C24: An Off-Collab with Mama Yuru While Crossdressing! (First Half)

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[H-Hello! Yuka Shirahime’s here!]
I desperately try to hide my nervousness while saying my usual greeting.



what’s the meaning of this?!


[Um, I’m Yuka Shirahime, and this beautiful lady over here is Mama Yuru!]

“Perhaps some of you have already met me at con booths, but I’m Yuru Kakizaki. Nice to meet you,” says Mama Yuru as she faces the camera with a sweet smile.

theyre both pretty

aw, they’re cute

i wasn’t expecting this off-collab to be streamed with real-life footage lolol

Kyaa! So cute!!

Fuwari Ukigumo

You look absolutely adorable, Yuka-channnn
Fuwari Ukigumo

Please switch places with me, Yuru-sensei.


something came…


[Ueh?! Um, thank you for the Super Chat, Fuwari-oneechan! But you don’t have to force yourself, okay? I’m happy enough with just your regular comments!]

Fuwari Ukigumo: You’re so sweet, Yuka-chan… Do you want me to send some more…?

fuwa-chan is off to a flying start.

Don’t casually try to switch places with mama yuru XD

I get the feeling of wanting to super chat though XD

[Also, I’m not used to dressing up like this, but do you think it suits me?]
I say, looking up at the camera with pleading eyes.



Fuwari Ukigumo: /heavy breathing

a… a……….


Just An Onii-chan Passing By

i could eat 10 meals just by looking at that

for real…

her destructive power is over 9000

but to be told to determine her gender based on this…

There can only be one choice: a girl

exactly that

no cap

hello, there’s no way such a cute person can be a girl!

^ What is this dude even talking about…


[Judging by your reactions, it seems like it suits me. I’m happy♪]



the way she’s shy but still smiling is just too precious for this world

[We won’t be able to do much if we keep chatting like this, so let’s stop the chit-chat here!]

Oh well


whatre u guys gonna do now?

What’re you gonna do?

I wanna be there too…

[We’re here at GloryCute’s office today, and I guess Mr. Manager here…? Is that okay? Yeah?]
The manager signals a thumbs up.

[He said okay!
So, it seems the manager and the staff here have picked out various outfits that might suit me, and in order to create the image and ideas for the outfit I’ll wear in the IV, I’m going to try on a variety of clothes!]


in other words, we’re gonna die

Is this a death sentence

I’m not ready to die yet

But don’t you wanna see it?

Of course!




[They only told me about this just now, though…]
I mutter, gazing off into the distance.


gj, manager and mama yuru!

thanks to this, I feel like I can live through today

Haah… it’s already tee-tee as it is, but there’s still more to come…

“I understand your feelings, everyone. Yuka-chan is adorable, isn’t she?”
With those words, Mama Yuru draws me closer.

“Upsy daisy.”
Mama Yuru sits on the sofa, places me on her lap, and starts to pet my head.



Fuwari Ukigumo: I won’t forgive this, I won’t!!!!!


a declaration of war against fuwa-chan!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! my tee-tee meter is sending me into overdriveeeee!!!!!!!

I let out a weird sound due to the sudden turn of events.
I can’t help it.
It’s not something you normally experience, being placed on the lap of such a beautiful lady.

“Pat pat, aah… this is the best, I’ve always wanted to do this… thank you, Yuka-chan…”

a…a……. ah…..

man, this scene deserves to be displayed in an art exhibit.

Fuwari Ukigumo: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Fu www Wa www Chan www

it’s def working on her lololololol

[Au, ah, uh…]

even yuka-chan is overheating lmfao

now that’s a face that has lost control over comprehending the situation

ah… tee-tee… too tee-tee…

Seeing this scene, I feel somewhat happy, even if it means meeting my end…

yo, fr that…

count me in that…

But strangely enough, I didn’t feel weird about it.

[Er, erm, Yuru-oneechan?]
“Yes, Yuka-chan?”

[Um, this is getting really embarrassing for me… so…]
“Hm? I can’t hear you.”

[I feel embarrassed, so… could you please let me down already…]
“Just ten more minutes, no, five is enough!”

someone’s greedy, lol

were gonna die if we have to watch this for 5 more minutes…

Adios, friends.

no, don’t go towards the light!

Ascended Onii-chan

I pray for your safety, everyone.


RIP, we lost a kind soul…

He was a good guy…

After that, Mama Yuru’s head-patting session continued for about five more minutes.

um, mama yuru?

Mama yuruuuuuuu?!

look at yuka-chan!

her eyes!!!!


Thanks to the intense situation and Mama Yuru’s petting, Yuka-chan’s eyes had melted into a dreamy state.

“Oh no, did I overdo it?!
I mean, she was just too cute, that I…”

we understand, but still!

Looks like yuka-chan has it rough…

is she okay?

“W-What should I do?”
As Mama Yuru was panicking…

[Onee-chan, more, please.]

[Pat me more.]
Yuka Shirahime starts pleading with vacant eyes to Mama Yuru.
“A-Are you sure?”
[Mm-hm! I love your pats, onee-chan; they feel good.]


What is this?!?!?!


Fuwari Ukigumo: I can’t take this anymore… I’m depressed…

[Next time, Fuwari-oneechan!
We’ll karaoke together, okay?]

Fuwari Ukigumo: Waaaaaa yay!!!

Fuwari Ukigumo: I’ll definitely go!!!!!

good for you, fuwa-chan…

is peace…restored…?

[Yuru-oneechan! More pats!]
Mama Yuru pets Yuka Shirahime’s head some more.

[Ehehe, I love you, onee-chan.]

arent there too many casualties even though the stream just started?

I might be at my limit too…

Me too…

“Haa haa… I thought I was going to die…”

If you get hit with that at close range, of course youre gonna die…

This is already on the level of a mass amplitude preemptive weapon…

rather, I think mama yuru did well to endure it.

“But, what should I do?”

yuka-chan doesn’t seem to be coming back to her senses anytime soon…

how should i put it, it’s like she’s fever dreaming?

like she’s wholly embodied the little sister trope?

“Anyway, let’s bring her back to her senses.”

Mama Yuru starts talking to Yuka Shirahime to bring her back to reality.

i heard (saw) your pleas for the next chapter and i am here to deliver. (aka tell me youre impulsive without telling me youre impulsive. i did feel motivated to do another one today after seeing your comments in c23, so here it is, haha. thank you and enjoy!)

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

Wow, Mama Yuru is strong to be able to withstand such deadly cuteness at ground zero lmao

Brave Armadillo
Brave Armadillo
4 months ago

How the hell did Mama Yuru NOT get a nosebleed from range zero cuteness overload???

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So much sugar I love it

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Ortho maleq
Ortho maleq
4 months ago

The evangelion’s AT Field plus the colony laser and guren lagan’s final move have nothing to the deadliness of this trap vtuber

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