C279: The World’s Most Wanted Class

Thus, both the demon and human teens came to live together at our farm.

They’re the elite candidates who will shoulder their nation in the future, so it’s ideal for them to interact here and build up their personal network.
However, in addition to the humans and demons, another race is also present on our farm—the mermaids.
These promising students gather at Mermaid Witch Academia Farm Branch School.

Teens from the three major races—the humans, demons, and mermaids—are all here, making it all the more amazing!
Look, they’re already interacting with one another.

“I think our mermaid royalty is much more awesome than your Demon King~”
“I dare you to say that again!”

Aaand a fight immediately breaks out.
An unfamiliar young mermaid and demon are arguing.

“I mean, Prince Arowana was pinned down by a dragon and an angel and still managed to survive. Think your Demon King can beat that?”

Oh yeah, I did hear something like that happen.
A group of mermaid students once went to visit Prince Arowana, who was in the middle of his pilgrimage, for a social field trip.
They said Prince Arowana had a brawl with an angel and a dragon. But how did things escalate to that?
Actually, how did he even survive?

“Don’t underestimate our king! He can also do whatever your merprince can!”

Should I consider this timing to be good or bad? Because the Demon King happens to be right beside me.
Drinking tea instead of leaving quickly, even though he had finished his business, backfired on him.

“Your Majesty! You can kill dragons and angels in an instant, right?!”

She approaches the Demon King like a child filled with dreams.
She looks the youngest of the demons who had come to study here, with eyes of pure, untainted intent looking at him.


If he responds with, “Don’t be silly, dragons and angels will kill me first before I do,” it’s practically the same as telling her Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

“Oh, what’s this, a fight?”
“Did someone say natto?”

And without even calling for them, the dragon and angel appeared.
Nothing else is missing.

“V-Very well! I’ll show you that the demon king is the strongest!”

The Demon King, amid his own paternity after the birth of his children, could not betray this child’s expectations.
As a result, Horkosfon, who read the mood, hits Veil from behind and knocks her out while pretending to be hit herself. Everything worked out somehow in the end.

This kind of exchange goes on.

“But what exactly should I make them study?”

I just had to think about this now when we’re in the situation already.
Gathering the best teens from each race was a good start, but I don’t know how to proceed from there.

We initially invited the young, arrogant demons to show them that there’s another realm beyond what they know.
That goal has already been met, thanks to Veil and Horkosfon.

“What should we teach them next?”

Besides, when you say farm, it’s primarily just working in the fields or hunting.
I think those who will be the nation’s pillars need to learn something more appropriate.

“What should I do…”

I cross my arms and think…
The conclusion I came up with was…

“Ding-dong… Dang-dong…”

I imitate the sound of a school bell since we don’t have one.

“Let’s begin today’s lesson,” says Sensei.

In front of him sit the human, demon, and mermaid students at their desks.

When I said ‘Sensei,’ I meant our one and only Sensei, the Lifeless King.

He’s the king of the dead and the strongest undead.
The one who is feared as one of The World’s Two Greatest Calamities is standing on a podium.

“Starting today, I’m going to be teaching you. Lord Saint and the others refer to me by ‘Sensei,’ and you are free to do the same. I don’t remember my real name. It has been ages since I used to be a living being…”

Chatter, chatter, chatter…
How awfully noisy.
It’s from the students’ chattering teeth in fear of Sensei’s miasma.

“…Hmm, they’re all on the verge of going insane with fear. I don’t think we can continue the class like this.”

I suddenly thought of a good idea.
If there’s one candidate who’s best at teaching people, it’s Sensei.

He’s an undead who has lived for thousands of years, so he’s like a walking encyclopedia.
And as the king of the dead, he’s a magic expert. Not only does he know the magic of the human race, which is where he once belonged, but he also knows the magic of other races.
There is no more worthwhile lesson to be had from the wisest man, the Lifeless King, than this!

…and so, I set things up.

“To think they were at their limits just trying to keep themselves sane in front of Sensei…”

We farm residents didn’t think it’d pose a problem because we were already so used to being around Sensei.
If anything, his gentle, grandpa-like vibe relaxes us.

“You’re not considering the general people’s impressions. Then again, you’re also not aware of how high people think of you, Dear,” reproachfully says Platy, now with a big baby belly. “Lifeless Kings are essentially the highest form of undead. The concentration of miasma they innately emit is on an entirely different level. Most adventurers would suffer psychological damage just from making contact with them!”
“But our residents seem fine, though?”
“They’re a different case!”

So not considering the difference in level between us and the general public is what’s causing problems?

“But wait. Didn’t the first group of mermaid students have his lesson too?”
“A lot of people fainted that time too!”

I didn’t notice!
I thought they were listening to his lecture like good students!

“Don’t worry about it, Lord Saint.”

Sensei steps down the podium.

“You can’t blame the children. I understand that I’ve lost all ties with the living world the moment I obtained this undead body.”
“Everyone here is just so warm and kind that I seem to have forgotten that reality…”

Sensei looks sad.

Please wait a minute, Sensei…

“Please wait a minute, Sensei!!!”

Before I could say it out loud, someone else spoke up.

“We’re fine! Please continue your class!”

It’s Ritheseus again.

“I’m sorry! We were just caught by surprise! But we’ll get used to it soon! We’ll think of this as part of our studies!”

Nah, I think you’re one of the better students here because you can talk coherently while being exposed to Sensei’s miasma.
The other kids are still chattering their teeth and can’t utter a single word.

“You know a lot, right? We really want to take your class! So please don’t give up, Sensei!”

Sensei is shaking a little. Is he perhaps moved by Ritheseus’ words?

Meanwhile, the other students, who were still paralyzed with fear, silently pressured him not to say anything anymore.

Then a few days later…

“Sensei! Good morning!”
“I look forward to our class today, Sensei!”
“I’ve done my homework, Sensei!”

They all got used to it.
It was relatively quick, but I guess it’s only natural since they’re gifted individuals, to begin with.
Well… Platy did help them with her potions and such.

“O-Oh! You’ve done well, everyone!” emotionally says Sensei.

He must be thrilled that they’re willing to take his class.

“Now, now. To respond to your enthusiasm, I’ll give you the best lesson you’ve ever had and teach you an extraordinary dark spell that I came up with today…”

Okay, please stop.

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
7 months ago

I can Sensei doing that (like its a normal thing). Now the students will probably ask for their god (Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus?) all summoned although I think Zeus is on house arrest or something last I remember.

7 months ago

Dude’s gonna call the gods again.

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