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ITK Special Edition: Isekai de Tochi o Katte Noujou o Tsukurou Characters

With the number of characters increasing after working on this for a long time, I decided to write a general introduction.
I hope you can make use of this to look up a particular character while reading the story from here on out.

The characters listed are limited to those who;
1: have appeared in the story so far, and
2: those who are likely to appear in the future.
Please check out their introduction below.

Farm Residents

  • Saint Kidan (Protagonist), M
    The protagonist summoned from modern Japan. With the cheat ability, Hand of Supremacy, given to him by a god, he has built a farm in a remote area.
  • Platy, F
    The protagonist’s merprincess wife. Produces the farm’s fermented food using her magic. She is currently pregnant with the protagonist’s baby.
  • Veil, F
    Grinzel Dragon (Imperial Princess Dragon). Aimed for the protagonist’s holy sword for the Dragon Archon trials. She is wedded to the protagonist just like Platy, but no matter how you look at it, she’s being treated more like a pet as of late.
  • Sensei the Lifeless King, M
    The undead guardian of the cave dungeon near the farm. Lifeless Kings are the most terrifying immortals on earth, but Sensei is kind and helpful in times of need. He is on excellent terms with the protagonist.
  • Orkubo, M
    The leader of the farm’s orc army. Through contact with the protagonist, he mutated and became the strongest species, the Julius Caesar Orc. Steady in nature, he leads fifty other orcs and is in charge of the public works and construction on the farm. Recently, he has become quite the construction junkie.
    There are other orc leaders following Orkubo, namely:
    o Orkma
    o Orkra
    o Orkninushi
    o Orktober
  • Gobukichi, M
    The leader of the farm’s goblin army. Through contact with the protagonist, he mutated and became the strongest species, the Takehaya Susano-o Goblin. The goblin army is responsible for a wide variety of tasks and contributes the most to the farm.
    There are other goblin leaders following Gobukichi, namely:
    o Goburo
    o Gobuhiko
    o Gobusaemon
    o Gobunoshin
  • Batemy, F
    She was a soldier in the Demon King’s Army but started working as the farm’s seamstress and has made a name for herself. She produces all of the farm’s clothing and now sells her other creations to the Demon Kingdom.
  • Belena, F
    A former soldier of the Demon King’s Army who came to live on the farm with Batemy. She used to be tormented by her self-viewed incompetency but is now doing fine.
  • Puffer, F
    She is called the Witch of the Bitter Cold and is an outstanding potion compounder. She was invited to the farm during its first shorthanded phase and has succeeded Platy in making fermented food. Arowana, the prince of the Mermaid Kingdom, is her crush.
  • Lampeye, F
    A mermaid guard known as the Witch of Hellfire who served in the Mermaid King’s Castle in the past. She was imprisoned due to a blunder. Through a plea bargain, she ended up working on the farm.
  • Garra Rufa, F
    A mermaid doctor known as the Witch of the Plague. She is the only person who has foreseen the existence of bacteria but is treated as a lunatic by those around her for it. At first, she was in charge of brewing alcohol but was magically reassigned to the medical department at some point.
  • Aileron, F
    She used to be the leader of elven bandits but was caught stealing from the farm. As a form of atonement, she now uses her elven dexterity to work as the farm’s article maker. Aileron is the head of the pottery team.
    The other members of the elven bandits who were captured with her are:
    o Maelga, the head of the leatherwork team (and former second-in-command),
    o Mieral, the head of the woodwork team,
    o and Poel, the head of the glasswork team.
  • Earth Spirits, F (?)
    Self-conscious creatures materialized by the earth’s spiritual energy. Normally, they are intangible, but with Hades’ blessing, they have emerged as cute girls in charge of cleaning around the farm. Their favorite food is butter.
  • Panu, F
    A half-goat therianthrope. Panu is the head of her team and is a calm and alluring lady. Famous for producing high-quality milk, she and her kind were welcomed to the farm as residents. In addition to milk, her team also makes other dairy products, like butter and cheese.
  • Letasreit, F
    The princess of the Human Kingdom. Her country was destroyed by the demons, and she was brought to the farm as a prisoner when she should have been executed. She acted all high and mighty at first, but once she got used to life on the farm, she began to work diligently. Loves fava beans to bits.
  • Horkosfon, F
    An angel, a biological weapon created by Zeus to conquer the earth. Resurrected after thousands of years, she forgot her original mission and settled on the farm. Loves natto more than anything.
  • Angel, F
    Platy’s younger sister and the second princess of the Mermaid Kingdom. Her rivalry with her sister made her come to the farm to settle the score. She insists on staying for some reason.
    The following are Angel’s friends/followers. The “witch” part is self-proclaimed.
    o Discus, the Witch of Water
    o Veiltail, the Witch of Fire
    o Heckerlii, the Witch of Air
    o Batrachus, the Witch of Earth
  • Bacchus, M
    The demigod of alcohol. He came to the farm because he sensed the presence of a rare brew. Eventually, he became in charge of the farm’s alcohol production.
    He leads a number of his followers called the Maidens of Bacchus as assistants.
    The only Maiden whose name is known at this point is Threep.

