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IBV C27: ASMR Recording

At last, the day has arrived.

Today is the day to record the voice packs for Comiket.

I’ve tried to make it sound dramatic, but the truth is, I’m just rushing to meet the deadline.

After completing the voice recordings, I need to issue serial codes, a task that’s almost entirely manual.

And this time, the codes will be enclosed in the new sets from Yuru-sensei’s circle.

It seems the doujins’ theme revolves around Yuka Shirahime, so it makes a rather nice bonus.

I wanted to distribute it as cheaply as possible, so I decided to add 500 yen to the price of the regular set.

I’d be happy if people could enjoy the recordings, even just a little.

“Whew, well then, let’s start recording.”

I focus my mind, becoming Yuka Shirahime.

[Thanks for all your hard work as always, onii-chan!]

[Huh? Clean your ears? Hehe, you got addicted to it, huh…]

[I don’t mind doing it anytime if you’re okay with me.]

[Okay then, come here! Rest your head on my lap!]

[Good job!]

[So, shall we start cleaning your ears?]

The sound of ear cleaning can be heard for a while.

[How is it, onii-chan? Does it feel good?]

[Hehe, it does? You’re making such a happy face.]

A breath is blown into the ear.

[Ahaha! You just flinched, onii-chan!]

[Did it tickle you?]

[Well then, let’s clean your other ear. Turn the other way for me, please!]

[Okay! I’ll start cleaning this side!]
The sound of ear cleaning can be heard again.

[Hey! No moving, onii-chan! It’s dangerous!]

[…Alright! This should be fine!]

[Oh! I almost forgot!]


[Ahaha! Onii-chan, you’re flinching again! It’s almost kind of cute.]

[Juuust kidding♪]

[Onee-chan, wake uppp!]


[Wake. Up! You’re going to be late!]

[Geez… If that’s how it is…]
Rustling sounds can be heard close to one’s ears.

[Onee-chan, if you don’t wake up soon…]

[Are you awake now? You’re really sensitive to sounds, huh, onee-chan!]

[You… weren’t pretending to be asleep just so I would breathe into your ear, right?]

Once the recording was over and I returned to my normal self, I checked the audio quality.

“N-No problems, I guess… but listening to my own ASMR voice is a bit… mentally challenging.”

“Okay. But it doesn’t sound awkward, does it?”
I should ask Kaoru-san to listen to it and see if there’s anything to improve.

To contact her, I launched the VC app and sent Kaoru-san a message.

As I started the final push before Comiket, working on my tasks, I got a notification from my VC app.

“Huh? A message from Yuki-kun?”

“I see, he’s finished the recording but can’t judge it by himself, so he wants me to listen to it.”
I, of course, replied that it was okay.

About 10 minutes later, I received a file from Yuki-kun.

I didn’t want it to affect my main work PC, so I downloaded the data to my secondary laptop.

I transferred the data to my phone and listened to it with earphones while working.


I couldn’t focus on work anymore.
There were many scenes where he gently blew into the mic, and each time, my body shuddered

Honestly, I don’t even remember how much time passed.

“Onee-chan, dinner’s ready! Hey, what happened?! Are you okay?!”
“Hunh? Is ardy evening?!”

“Onee-chan, your pronunciation’s all over the place!”
I handed Yura the phone with the audio data and had my dinner.

Is Yuki-kun sane, selling that for a mere 500 yen…?

Before going to sleep, I went to Yura’s room and found her in bed, about to listen to the recording.

Now, it’s Yura’s turn to meet her end.

I sent my thoughts to Yuki and went to sleep in my room.

Author: I’ve prepared 4-5 more ASMR sets for Yuki-kun, which will be in another chapter!

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6 months ago

Thanks for the chapter

That night, Yura was dreaming like never before

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A moment of silence for the souls about to be lost…

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Anon Onii-chan
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Ortho maleq
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