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Right after Yuka Shirahime, a.k.a Yuki, ended her stream, two people were close to knocking on Death’s door.

These two have an unconcealable presence no matter how hard they try during the stream: Yuru Kakizaki and Fuwari Ukigumo.

—Kaoru Yusa’s POV—

“Ha… ha…”
I’m in a pinch right now.
The adorable boy I secretly like is Yuki Himemura.

He’s the person behind my favorite VTuber, Yuka Shirahime, but he has an appearance and voice unlike a guy’s, and I was completely captivated by his charm.

Then, he suddenly used a binaural microphone and said to Fuwari Ukigumo and me…

[Thanks for playing with me today, onee-chans.♪I love you. ♪]
I couldn’t help but turn into a crazy otaku who wouldn’t stop obsessing over her idol and say, “What do you mean you love me? That’s my line!”

As for the dilemma I’ve gotten myself into…

“My nose won’t stop bleeding…”
That’s right, my nosebleed won’t stop.

I’m currently looking down and holding the bridge of my nose.

By the time I noticed, the stream had ended.

“Tohday’s sthream was khwite suhmething again…” I mutter in a nasal voice.

After about five minutes, my nosebleed subsided, and I was able to talk a little, so I headed to Yura’s room.

“Yura, wake up…!”
Yura is curled up on the desk, trembling.

“W-What’s wrong, Yura?!”
“Oh, onee-chan…”
Yura turns to me, shaking like a newborn fawn.

“Yuki-kun is crazy… That was more than I imagined…”
I understood everything.
Yura is probably in the same situation as me five minutes ago.

“Saying onee-chan with a binaural mic is cheating… I don’t think there’s anyone who can endure that.”
Yuka-chan has her way of saying onee-chan that doesn’t feel like she’s a try-hard but like she’s real family.

But because of that, it puts a huge strain on my heart…

“I think so too.”
I couldn’t help but agree.

“Oh yeah, what did you need, onee-chan?”

“Whoops, I almost forgot.”
I may have to find a way to prevent myself from becoming a complete scatterbrain whenever my mind becomes preoccupied with thoughts of Yuki-kun.

“It was just to confirm if the person from the previous cosplay outfit contacted us.”
“Oh yeah, I think we got an email during lunch. Let me check real quick.”
I reassured her with a “Sure” and waited there.

“Oh, here it is. Ah…I knew it.”
“What’s it say?”

“They want to take measurements for the outfit, so they’re asking if we can come in soon for that.”
“Hmm, that might be tough…”
It was a reply from the company that will be making the cosplay outfit that we designed for Yuki-kun. They said they could finish it in just over two weeks, but it’ll be tough if we don’t come in by next weekend.
They also mentioned that the deadline for the design is this weekend.

“But we can’t just give up, right?”
“Can’t we do something, onee-chan?”

“I’ll try sending Yuki-kun an email, even if it’s a long shot.
I hope he’s available next week.”
And so, I sent an email to Yuki-kun.

—Hana Utsurogi’s POV—

“What’s with that girl…” I spontaneously mutter to myself.
“I’ve collaborated with other talents in the same agency, but something about her voice grips your heart tight…”
I believe that one’s voice has some sort of power.
And her voice has an inexplicable power that captures your heart.

“I never thought being called ‘onee-chan’ could make my heart race so much…”
Me and my colleagues at the agency have called each other such at times.

Whenever those conversations happened, people would say things like tee-tee or toutoi, but never once did my chest tighten like this.

“This must be her power.”
I realized how vast the world is.

“But why is it that I lose my filter around her? It’s never happened to me before…”
The mystery only deepened.

—The Netizens’ Reaction—

428: Name: Anon Onii-chan
Onee-chans in this thread, are you still breathing?

429: Name: Anon Onii-chan
thank goodness i was born an onii-chan. #safe

430: Name: Anon Onii-chan
Huh? Did they seriously go aliven’t on us?

431: Name: Anon Onii-chan
nahh bet they’re playing along

432: Name: Anon Onee-chan
I passed out until just a few moments ago…

433: Name: Anon Onee-chan
i thought i was gonna die!!!

434: Name: Anon Onii-chan
There’s still some people here having a mental shutdown, are they gonna be alright?

435: Name: Anon Onii-chan
eh, they’ll probably come back eventually. i mean, mama yuru did too.

436: Name: Anon Onee-chan
FYI, it could be any of you next.
That “onee-chan” in binaural audio could make anyone faint.

437: Name: Anon Onii-chan


438: Name: Anon Onii-chan

oh no…

439: Name: Anon Onee-chan
Anyway, I pushed through and posted the clip on Tweeter.
If it goes viral, maybe Yuka-chan will become famous.

440: Name: Anon Onii-chan
Honestly, even now, she’s going strong as an indie.


441: Name: Anon Onii-chan
Didn’t think collabing with Fuwa-chan was gonna happen, man

442: Name: Anon Onii-chan

i was surprised too.
fuwa-chan really likes them small huh

443: Name: Anon Onee-chan

But wasn’t her energy not as high when she reacted to the loli VTubers at Imananji?

444: Name: Anon Onii-chan

oh yeah, good point

445: Name: Anon Onii-chan

i thought so too

446: Name: Anon Onee-chan
She did say they met in real life by chance,
so maybe Fuwa-chan liked her looks.

447: Name: Anon Onee-chan
I wanna meet her too

448: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I heard she’s going to Comiket.

449: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I’ll go even if it costs me my life!

450: Name: Anon Onii-chan
I wanna go too

451: Name: Anon Onii-chan
she’s also about to monetize soon, so I’m looking forward to the stream for that

452: Name: Anon Onii-chan
i might be having the most fun in my life right now

453: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I feel ya.

454: Name: Anon Onii-chan

same here

455: Name: Anon Onii-chan

for real

thank you so much to those who participated in my colleague’s vtuber-related thesis questionnaire! we have successfully collected over 100 responses! as promised, here is the mini-mass release. this is also the last chapter for the current part. from next week, ill probably stabilize the release frequency by posting 2-3 chapters weekly (no set day).

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