, and you shouldn’t talk lightly about major events that mark milestones in one’s life.”

Prince Arowana, on the other hand, is calm.

“It’s true that if a talented woman like Puffer were to become queen, the Mermaid Kingdom would be at peace, and nothing would be more auspicious. However, the most important thing in marriage is the feelings of the couple. You must not proceed with your plans without asking the other person.”
“Ask her then.”

Ask her then.
Songokufon and I are thinking of the same thing.

Go on, prince, ask Lady Puffer’s feelings.
I’ll bet everything that I have as well as Leader Orkubo’s soul, that she’ll say yes.


I can’t stand to watch Lady Puffer act like a chicken in cases like these, so I’ll give her a helping hand.

“Well, why don’t we all go back to the farm once since Princess Platy’s pregnancy is confirmed?”

Perhaps it was an abrupt suggestion, but everyone stared blankly at me.

“We can return to the farm with ease using teleportation magic anyway, so how about Prince Arowana gives his direct blessings to Princess Platy?”
“Oh, good idea! Songoku’s been there before, so I guess we can spend a day or two at the farm!”

Lady Puffer is surprisingly on board with the idea.
It’s a bit of a roundabout way to get them to follow the same thing after seeing a happy couple up close.

“What do you say, Lord Ardheg?”

Let me introduce you to our new companion, Glintz Dragon Ardheg.
As his name implies, he’s a dragon.

We were in a life-or-death struggle when he attacked us months ago.
Lady Puffer and Songokufon just so happened to be at the farm that time, leaving only Prince Arowana and me to deal with him. We seriously thought we’d meet our demise there.

Apparently, he’s flying around the world to clear the trial given to him by the Dragon Archon, Geyser Dragon, so he qualifies as his successor.
His trial is to bring him either “a king unworthy of a hero” or “a hero unworthy of a king.”

The riddle-like take of it makes me tilt my head in confusion.
But Lord Ardheg is hoping that Prince Arowana would be either of the two.

After having fought him once, Lord Ardheg’s expectations for Prince Arowana increased. Now, he’s with us so he can make the final call.
He is now in his human form, just like Lady Veil, and is having a meal with us.

“…I have nothing to say. I’m only here to watch the actions of this hero or king, Mister Arowana.”

Is that so?

“And I will scrutinize his every move to see if he really is a hero or a king.”

Is that so?
What a handful person we’ve got with us.
Wait, not a person, but a dragon.

“Are we goin’ ta that farm agein?”
“You want to see your buddy Horkosfon again, don’t you, Songoku?”
“Yee! Imma settle things with her this time n’ destroy her fo good!!!”

Why are you so hostile toward her?

Well, if I could, I’d also like to see my orc brethren and exchange intel with each other after so long.
What do you think, Prince Arowana?


He said no.
But why not?

“Do not forget the purpose of this journey. I am here to train myself as the next Mermaid King. It’s a pilgrimage, and there’s no way I can suspend that.”

He’s so diligent.

“As for my blessings to Platy, please do it on my behalf, Puffer. And tell Hendra to arrange for a congratulatory gift back at the Mermaid Kingdom.”
“O-Okay, but are you really sure? Will it hurt to be a little more flexible?”
“Yes. I can’t treat this pilgrimage half-heartedly. It is only when I push myself to the limit that I get to see even the minutest details I couldn’t before. This way, I can become a strong and kind king.”

And what a diligent comment.
Ardheg, the dragon, stares at this, and something like a drumroll starts playing in his head…

“King points, +2!”

Are you going to keep doing that point calculation?
That sounds like a pain.

“Anyway, Puffer, tell Platy congratulations for me.”
“All right. You don’t have to keep reminding me.”
“I will not congratulate my sister in person or face Lord Saint until I have completed my pilgrimage and developed my qualities as a king.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“And I’ll propose to you once I’ve completed my pilgrimage.”
“Yeah, yeah… Wait, what?!”

Lady Puffer’s expression changed dramatically in an instant.
Or rather, it’s still changing.
Her eyes flicker as her expression alternates between looking stupefied and dreamy.

“D-Dear? W-What did you just say?!”
“Anyway, let’s head to sleep. We’ve got a lot of walking to do tomorrow.”
“Wait a minute! I’m asking you what you said earlier! Did you say ‘propose’?! Who will?! To who?! Hey, say it one more time, please!”
“Do I really have to repeat myself? I told you that everything comes after this pilgrimage is over. You can’t start one thing without finishing another.”
“Then finish it now! I beg you! Continue your storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

I don’t know if Prince Arowana is dense or a blockhead, but he has a tremendous ability to turn the tables.
I thought no one could top Songokufon in not sensing the mood, but I stand corrected.


Seeing this, our new companion, Lord Ardheg, says…

“Hero points, +3!!!”

Is he going to keep adding points?
This seems like it’s going to be a pain.

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11 months ago

Is the dragon looking for a hero/king who is unworthy or worthy?

11 months ago

I’d say he’s halfway there for both.

11 months ago

Can we get a tally of Arowana’s points as hero and king so far?

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