Farm Animals

  • Pochi and friends
    Wolf monsters called hyelycaons but evolved into more powerful hypercaons through contact with the protagonist. Several hypercaons are living on the farm, and Pochi is their leader. He looks and acts more like a dog than a wolf and is adored by everyone.
  • Yoschamo
    Chicken monsters.
    They are raised for their eggs but are more like game fowls than farm chickens. Perhaps because they are monsters, they lay eggs regardless of gender. Even those with cockscombs lay eggs.
  • Homunculus Horses
    Genetically engineered horses, they are a cross between normal horses and various monsters.
    There’s Sakamoto, the dragon-horse ridden by the protagonist.
    Gigantirock, ridden by Okubo.
    Mimikoctopus, ridden by Gobukichi.
    And there are also several regular horses.
  • Adamantine Silkworms
    Silkworm monsters.
    They are kept for the production of silk. The threads they spew are strong, and the fabric weaved from them can reflect any attack.

Prince Arowana’s Party

  • Prince Arowana, M
    The first prince of the Mermaid Kingdom and Platy’s older brother. He became good friends with the protagonist through Platy. He is currently on a pilgrimage on earth following a similar pattern to Journey to the West.
    The following are his companions.
  • Puffer
    Same as the Farm Residents’ section.
    She has feelings for Prince Arowana and uses teleportation magic to travel back and forth between his destination and the farm. Therefore, she appears in both scenes.
  • Songokufon, F
    An angel.
    Destroyed thousands of years ago and was resurrected by putting together salvaged parts. Accompanies Prince Arowana on his journey for the sake of education. Has a broken hippie tone.
  • Hakkai, M
    He used to be one of the orcs working on the farm, but he became Prince Arowana’s companion with the protagonist’s permission.
  • Ardheg, M
    Glintz Dragon (Imperial Prince Dragon).
    He is searching for “a king unworthy of a hero” or “a hero unworthy of a king” for the Dragon Archon trials. He expects Prince Arowana to be either one and thus joins him on his journey.

Demon Kingdom Characters

  • Demon King Zedan, M
    The ruler of the Demon Kingdom. He has an honest personality and is a good friend of the protagonist. He is trying to rule the whole earth devoid of any partiality after defeating the Human Kingdom.
  • Astres, F
    She was one of the Heavenly Four of the Demon King’s Army but eventually got married to Demon King Zedan and became his first queen. She was the trigger to the relationship between the demon race and the farm.
  • Glasya, F
    Another former member of the Heavenly Four and the current Second Demon Queen. She’s been rivals with Astres since their days as Heavenly Ones.
  • Belphgamilia, M
    An active member of the Heavenly Four. He is an unmotivated and self-indulgent man, but his abilities are the strongest in the demon race. Whenever Demon King Zedan takes a break from military and naval affairs to focus on internal administration, he takes over as army commander.
  • Ravilian, M
    A former member of the Heavenly Four. Stepped down from his position after conspiring to bring down Astres. His son-in-law is currently taking his place.
  • Aeshma, F
    A newcomer who succeeded Astres as a Heavenly One. Sincerely respects Astres.
  • Leviasa, F
    Glasya’s former aide and her successor.
  • Olba, M
    One of Belphgamilia’s aides. He’s probably in love with Batemy.
  • Shax, M
    President of a large merchant association in the Demon Kingdom. He acts as a mediator for the farm’s products.
  • Great Demon King Baal, M
    The previous Demon King and Zedan’s father. The title “Great Demon King” is given to retired demon kings and is merely a title of respect.
    Since his retirement, he has been buying antiques from around the world to promote the Demon Kingdom’s cultural enlightenment.
  • Demon Prince Goetia, M
    A baby born between Zedan and Astres. The first candidate to become the next Demon King.
  • Demon Princess Marine, F
    Demon King Zedan’s second child, born to the second demon queen Glasya. She is Goetia’s half-sister.

Mermaid Kingdom Characters

  • Mahi Kanne, F
    The current Mermaid Queen and mother of Prince Arowana, Princess Platy, and Angel.
    She is the Six Witches’ Witch of Darkness, but this is kept a public secret.
  • Mermaid King Nagus, M
    The king who rules the Mermaid Kingdom and the father of Platy and Prince Arowana. He’s a hero who won the heart of Mahi, who was a witch on the verge of destroying the world back then, and made her his queen.
  • Zoth Syra, F
    The Six Witches’ Witch of the Abyss. She is researching homunculus, which is forbidden in the Mermaid Kingdom, and is, therefore, a wanted person. Her encounter with Orkubo led to her frequent visits to the farm. She seems to be crushing on him.
    Has a history with Queen Mahi as her subordinate, but since the Witch of Darkness’ existence is a mystery, Zoth Syra is considered the oldest among the Six Witches.
  • Carp, F
    An inflexible teacher at Mermaid Witch Academia, a prestigious school in the Mermaid Kingdom. In the past, she was Mahi, the Witch of Darkness’ subordinate together with Zoth Syra. She was known as the Witch of Arts.
  • Hendra, M
    A controversialist. He comes from a noble family and is close to Prince Arowana. After the prince left for his journey, Hendra visits the farm on his behalf. Is in love with Lampeye.
  • Crowntail Betta, F
    A student of Mermaid Witch Academia, now an exchange student at the farm’s branch school.
    It turns out that she’s Hendra’s sister. The future with her seems a little messy.

