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ITK C259: Mermaid Branch School

Yup, it’s me again, Kidan.

Angel and her group are back on our farm.
However, one thing bothers me…

“…They’ve multiplied?”

I could’ve sworn there were six of them, including Zoth Syra, but now there are twenty.

“I didn’t know mermaids could multiply!”
“No. What makes you think that?” interjects Zoth Syra.

But we really appreciate your help this time, you know.

“Why have they increased in number, then?”

Among the twenty mermaids, the five girls, Angel, Discus, Veiltail, Heckerlii, and Batrachus, have bitter smiles.
Who are the rest of the unfamiliar faces?
I personally haven’t seen nor met them before.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lord Saint. I’ve heard a lot about you,” says one of the somewhat older-looking mermaids, bowing her head.

She gives off an awfully meticulous impression.

“I’m Carp, a teacher at Mermaid Witch Academia, the most prestigious school in the Mermaid Kingdom.”

Ah, I remember that name being mentioned before.

“I am pleased to announce the proposed establishment of Mermaid Witch Academia’s branch school here on the farm managed by you, Lord Saint. Hence, I would like to ask for your kind support.”


“Branch school?!”

The heck’s that?!
It was so sudden that I had to repeat the word in my head to understand it!

“That’s the compromise plan,” explains Zoth Syra.
“Compromise plan?”
“The girls want to continue their studies here at the farm. But if they do, the prestigious school’s reputation will be ruined. You cannot satisfy both sides. That’s why we’re setting up a branch school here, so Angel and the others will still be considered students of the same institution.”

Oh, I see.
Seems like gray sophistry politicians tend to think of.

“What does this have to do with the number of mermaids that have increased since you left, though?”
“If we’re going to set up a branch school, we’ll need a more respectable number. Think of them as exchange students from Mermaid Witch Academia’s main school.”

Oh, okay.
So, they also want to study here.

“I’ve been assigned to be in charge of the branch school and to guide the students. Naturally, I’m also going to be of service to you, Lord Saint, the husband of Princess Platy!” says Carp (am I right?) as she bows her head again.

No wonder she’s the only one who doesn’t look like a student in this group of unfamiliar faces.

“Please, we’d like your permission to establish a Mermaid Witch Academia branch school here!”
“Well, it’s not like I’m against it…”

We’ve already taken in a lot of new residents, so there’s no point in worrying about it now.
Though, we do need to give some consideration to the other residents and ask for their opinions.

“I’m fine with it.”
“I think it’s a good idea.”
“The mermaids’ department is regularly short-staffed, so it might be a good idea to add a few more of them.”
“We’ll have to bake more plates, won’t we?”
“Woof, woof!”
“We’ll have to produce even more milk starting tomorrow…”
“New fwiends!!!”
“Do they drink?”

They seem generally welcoming.

“We have a problem.”

This statement ironically came from a mermaid.
One of the Six Witches—Lampeye, the Witch of Hellfire.

“Huh? Just you?”

Where are the others?

“Puffer’s out as usual, and Garra Rufa’s in the infirmary, not because she’s too busy with her duties, but because she can’t stand being called crazy again.”

The new mermaids let out impressed voices, saying, “The Witch of Hellfire is here!”, “Wow, she’s really here!”
The Six Witches sure have a high status back in their nation, huh?

“Puffer and Garra Rufa are fine, but where’s Platy? Isn’t she supposed to be in charge of things like this?”

She’s my wife and the mermaid team’s representative, after all.
Shouldn’t the opinion of the entire mermaid team come from her?
So, why Lampeye? And why the adverse reaction?

“I’m speaking on behalf of the princess. Such was her opinion.”
“Princess Platy and that school have had many conflicts, so…”

Is that right?
But when I was about to ask for more information, something strange happened.
Carp’s eyes glinted for a moment.

“Princess Platy! You’re there, aren’t you?!”
“Gah! You found me!!!”

You were here this whole time, Platy?!

