C290: Birth and Return

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Yup, it’s me.

Our baby is finally born.

“Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeees! Woo-hoooooooooooo!!!”

I was so happy that I ran around the farm three times, but was eventually stopped by the orcs.
It’s a baby boy.

Platy sure has done well.
Now, this makes us parents.

I feel like I’ve reached a new stage in my life with this precious child.
But first, we have to give him a name.


After much thought…

“Saint Kidan Jr.”

A pretty simple name.
I don’t use this name much myself, so I thought I should just give it to my son.

For now, he’ll be called Junior.
But one day, he’ll be Saint Kidan.

“Congratulations, My Lord!”
“Many congratulations!!!”

Orkubo and Gobukichi rush to me, tears in their eyes.

“We will give it our all to protect your child!”
“Thank you, you two…”

I’m more than elated to be able to celebrate the birth of my son with them.

The farm has become fresher with the addition of Junior to the large group of young students that recently came. In short, the average age has gone down.

But amidst our celebrations, something even better happened.

Prince Arowana has returned from his pilgrimage.

“Ah… I’m exhausted.”

Prince Arowana returned to the farm through Puffer’s magic.

How long has it been since I last saw him?
It must’ve been a year or so.

After a year of traveling around the world, I could feel that Prince Arowana has grown stronger.
His looks and the energy he radiates are much different than before he departed.

“Welcome back, Prince Arowana!”
“Long time no see, Lord Saint!”

I can even feel his strength through our firm handshake.

As for his travel companions, Hakkai is surrounded by his fellow monsters, whom he had not seen in a long time.
…Hm, I wonder what’s this aura I get?
He seems different compared to the other orcs…
What? He mutated too?
A Flamines Orc???

Then, there’s Songokufon, who’s been here once and is also having a reunion with Horkosfon.
There’s a heavy mood in the air.

“Welp, now that the trip’s ova, hawabout we take ap where we left aff?”
“Very well. Today is the day I’m going to show you natto’s marvel!”

Why are they at each other’s throats again?

And then, there’s one more person…
A gentleman who seems to have a very imposing impression.

I’ve never seen him before.
Who is he?

“Oh, yes! Let me introduce him to you, Lord Saint!” says Prince Arowana. “This is Lord Ardheg. He joined us on our journey.”
“He’s a dragon.”
“Uh… Huh?!”

I almost bit my tongue in surprise.

A dragon?!
Another dragon?!

The man named Ardheg just keeps staring at me…

“Um… Is something the matter?” I ask.
“It’s no use. I can’t tell at all.”


“Lord Arowana! I can’t tell if this man is a hero or a king even with my eyes! I don’t think he’s either, but I also think he is! Just what kind of person is he?!”
“Hehe, that’s Lord Saint’s charm for you.”

Okay, what’s going on here, really?
In my confusion, Ardheg, in his dragon-like fickleness, starts wandering off somewhere…

“Oh! If it isn’t Veil! I heard that you were here, but I never expected to actually meet you!”
“Huh? Who the hell are you?”
“Have you forgotten?! I’m Ardheg the Glintz Dragon, your brother dragon!”
“…? …Oh, I remember now! You’re Dalper!”
“No! I’m Ardheg!!!”
“Oops, sorry. I remember you now. Seidour, right?!”
“It’s Ardheg!!!”

Here, we see Veil and her terrible sense of recognizing faces.

The last member of the group is Puffer, but she has been traveling back and forth, so it shouldn’t feel like it’s been ages. But…

Why do I feel like she has the most drastic change?
The fierce outlaw vibe she gave off during our very first meeting has long since disappeared. She seems gentler now.
In fact, she has become so mature and charming that you may think she’s a different person.

“…Uh, what happened to her?”

Puffer’s sudden change confuses me, so I ask Prince Arowana.
What in the world happened?

“Er, the thing is…” he says, bashful. “We’ve decided to marry.”
“‘Oh, is that so? Congrats.”
“You’re not surprised about that?!”

Well… that topic is just a matter of time that there’s no element of surprise left.
Still, congratulations to you two.

“Ah, so that explains Puffer’s alluring aura…”

But they’re still in the engagement stage. She’s as hasty as ever.

Prince Arowana continues, still bashful, “The more we traveled together, the more we decided to settle down. I was convinced that there was no other woman who could support me as well as her.”
“When I return to the Mermaid Kingdom, I’m going to go to my parents and ask for their permission to marry right away.”

How odd.
Even though I myself am married and blessed with children, I still cringe at others’ lovelifes.

Anyway, it’s one auspicious event after the next.
A child was born to me and Platy and Prince Arowana and Puffa are getting married.
This festival will probably continue for a while.

“This could be a good time.”
“Oh, Platy.”

Platy, now a mother, appears with Junior in her arms.
Is he taking a nap now? He looks so cute asleep.

“I was thinking of visiting Mom and Dad so they can meet Junior.”
“Oh, that’s great!”

I’m sure the king of the Mermaid Kingdom would love to see his grandson’s face.

“If you’re going home, I think it’s a good idea if we go together. I’m sure Mom and Dad would be happy to see you after so long.”

I couldn’t agree more.
But what about me? Am I supposed to stay here and wait for them to come back?
The loneliness might kill me.

“Of course, you’re also coming with us.”
“To the Mermaid Kingdom.”

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
6 months ago

Reminds me of another farming series where everyone refers to the MC as VC even though his name is rarely used.

6 months ago

So, it’s safe to assume that the author totally forgets about this. Haha

6 months ago

Saint Kidan Junior… Someone please tell me if the full name is known through out the entire farm residents. Or am I the only one who think that Lettucreit already figured out Kidan’s identity but just doesn’t care anymore?

6 months ago

Thank you for the chapter 👍

shadow monarch
shadow monarch
6 months ago

Thanks for the chapter

6 months ago

I see the MC continues to have terrible sense in naming things.

6 months ago


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