Human Kingdom Characters

  • Human King, M
    Real name: Genesis the 18th. He was a foolish ruler, but he had the backbone to lay down his life in his nation’s time of crisis. It is believed that he was executed by the demons…
  • Heroine Momoko, F
    Real name: Momoko Akasaki. A high school girl summoned to another world with the protagonist. Because of her superior skills, she is hailed as a heroine. Her detailed activities are described in the spinoff series.
  • Bearmon, N/A
    Bear monster.
    A monster born on the protagonist’s farm but traveled to the former Human Kingdom to train itself. It spends its days fighting brigands and protecting the local people in the chaotic nation post-downfall. For some reason, it found a kindred spirit in Momoko and is now working together with her.
  • Shabe, M
    A novice adventurer. Seeks the Saint’s Farm. A pursuer dreams and romance. He has no direct acquaintanceship with the protagonist.
  • Dalkish, M
    He is a feudal lord of the former Human Kingdom and is pardoned by the demon race to rule his territory. As opposed to the foolish royalty, human feudal lords like Dalkish are competent and fair.
  • Varlina, F
    A former demoness soldier in the Demon King’s Army. She was sent to monitor Dalkish, but after facing difficulties together, they fell in love and got married.


  • Geyser Dragon, M
    Real name, unknown. He is the Dragon Emperor who rules all dragons. He is currently putting his children through various trials to determine his successor, but there seems to be a conspiracy behind it all.
  • Alexander, M
    Grauglintz Dragon (Crown Prince Dragon).
    He has not appeared in the main story. Under normal circumstances, he would’ve been the next Geyser Dragon, but he and his father have had a falling out. He has a dungeon in the Human Kingdom open to adventurers.
  • Seidour, F
    A Grinzel Dragon and Veil’s sister. She is steeping herself to make dragon wine on the farm.


  • Hephaestus, God of Crafting, M
    A god skilled in creating all sorts of crafts. Gave the protagonist the Hand of Supremacy. He is a celestial god but is not comfortable around his father, Zeus, or his siblings. He is more inclined toward mortals and has profound ideas that benefit them. Rice ball is his favorite food.
  • Hades, God of the Underworld, M
    God who rules the earth out of the Three Realm Deities. He created the demon race and is a kind-hearted god who has given up the earth to his mortal children and lives in the underworld. His favorite food is rice with toppings.
  • Demetersephone, Mother Earth Goddess, F
    Hades’ wife and the mother goddess who gives life to all on earth.
  • Poseidon, God of the Seas, M
    He is the god who rules the sea and creator of the mermaid race. His favorite food is cod roe.
  • Amphitrite, Mother Sea Goddess, F
    Poseidon’s spouse. Gave Platy the Blessing of the Mother Sea Goddess.
  • Medusa, Sea Consort Goddess F
    Poseidon’s other spouse. Gave Puffer the Blessing of the Sea Consort Goddess.
  • Zeus, God of the Heavens, M
    Scum of a god who rules the skies and created the human race. Currently imprisoned because of his own actions.
  • Hermes, God of Wisdom, M
    Runs here and there to clean up after the mess his father, Zeus, made. When the protagonist revived Songokufon, Hermes brought her back to the celestial realm to fix her and made her accompany Prince Arowana afterward.
  • Athena, Goddess of War, F
    A celestial goddess of triumphant battles. She inherited much of her dirty attitude from her father. Has only appeared in the spinoff series so far.
  • Ares, God of War, M
    While Athena is the god of triumphant battles, Ares is the god of lost battles. After the Human Kingdom was destroyed, he trained Momoko and sent her back to earth to minimize the chaos. Has only appeared in the spinoff series so far.


  • The Lifeless King Emperor, M
    A former demon king possessed by an abnormal desire to rule. As he was about to become the immortal king who rules the earth, he was annihilated by Prince Arowana’s group. Even so, he managed to survive with only his head remaining. He’s been suppressed now, but it’s possible he could be revived in the future…
  • Arachne, F
    A spiritual being with a unique position as an elder spirit. She is the guardian of weavers, dyers, seamstresses, and other artisans who work with thread. She is currently in a fierce rivalry with the adamantine silkworms.
  • Edward Smith, M
    Ruler of the Underground Dwarven Empire, but he prefers to be called Pops. He takes pride in his smithy work, the dwarves’ primary occupation, and cannot keep up with the farm that casually handles the most precious metal found on earth. He also loves to drink and is on friendly terms with Bacchus.
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