C21: Thoughts and Impressions Episode

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I am freaking out in front of my monitor after finishing my stream.

“Seven hundred thousand yen in Super Chats…”
I’m stunned by the amount.

“No, no, no, this doesn’t make sense!”

“I’m just a small streamer! And a guy, to boot!
Wait, everyone thinks I’m a girl. Right.”

“Does that mean I’m doing something really bad?”

“But then, all the other male VTubers who crossdress would be in the same boat…”

“Should I even worry about this?
But eventually, I’ll have to come clean, won’t I…?”

“What should I do…”

I was sitting alone in my room, pondering.

“Fufufu, it was cute seeing Yuki-kun flustered like that.”

Other than the Super Chats being the main focus, there wasn’t much content during the stream. It was mostly just an announcement stream.

Even so, the fact that so many Super Chants were sent is a testament to Yuki-kun’s charisma.

If he didn’t have any charm, nobody would have sent anything.

“The number of people who sent maxed-out amounts is still surprising, though…”

“Besides…” I say as I go to Yura’s room.

“What’s up, onee-chan?”

“You sent a max Super Chat in Yuki-kun’s stream, didn’t you?”
“Oh. I knew you’d find out.”

“Remember how we discussed collaborating with Yuki-kun off-stream next week?”
“Yup. What about it?”

“I want to appear on camera during the collab with Yuki-kun. Can you film for us?”
“Hmm, where’s it going to be?”

“GloryCute Nagoya branch.”
“H-H-H-H-Huh? Why there?”

“Well, it’s because of something that happened when Yuki-kun was cross-dressing as Yuka-chan…”

“Then, the plan escalated to making him wear different costumes before the IV shoot.”

“And since they have a lot of costumes, we decided to do the stream there.”
“Does Yuki-kun know about this?”

“It’s a secret, okay?”
“You’re such a devil, onee-chan!”

“Well, Yuki-kun isn’t lying about his gender; he’s just hiding it, so I think it’s fine!”
“Gonna be honest, onee-chan, no one’s gonna believe that…”

“But I want to see Yuki-kun’s reaction, so I’m okay with it. I’m coming with you.”

“Thanks, Yura!”
“Being the camera person also has its perks…”

The plan was moving forward, unbeknownst to Yuki.

As a side note, because she has sold doujinshis at events like Comiket, many of Yuki’s fans are familiar with Yuru Kakizaki’s face, so she has no reservations about showing herself on camera.

“An offline collaboration without me knowing…”
Hana Utsurogi, the person behind the character Fuwari Ukigumo, is feeling a little regretful in her room.

“Uuu, this is so frustrating…”

they beat you to it, huh, fuwa-chan

its ok!

theres always next time. just keep going!

“Thank you, guyssss. I wanted to go first, but my opponent was just too goooood.”

still, what was her name again? yuka-chan?

yup, yuka-chan

she’s cute isnt she

it’s no wonder fuwa-chan likes her

“You acknowledge her cuteness too?
I’m glad I found her on stream with everyoneee.”

streaming a live stream is something new, it’s a bit funny

seeing yuka-chan panic at the sheer amount of people was adorable

by the way, what did they mean about her speculations as a trap?

Better check the wiki, it has all the details

really? thanks

“Well then, it’s almost time for me to end the streammmm.”


oh wow, is it that time already?

Time flies when you’re having fun…

ill come again!

“Thank you so much, everyoneee.
Have a good rest of your dayyyy.





===The live stream has ended.===

[A trap?] A Yuka Shirahime Thread [A real girl?]

1: Name: Anon Onee-chan
This is a thread on Yuka Shirahime.

If you are to mention other VTubers, only Fuwari Ukigumo’s name is allowed.

There are suspicions that Yuka-chan may be a trap, but let’s not probe too much.
Personally, I’m hoping that she is one.

2: Name: Anon Onii-chan

Thanks for starting the thread.
Her momentum gain post-stream is amazing.

3: Name: Anon Onii-chan

>>1 thanks OP
the stream was mostly just an announcement, but yuka-chan being all flustered was too cute, it’s hard to go on living

4: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Thanks, OP. She was so cute, as usual.

5: Name: Anon Onii-chan

You’re definitely one of the max Super Chatters, aren’t you

6: Name: Anon Onee-chan

You’re onto me, huh…
Okay then, where’s the guy who sent the 20k?

7: Name: Anon Onii-chan

that would be me, although I couldn’t send the max amount, so it’s hella embarrassing to admit

8: Name: Anon Onee-chan

The amount doesn’t matter, you know?
We’re all in this together, supporting Yuka-chan

9: Name: Anon Onii-chan

im quoting that
i sent a small amount too
who can resist supporting their fave?

10: Name: Anon Onee-chan

No, please don’t quote me.
That would be embarrassing…

11: Name: Anon Onii-chan

it happens often on the net, give it up…

12: Name: Anon Onee-chan
I don’t wanna be quoted on something like that!!!!

13: Name: Anon Onii-chan
I just got here, but the thread is already so lively lol.
By the way, I was the oil baron.
Yuka-chan’s dumbfounded expression was worth 100k, so I hope they remove the amount cap soon.

14: Name: Anon Onii-chan

so the oil baron was a member of this thread all along? lolololol

15: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I never expected an oil baron to be a thread regular

16: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Hmm, so you’re the oil baron, huh.

17: Name: Anon Onii-chan

I bet you’re Rin

18: Name: Anon Onee-chan

You’re Rin, aren’t you

19: Name: Anon Onii-chan

strange, I can only think of you as rin

20: Name: Anon Onee-chan
How did you guys guess so easily?!

21: Name: Anon Onii-chan

It’s because the way you talk and comment during the stream feels the same

22: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I didn’t even think about it that deeply…

23: Name: Anon Onii-chan


anyway, what do you think about her offline collab with mama yuru next week?
i feel like we might be able to tell her gender

24: Name: Anon Onii-chan

If you’re right, we’ll change your username to Prophet

25: Name: Anon Onii-chan
shes probs gonna avoid the question no matter what, tho

26: Name: Anon Onee-chan
i like her regardless of gender

27: Name: Anon Onii-chan
at the end of the day, we just like Yuka-chan, regardless of whether shes a guy or a gal

28: Name: Anon Onee-chan
I’m really looking forward to her ASMR too

29: Name: Anon Onii-chan
I’m planning to buy both versions, what about you guys?

30: Name: Anon Onii-chan

of course, buying both versions is the way to go

31: Name: Anon Onee-chan

im buying all of them

The thread members are kind! Good for you, Yuka-chan!

we’re back!

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4 months ago

thanks for the chapter!

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Thanks for the chapter.

4 months ago

Welcome back!
Dear people of the imaginary thread, you can literally tell one’s gender by looking at their neck lol
Y’know the Adam’s apple thing? Unless he covers his neck up of course

2 months ago
Reply to  Mashii

Women can have them as well, it all just depends on the amount of cartilage above the voice box which just so happens to be more prominent in those with higher testosterone levels. I have met quite a few women with prominent Adam’s apples and quite a few men with difficult to notice ones.

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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Welcome back! And thank you for the chapter as always!

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ty for chap <3

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