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IBV C26: Thoughts and Impressions Episode

I finally got the chance to take a breather after the stream.

“Good job, Yuki-kun,” says Kaoru-san, handing me a glass of water.

“Thank you, Kaoru-san.”
“You can call me onee-chan like you did during the stream, you know? Haha, just kidding.”

“Please cut it out…!
That was so humiliating for me; I thought I was gonna die!”
“Well, it’s not like I expected you to accidentally reveal your gender from the extreme shock either…”

“I’m happy that things turned out better than I thought, but it’s still scary not knowing what people are saying behind our backs…”
I thought out loud.

“I think you should just brush off what other people say.
As an artist, I’ve dealt with similar situations before.”
“I see. It’s just something we have to deal with, huh…”

“Yeah. Don’t worry about what they say.
Just focus on doing your best for the people who support you.
I’ve still got a ways to go, so I’m not exactly in a position to say that,” sincerely says Kaoru-san.

“For the people who support me…”
What can I do for them right now?
Improve the quality of my voice packs for Comiket?
Stream more frequently?
Upload more videos?
I don’t know, but the weight on my shoulders feels a little lighter.

“You’re doing great as you are, Yuki-kun. Don’t push yourself too hard for other people’s sake, okay?”
Kaoru-san’s kind reminder relieved me for some reason.

“Um, guys? Aren’t you forgetting someone else here?!”
“I’m here too, you know? I’d be stumped if you made things between you two too warm and cozy to disturb.”

“Ah! We’re sorry!”
“Sorry about that.”

I thought to myself that I was lucky to have met such wonderful people.
It hasn’t been long since we’ve met, but I felt like I wanted to do my best for their sake.

“Ugh…I wanted to be there too,” I mutter, staring at the blank screen that has finished streaming.

“But the feeling I had at that time wasn’t wrong after all…”
I recall the events at that station where I first met him, and I faintly sensed that he might be a boy.
Although Yuka-chan, who was so fancy today, looked like a girl and nothing else.

“Haa…I’m so jealous of Yuru-sensei…”
I envy Yuru-sensei, who had the chance to see Yuka-chan in her outfits up close.
Whether Yuka-chan was a boy or not is a trivial matter to me.


“Yuka-chan said she’ll do an offline collaboration with me! That’s the best feeling ever!!!”
Unlike Yuru-sensei, I can’t show my face, so I need to prepare for the day when it comes.
Wait for me, Yuka-chan.

I had a photoshoot today.
Yuka-chan had a collab with Mama Yuru on her stream, and I really wanted to watch it, but since it was around noon, I could only catch a glimpse during my break.

Still, seeing Yuka-chan looking cute in real life made me feel good.

But when I got home, I found out something shocking.

“Yuka-chan is a traaaap?!?!?!”
I couldn’t believe it; she was so cute, I thought she was a real girl.

But for a moment, I remembered my cute junior in school.

Yuki-kun was pretty adorable himself…

“Haa, I wonder if he knows Yuka-chan too?”
If possible, I’d like to talk to him like we used to.

[A trap?] A Yuka Shirahime Thread 2 [A real girl?]

1: Name: Anon Onee-chan
This is a thread on Yuka Shirahime.
If you are to mention other VTubers, only Fuwari Ukigumo’s name is allowed.
There are suspicions that Yuka-chan may be a trap, but let’s not probe too much.
Personally, I’m hoping that she is one.

468: Name: Prophet
hey!!! hey!!!!!!!

469: Name: Anon Onii-chan

Sup, prophet

470: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Ah, if it isn’t Prophet

471: Name: Prophet
she really was a trap after all!!!
we hit the jackpot!!!!

472: Name: Anon Onee-chan

He’s my little brother. Isn’t he the cutest?

473: Name: Anon Onee-chan

wait up, yuka-chan is my sister!

474: Name: Anon Onii-chan

Which one is it…?

475: Name: Anon Onee-chan
I gotta say, though, Yuka-chan’s outfits were so cute…
The first white dress was great, but I also loved the second one that looked boyish

476: Name: Anon Onee-chan

the boyish style was nice, but I also liked the white dress with the straw hat…

477: Name: Anon Onii-chan

I vehemently agree with that
guys swoon for that kinda pure stuff

478: Name: Anon Onii-chan
No, no, guys. Youre missing the point here. I’d say it has to be the last one…no?

479: Name: Anon Onii-chan

Yuka-chan in Wonderland!!!

480: Name: Anon Onee-chan

that was a**ce yuka-chan…

481: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I can’t even think about it without dying

482: Name: Anon Onii-chan
it was a verbal promise for now,
but im rly looking forward to her off collab with fuwa-chan

483: Name: Anon Onii-chan

yeah, I’m curious about that too

484: Name: Anon Onee-chan

If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to control my desires
I wonder if Fuwa-chan can handle it…

485: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I could see them hugging within 5 seconds of meeting.

After that, the thread became quite lively.
Then, someone posted a certain URL.

768: Name: Anon Onii-chan
yall!!! someone made a hater thread!!

769: Name: Anon Onii-chan


770: Name: Anon Onee-chan

huh. some nerve they’ve got.

771: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Hmm, that their death wish or something?

[Imposter] Yuka Shirahime Hate Thread [A trap]
This is a hate thread on the VTuber Yuka Shirahime, who apparently has been hiding the fact that she’s a trap.
Keep the discussion focused on her.
No talking about other VTubers.

2: Name: Anon Onii-chan

hey, can I ask you something?
have you actually watched her videos and streams?

3: Name: Anon

No. I’ve only seen some clips.
But isn’t it messed up for a trap to hide that and still take Super Chats n’ shit?

4: Name: Anon Onee-chan

You don’t get it, do you?
Yeah, she’s a guy, but that’s part of what makes Yuka-chan so charming.

5: Name: Anon Onee-chan

instead of watching clips, why dont you check her official channels profile and intro vid.
maybe even watch her debut stream before talking shit.

6: Name: Anon

Alright, fair enough.

7: Name: Anon Onii-chan

yeah, come back after you’ve watched them.
there’s a chance we’re being way over our heads here, but I doubt it

8: Name: Anon
This is the same anon from >>6.
I was wrong about everything, and I would like to apologize to the angelic Yuka-chan for making this ridiculous thread.
Thank you for enlightening me, forum regulars who guided me to this angel.

9: Name: Anon Onii-chan

dude, that was a complete 180!

10: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I know we were the ones who directed you to her content, but this is coming off as really creepy.

11: Name: Anon Onee-chan

as long as you understand, then everythings a-ok!
now youre one of us who protects yuka-chan!

12: Name: Anon

Yes, master!

13: Name: Anon Onii-chan
what happened here

14: Name: Anon Onee-chan

■This thread has been archived.■

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