C28: Idle Talk 1 (A Day at a Certain Café)

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I, a typical corporate drone, was excited when I heard I could take a rare Obon holiday, only to find out it was a pre-Obon holiday.

I get that having any time off at all is better than none.
But I struggle to understand why it’s pre-Obon.
It feels like they just don’t want to give us a normal break.

Well, leaving that aside, thanks to this, I can visit a popular café usually closed during Obon, so I guess I should be grateful for that.

The shop looks like a retro Western building, and the interior has a calming scent of new wood.
They probably use wood in their interior design.
After enjoying the faint scent of wood for a moment, my nostrils are tickled by the aroma of coffee.

I’m not really knowledgeable about coffee, but I have high expectations for some reason.

“Welcome. Are you dining alone?”
The person who greets me as I enter the shop is a cute-looking… wait, which is it?
The uniform definitely looks male, so is he a boy?

“U-Uh, yes, I’m alone.”
I reply in a slightly nervous voice.

“Then please have a seat here.”
The boy(?) shows me to a seat.

“When you’re ready to order, please press this button.”
With that, the boy(?) bows and returns to the counter.

“The staff service alone is already at a high standard. Incredible…”
I mutter as I browse the menu.

Their original coffee blend, a mix of several types of beans, seems to be the most popular.
Since it’s hot today, I’ll order it iced.

As I came before lunchtime, I was a little hungry.
Then I found the perfect set on the menu.

“Sandwich and coffee set… with dessert for an additional 300 yen, huh?”
The sandwich and coffee set costs 800 yen, a bold price setting.
But considering the reputation of this cafe, it’s probably still popular enough to warrant the price.
I decided to order this today.

I press the button and call over the male staff member.

“Sorry for the wait. What will your order be?”
“I’ll take the sandwich and iced coffee set. Could I also get some dessert on the side?”

For the sandwich, you can choose between a hot sandwich and a regular one. Which would you like?”

Wow, I can choose a hot sandwich.
I love hot sandwiches, so it’s a tough choice.
Yeah, let’s go with that one.

“Then I’ll have the hot sandwich, please.”
Next is the dessert. We have five options; which one would you like?”

He pulls out the menu and presents it to me.

Crème brûlée
Chocolate cake
Fruit roll

It’s an orthodox lineup that makes it hard to choose.
After a moment’s thought, I decided to ask the waiter.

“All of them look good, so it’s hard to choose. Do you have any recommendations?”
“Are you okay with my recommendation?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”
“In that case, how about the crème brûlée? We use vanilla beans so you can enjoy the aroma, and its unique crispy caramel surface is delicious when combined with the inside!” replies the waiter enthusiastically.

He must be recalling the crème brûlée in his mind.
To be frank, it’s really cute.
Although it’s not something I would say to a boy, so I keep that comment to myself.

“Haha, I suppose I’ll go with that then.”
“You’re going with the crème brûlée, understood!
When would you like your drink to be served?”

“Hmm, could you bring it out with the hot sandwich?”
“Understood! Please wait a moment!”
With that, he hurries off to relay my order.
What was that cute creature? Is he really a male?

“Sorry for the wait; here’s your hot sandwich and iced coffee.”
A few minutes later, the hot sandwich and iced coffee were served together.

“Bon appetit.”
The hot sandwich was bigger than I expected, with four slices.
It seems to be filled with ham, cheese, and egg salad.

Given the well-matched ingredients, it was no surprise that I finished it easily.

“Thank you for the meal.”
I had even forgotten to drink my coffee, so I drank it after ordering my dessert.

“Ah, I don’t understand how, but it tastes good.”
The faint sweetness, fruity aroma, and balanced acidity made it easy to drink.
I figured this would be popular, and just as I convinced myself of this, the dessert I ordered arrived.

“Here is your crème brûlée.”
I was served a crème brûlée in a shallow, wide dish.

The compatibility of the caramel on top and the rich custard inside was unbeatable, and I found myself beaming without realizing it.

Such joyful moments passed instantly, and I left the café after paying.

“I wonder if I could come here again if I quit my current job.”
I was scared to change my current situation, but I felt like I had gained a bit of courage.

“Boss, good work today!”
“You too, Yuki-kun.”

“Um, so, my next shift will be right after Obon, is that okay?”
“Absolutely. We’re also taking a break for Obon, anyway.
Speaking of which, you mentioned you’re going to Tokyo, right?”

“Yes, that’s right!”
“Your excitement is evident on your face. Have fun.
By the way, will you be eating here today?”

“Yes, please!”
“Haha, what would you like to eat?”

“I saw a customer eating a hot sandwich earlier, and it looked delicious, so I’d like that!”
“Sure thing, just wait a bit.”

After waiting a few minutes, the boss called me to pick up the finished sandwich.

“Here you go, today’s treat is a crème brûlée on the house.”
“Huh? Boss, are you sure?!”

“You’re always working hard, so it’s my way of saying thank you. I’m counting on you after Obon, okay?”

Then, in the eating area at the back, I started to eat my meal.

“Mmm!♪ Sho good♪”
I found myself breaking into a smile.
After finishing the crème brûlée, my face was relaxed and content.

“Ah, Yuki-kun, were you eating?
You look so content!” says a female student who also works part-time as she walks in.

“Fweh? Ah… How shameless of me…”
“Hehe, that’s what makes you cute!
Well, I’m about to start my shift, so good work today, Yuki-kun!”

“Thank you! Good luck on your shift!”
Having finished my meal, I washed the dishes I used and went home.

next chap tom! comiket arc :eyes:

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