C39: The Shoot Begins, and Then…

We sat in the large vehicle for about two hours until we arrived at a big shopping mall.

Today, we’re shooting scenes where we are window shopping with my partner model.

We came all the way here because this shopping mall—our filming location—has many brand-affiliated stores, so it was easier to get permission for filming.

I’m going to change into the prepared outfits, so Kaoru-san and the others step out for a while.

“Well then, Yuka-chan, was it?”
“Ah, Yuka is fine!”

“Okay, could you try on this outfit first, Yuka-chan?”
She hands me a cream-colored blouse and a brown skirt.

“I’ll step out for a bit. Come outside when you’re dressed.”
I quickly but calmly change clothes.

After getting dressed, I go outside.
That’s when I switch consciousness and personas.

[Sorry for the wait!]
When I came outside, I saw Kaoru-oneechan and the others watching from a distance.
Today, they’re just watching. I’ll do my best, so please watch over me.

“Huh? Yuka…chan?”
Suddenly, I heard a voice, and outside, a slender lady was dressed just like me.

[Do you know me, onee-chan?]
“Know you? I’m a big fan!!!”

[Hehe, I’m flattered.]
“Ahhhhhh! I wish the manager had told me!!!”

“All right, all right, Haru-chan, stop for a bit!” says one of the staff members.

“Ah, I-I’m sorry. I got too excited…”
[It’s okay!]

“Wow… It’s Yuka-chan in the flesh…
Ah! That’s right, I haven’t introduced myself yet!
I’m Haru, but everyone calls me Haru-chan. Nice to meet you, Yuka-chan!”
[Thank you for the polite introduction, onee-chan!
As you know, I’m Yuka Shirahime!
Let’s have a fun shoot today, onee-chan!]

After making brief introductions, we head inside the mall.

From then on, we shoot according to the instructions from the staff.

We sit on a bench together, eating ice cream.

We pretend to be indecisive while pointing at the clothes we’re eyeing.

Sometimes, we even walked hand in hand.

Mmh… it’s so embarrassing to be so close like this…

But! I’ll do my best!

I thanked my manager more than ever before in my life. I was so grateful.

Yuka-chan is right before me, so of course, I’m excited.

And the shooting is a matching sibling outfit. We’re wearing similar clothes and filming scenes where we act like sisters.

In other words, we can share desserts, shop together, and hold hands!!!

This makes me so happy; experiencing it for free feels like a crime!

But the shoot is also important, so I make sure to look at the camera properly. Yuka-chan seems to be unaccustomed to it, so I lead her.

She followed suit, and the shooting went smoothly.

We continued filming while changing clothes in between.

Before long, it was evening, and it was almost time to say goodbye to Yuka-chan.

After the last costume change, we took the last photo, ending the shoot.

The staff was satisfied with the shoot, and it seemed likely to be approved as is.

I’m happy to go to Akihabara, but I wish I could have talked to Yuka-chan a little more.
Thinking about that, the studio car arrived at the headquarters.

I went into the dressing room to remove my makeup and noticed something strange.
“Huh? Isn’t Yuka-chan coming?”
I thought she would come here to remove her makeup as well…

After removing my makeup, I returned to my usual plain clothes and put on my glasses.
When I left the dressing room, the door to the men’s dressing room opened.

There was a familiar boy who shouldn’t be there.

“Is that…Yuki-kun?”
I inadvertently call out to the boy.

After the shooting ended, I was guided to the men’s dressing room by a staff member.
I struggled a bit but managed to remove my makeup, changed my clothes, and was about to head to the place where Kaoru-san and the others were waiting when I opened the door.

At the same time, the door to the women’s dressing room next to me also opened.
Probably Haru-san had come out.

Glancing sideways, I saw something I couldn’t believe.

Wh-Why is Haruka-senpai here…?


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2 months ago

Exposed! Thanks for the chapter.

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Thank you for the chapter! Wow, she might be a model, but she really dead if she didn’t even know about the whole trap thing. What is this Clark Kent meet Clark Kent situation lol they freaking together for the whole day.

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Thanks for the new chapter! I was wondering why Yuki didn’t recognize her. Different overall feel with glasses makes sense.

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Oh damn didn’t expect them to not go full misunderstanding

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