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IBV C22: But I’m A Guy, Too…

I awoke in the morning and stretched my body.
My body is refreshed by the immediate stretch after rising.

After taking a shower and having breakfast, I lazily watched TV until it was time for the bus to arrive. I then left my house and made my way to school.

“Morning, guys.”
As I entered the classroom, I greeted my classmates as usual.

“Hey, Hime-kun! Morning!”
“I watched your stream yesterday. It was pretty crazy, huh?”
“Hehehe, I actually sent you a Super Chat…”
My female classmates, who keep me company, start talking to me.

“Ah, good morning to you three!
Wait, don’t tell me, you were Meiko Naname…”

“You noticed? Yup, that was me!”
It was Shino Hanazono-san, who was in the seat diagonal to me.

“Hey, hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you, did you really meet Mama Yuru in person?”
“Yeah, I met her last Saturday.”

“Hmm, that so.”
“Oh yeah, you asked me to tell you what Yuru-sensei looked like, right?”

“Mm-hm! Can you tell me about her?”
“Sure, let me think…”
I told her about Kaoru-san’s features.

“I see, I see. It’s not much different from what I found online, so it should be fine. Thanks, Hime-kun!”
“Don’t mention it!”

“(Heehee, I need to hurry up and finish my book before this year’s summer Comiket…)”

Yuki had no idea he and Mama Yuru would be the subject of someone’s book, and he just sat at his desk and paid attention to his classes until it was lunchtime.

“Yuutooo, where are you gonna eat lunch today?”
“Hmm, I brought some bread and other stuff, so I’ll just eat here.”

During lunch break, Yuki brought his bento and came to my seat.
I bought bread today, so we decided to eat our lunch together in class.

“Okay! I’ll eat here too.”
“Sure thing. Oh, right, I watched your stream yesterday. That was some crazy stuff.”
Several tens of thousands of yen in Super Chats is pretty insane if you think about it.

“Yeah, I think so too. And I feel guilty that I didn’t reveal that I was a guy after it ended…”
“(Honestly, calling you a ‘guy’ just feels weird to me.)”

“Did you say something?”
“No, nothing.”

“I see.”
Then Yuki starts eating his bento.

“Mmm♪ As expected, karaage is the best for bento!”

(I bet if someone didn’t know him well or wasn’t friends with him, they would think Yuki is a girl.)

I looked at my cute friend and decided to protect him while we’re at school.

“Hey, speaking of which, Yuki.”

“Summer break starts this weekend, right? You mentioned something about an offline collaboration on Sunday. Are you guys going on a trip?”
“No, we’re not. Actually, Yuru-sensei lives in Nagoya.”

“Seriously? What a coincidence.”
“I was surprised too!”

“So what are you guys doing in that collab?”

“What’s up?”
“Oh no, I didn’t ask about that…
But I vaguely remember her telling me to leave it to her…my memory is fuzzy…”

“Didn’t you just meet two days ago?!
How can you forget already?!”
“Um, I didn’t really want to say this, but…my memories are hazy after they made me crossdress, and I ended up going home in the dress. Then I got a project proposal, and I got so confused…”

“Huh??? Aren’t there a lot of weird things with what you just said?!”
“Haha, right…”

As we talked, one of the girls who always talks to Yuki, Miyuki Kozuki, came over.

“Hey, Yuki-kun! Did you really crossdress?!”
She whispered it so softly, she seemed like a nice girl.

“Y-Yeah…it’s embarrassing, so please don’t tell anyone…”
“Please! If you have any pictures, show me! I’ll do anything for it!!!”

“Don’t say that!”
“Hahaha, it’s okay because it’s Yuki. But you could give other guys the wrong idea by saying that, so be careful and don’t use it on them, okay?”

“Wha! S-Sorry, I was shaken up…”

“You were asking for pictures, right? …Here you go, just for a little bit, okay?”
“Yeah! Thanks!”
Yuki hands his phone over to Kozuki.

She looks confused.

“Hey, Yuki, show it to me too.”
“Uuu…fine, since I’m already showing it…”

Kozuki-san hands the phone to me, and I see a picture reflected on the screen.

Who is this pretty girl?

“H-Hey, Yuki.”
“W-What? Is something weird?”

“This…is a girl, right?”
“Yuuto?! I mean, biologically speaking, I’m still a guy!”

“No, no, you’re a girl.”

Hey, Yuki-kun!
If you’re interested in more clothes like this, tell me!
I’ll even teach you how to apply makeup!”

“Um, ummmm…”
Yuki looks confused. Honestly, if he wasn’t a guy, I might have felt my heart skip a beat.

“I’m a guy, so I’m not interested in makeup at all!”
“Now, now, everyone says that at first, Yuki-kun.”

“Wait! Don’t try to lead me down a strange path!”
“It’s okay, it’s okay!”
With every inch Kozuki takes toward Yuki, Yuki similarly takes an inch back.

“Juuuuust kidding♪”
“Phew, please don’t scare me like that!”
She laughs and makes a face as if she has succeeded in teasing Yuki.

“You’re just too cute, Yuki-kun, I can’t help but tease you a little.”
I understand that feeling, Kozuki.

“But it’s convenient to be able to do your own makeup for when you go live, right?”
“Ugh…I can’t deny that…”

“Mama Yuru might even compliment you for being able to make yourself look adorable.”
“Uuu…Hey, that doesn’t really matter, does it?! Besides, people don’t even consider a guy like me an actual guy…”

“Have confidence! You have your own good qualities, Yuki!”

“Give the makeup idea some thought when you feel like it! Anyway, I’m going back to my seat!”
“O-Okay, got it.”

Hey, wasn’t Yuki being pushed around back there?

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