“Too naïve, Princess Platy! Have you forgotten how many times I caught you sneaking out of class as a student?!”
“That’s why I hate you! You’re a ghost of the past! You shouldn’t be stepping into my paradise!!!”

It’s rare to see Platy in an unfavorable position like this.
Exactly what kind of relationship did they have?

“…Oh, didn’t the Crowned Witch drop out of Mermaid Witch Academia?” says Zoth Syra.
“I’ve only learned about this through hearsay, but apparently, due to Princess Platy’s personality, she didn’t fit in with the school’s authoritarian order and clashed with the teachers many times. Perhaps Carp was the spearhead of those clashes,” says Lampeye.
“…Is that why the teachers have been looking at me that way?!” asks Angel.

Well… If you’re the younger sister of a troublemaker, you’re bound to get some attention, whether you like it or not.
Meanwhile, Platy and Carp are fighting with each other.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time! I came here to protect and educate the current students and meet you again, Princess Platy! Now is the time for you to be re-educated along with Princess Angel and her friends and officially graduate from Mermaid Witch Academia!”
“Shut upppppp! I’ve already graduated from being controlleeeed! Being polite and earnest isn’t in me! I just wanted to be free as soon as possibleee!!!”

Platy is throwing a tantrum like some kid.
But don’t flail around too much. I’m worried about our child.

“There’s her strong revulsion. The princess even pleaded with me to object to the teacher’s offer on her behalf,” exasperatedly says Lampeye.

Platy actually pleaded to someone?!

“Even the Crowned Witch has her natural enemies. It’s kind of understandable that Carp, a person of discipline and meticulousness, wouldn’t be on the same wavelength as the princess, a witch.”

In addition to that, a mentor is the most challenging person to defy in one’s life, next to one’s parents.
If so, what should I do?
I wouldn’t want to welcome new residents when my beloved wife doesn’t want me to.

“Oh, I know! I’ll use my authority as the farm owner’s wife to reject you! You should all just go back to the Mermaid Kingdom at once!!!”
“Why me too?!”

Angel takes collateral damage.
I’ll have no choice but to agree with Platy’s decision if she insists, but…

“You leave us no choice,” says Carp calmly. “I can only show you this letter I received from Queen Mahi.”
“From Mom?!”

Carp pulls out some kind of broad seaweed from her pocket.
…A letter?
Written on a piece of seaweed?

Platy snatches the letter from her and reads it.


For a few seconds, her eyeballs moved left and right.

“I hereby approve… the establishment of…the branch school.”

The mermaid students are overjoyed, while Platy is utterly beaten.

Platy had one more natural enemy.

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11 months ago

Some for backwoods southern folks. I literally saw my grandmother (she was over 50) fight a bull with a broomstick and win(it has gotten into her garden). Everyone did what she said my grandfather, my mother, me heck even my friends did. When my granny was in her 80s using a walker one of my friends told me he thought she could still probably beat his arse if she felt like it.

11 months ago

“There’s her strong detest.”
I think revulsion fits better here. Detest is a verb, revulsion is a noun, and both mean roughly the same, strong dislike.

1 year ago

NEMO2342 mom’s are the ultimate last boss. Some will never be able to defeat them. In Mexican families, moms are top dog. And it doesn’t matter if we’re 100 or 15 years old, we’re always gonna be afraid of mom. I’m still traumatized. I went to the store to get somethings I need, and just as I was reaching out for something, I hear this mom yell at her kid a few aisles over, “DON’T YOU EVEN DARE! PUT THAT BACK”. I immediately lowered my hand, started to walk away when I stopped and thought to myself, “wait. Why am I scared? My mom ain’t even here.”😂😂😂

1 year ago

Always have been.

1 year ago

Thnx for the Translations~

I don’t really like how Carp somehow in control of Platy in the land. It ticks me off somehow.

dicky satria
dicky satria
1 year ago

ok , now im curious what her mom letter word are

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You gave a big “SPOILER” about baby from the cover but never mind
Because the baby is damm cute🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

1 year ago

Mom is too powerful.

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