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ITK C300: Otherworldly Fertility Plan

It’s me again, and we’re back at the farm after all that had happened.

Platy’s homecoming and my meeting with her parents went smoothly.
They sent me off, saying I could visit them again anytime.

Prince Arowana, of course, stayed in the Mermaid Kingdom. He’ll start preparing for his succession to the throne.

The Demon King… well, he felt like air during the most part of our visit, despite being there with us. Anyway, he left at the same time as us and returned to the Demon Capital to sign a formal peace treaty with the Mermaid Kingdom.

Hakkai, a travel companion of Prince Arowana during his pilgrimage, returned to his usual farm work with his other orc friends.

Ardheg, the dragon, will continue his journey and travel around the world.
He said he’d continue to watch over heroes or kings, trial or no trial. I have no idea what it meant, though.

Songokufon, the angel, went with him.
And for some reason, “Amma free spirit” were her parting words.

They said they’d come back to the farm or the Mermaid Kingdom when they feel like it, so I guess we can leave them alone for now.

As for the girl who’s now in an official relationship with Prince Arowana…

“Let’s get this class started!!!”
“Please be responsible in your lessons, Puffer.”

She still lives on our farm.

We thought she would get engaged to Prince Arowana and move into the royal family for good, but due to her criminal record as a witch, it was postponed.
Puffer needs to build a good record and get rid of her past image to solve this problem. Being a teacher is part of that.

Currently, many young mermaids are studying at Mermaid Witch Academia Farm Branch.
If she could raise them to become excellent potion compounders, she would be recognized for her contributions, making her marriage with the prince smoother.

“Listen uppppppppp! Hurry and become full-fledged adults and contribute to society alreadyyyyyy! Help me realize my married lifeeeeeee!!!”
“Things will ironically backfire if you voice out your ulterior motives like that.”

That’s not all.
We also have human and demon students staying at the farm.
In that sense, it is the perfect environment for Puffer to gain a good rep, so I hope she can make the most out of this.

…or so I thought, but…

“…Hey, Saint.”
“Something concerns me regarding my students…”
“Ah, I know what you mean.”

I’m the same too.
Anyone would be concerned by this sudden change.

A couple festival going on.

“Walkina, I didn’t understand something in class today. Want to go over it together?”
“Do you want to take the dungeon training tomorrow with me, Stark? I’m too scared to go alone!”
“Here are some chocolates I made! Please have some if you’d like!”
“You’re not engaged to anyone, right? Right? Yes!”
“Are you a big boob or small boob enjoyer?”
“This is a popular fortune-telling practice among the demons. If the skull cracks, you’re the best match for each other!”
“Don’t get the wrong idea! There’s no way I’d like you!!!”

A pinkish whirlwind is devastating the teens.

“It’s the color of love…”

How did it come to this?

“Of course, this would happen if you bunch adolescents of both genders.”
“So, this is youth?!”
“Yes, this is youth.”
“Wow… The youth is amazing…”

When young boys and girls are together, it’s impossible for love not to blossom between them.
This seems to be a common principle in any world.

The original trigger for this must’ve been the development between Ritheseus and Eryngear. Since then, interracial couples have formed one after another among the students.

“Though I guess this is also a good thing in helping me achieve my goal,” says Puffer, analyzing the situation.
“What do you mean?”
“Isn’t the purpose of this study program to deepen camaraderie between the three races? If they somehow marry each other in the future, it will bring the nations closer together, whether others like it or not.”

She has a point.
This isn’t the kind of friendship I had in mind, but I guess it’s one way to deepen bonds.

The fact that it’s somewhat carnal is a concern, but if they get married and have children in the future, the next generation will have half-breeds, possibly pushing things further toward an era of peace.

“Haa… Seeing them like that pisses me off now. I want to get married soon too…” she resentfully says.

Well, she’s more or less engaged now, and her fiancée makes time from his duties to visit frequently.

A love storm is sweeping over the farm.
Pweh, I hate these normies.

However, it is the most natural thing in the world for living beings to find a mate, have offspring, and raise them.
That’s why I’ve basically been carefully supervising these love affairs, but a specific event made me feel involved.

I’ll be talking about that next.

It all started when Orkubo came to ask for advice.

“Dalkish has something to say to me?”
“Yes, My Lord.”

However, it’s not his own problem. He’s only the middleman.

It’s from Dalkish, a feudal lord of the former Human Kingdom.
He is a young and capable lord who cares for his people.

We met when the orcs built Orkubo’s Castle within his territory.
Now, it has become a tourist attraction.
It seems that Orkubo and the others occasionally visit to maintain it and say hello to Dalkish.

“I can sense Lord Dalkish has been having some trouble lately… When I asked him about it in detail, he said it was a problem we couldn’t handle, but I thought My Lord might have a better idea!”
“I see.”

I also owe him a debt of gratitude for his consent to keep the castle.
To repay his generosity, I’d like to help him in any way I can.

“Then I suppose we invite him to the farm. It’d be disrespectful to learn of things through hearsay, anyway.”
“As you wish, My Lord.”

And so, we invited Dalkish to our farm.

He brought someone with him—his wife, Varlina.

The beginning of their relationship is somewhat complicated, and the end of the Human-Demon War was the trigger.
The Human Kingdom lost and got occupied, and the Demon King’s army dispatched observers to every feudal lord.
Varlina was assigned to supervise Dalkish.

The two of them had a dicey relationship as former enemies, but after a series of events, they came to love each other and got married.
Their interracial marriage was probably the first of its kind.

In a way, they are the harbinger of the love storm that has been sweeping over our farm. It’d be nice if there were more couples like them in the future.

So, I wonder what kind of advice they need?

“…Um, first of all, congratulations on the birth of your heir, Lord Saint,” says Dalkish.

Did he hear about Junior from Orkubo?

“Thank you. But you’re here to talk about something else, so let’s keep our formalities short and…”
“No, actually, what we are here to discuss is related to that…”

Something to do with Junior?

“Varlina and I have been together for a considerable time now. We seem to be doing well as a couple, spending our days healthily.”
“He cherishes me very much, and with each passing day, I feel more and more glad that we got married.”

Oh, are we going on about our love affairs now?

“But there is one problem in our marriage, and it is quite an important one…”
“We still don’t have a baby-”

Oh, Dalkish and Varlina got married last winter. It wouldn’t be surprising if they’re expecting a baby around this time.

“My husband is a feudal lord. He needs an heir to take care of his territory. And it is my important mission as his wife to give birth to an heir!”
“However, for more than half a year since our wedding, we have been working hard on that…to no avail.”

They’re starting to get impatient.

I see now.
In a feudal society, the continuation of the bloodline is an important matter. Apparently, divorces even happen because the couple cannot conceive children.

Given such circumstances, their worries are understandable.
People may look at it lightly and say that it has only been a few months, but there is no guarantee that there won’t be people who will find fault in their unusual marriage.

If there is anything I can do to prevent the two lovers from separating over a trivial matter, I should do it without hesitation.

What can I do to help them have a child?

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You got me. I was actually believing it. In my head I was thinking, “yeah that makes sense.” Although I do wish that the demon woman who is obsessed with bacteria, and the other one the self proclaimed useless one, would be 1nd and 3rd wife of MC.

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