C339: The Pygmalion Project

My name is Exada, one of the demon army’s young officers studying at Lord Saint’s farm.

I don’t remember doing anything extraordinary, so why I was brought here is still a mystery to me.
Surely, only the flawless elites can study under Lord Saint.

Especially when you have Sensei, a Lifeless King, as your teacher, you’re guaranteed to become a great mage unparalleled in history.
You can also become acquainted with elite humans and mermaids here.

And the world being run by the graduates of this course is bound to happen in the future.

I think it’s strange I’m mixed with such a ridiculous group, and I’m well aware that I stick out like a sore thumb.
In fact, I’m the one who lags behind the most in class and also the last one to finish farm work.

Why am I even here?
I wonder to the point of asking someone to help me get out of here and return to my old job.

This has become a routine of mine while I watch the sunset after class.
I won’t last here if I don’t let my mind wander like so.

While I was basking in the twilight, a change came one day.

A landscape where everything is dyed red by the setting sun.
A new addition to this scene is something called an automaton.

It seems Lord Saint brought them in from somewhere.
As expected, he was able to find such an unheard-of thing without a hitch.

The automatons are quietly doing their work, hoeing the soil.
When they were done, they would return to the storehouse.

They just do what they’re told, silently and steadily.

Something about them impressed me.

One day, I passed by one of the automatons.
She must have been on her way back to the storehouse after finishing work.

I wiped off the mud that had splashed on her face with my handkerchief.

Naturally, she didn’t thank me.
She’s just a doll.
She probably doesn’t know how to express gratitude.

But for some reason, I felt that she was happy.
From that day on, I was able to work hard in my classes and at my job.

If she’s working hard, I can do the same.
After the day was over, her side profile, dyed red by the setting sun, gave my body energy.

Why do I even address her as female?
A mere doll has no assigned gender.
But at least to me, she was a wonderful girl.

I’ve learned to find her amongst her hundred other companions without fail.

Every passing day I see her, my heart thumps more and more.

And one day, I finally realized it.
I’m in love with her.

Her diligence towards her work encouraged and saved me.
I was entranced. I know that if anyone were to hear this, they’d laugh at me.

After all, the person I’m in love with isn’t human.
In fact, she isn’t even a living, breathing being.

But my feelings of love burn passionately and cannot be stopped.
I love her!

She’s why I’ve gone from having the lowest grades to the top of my class.
All because of my passion for her!

But she’s a doll, and no matter how much I tell her how I feel, she will never respond.
No matter how much I chant words of love with my poetic genius, she will never answer.

I know that.
I know that, but it made me feel lonely somewhere in my heart.

But that’s okay.
I’m happy just to have her beside me.

Just having someone I love next to me makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy, like spring.

As I sit beside her, whom I took out of the storehouse without permission, enjoying our private time together…

“Hm… I see no reason wherefore not.”

Suddenly, a nuisance appeared.
A majestic figure with a rich beard.
It’s the god Hades.

He is the guardian deity who created us demons and rules the earth.

Today, he has come to Lord Saint for food, just as he always does.
In his hand is a bowl full of fried rice.

“I didst pursue the somber energies I felt, and see where it hath led me.”
“With all due respect, please leave me alone.”
“Thou art bold to dishonor a god.”

Anyone would lose faith if they saw you regularly coming to Lord Saint for food…

“Thine unwavering devotion hath earned my favor. I, Hades, the god of the underworld, shall impart upon thee a blessing. I shall compensate for what this inanimate soul lacks.”

Saying that, his hands holding chopsticks release something like glittering stardust.

The stardust stretched out in countless numbers, trailing till it eventually reached my darling automaton.
My precious honey is surrounded by the light!

“Addressing a doll as honey… Thee must hast a loose screw.”

Please put a cork in it.
Anyway, my precious lover was enveloped in light until I couldn’t see her.

…And then, the stardust scattered all at once, and I could see my honey again.
However, she feels completely different from before.


She spoke?!

That was the first thing that surprised me.
My love, bathed in God’s stardust, was completely different from a doll.
She’s now a living human being.

Her skin is soft and warm. Her face expressive.
Her spherical doll joints have disappeared.
Her beauty is enough to make me drool.
…And her boobs are huge!

“Hmm… Of course, we cannot let this damsel be unclothed. She may don this.”

Hades releases more stardust that sticks to her body, transforming into clothes!

“Your Mightiness! What is this?”
“I hath only given form to thine beloved to the extent that she is fit to share thy company. Consider it a god’s capricious kindness. I am certain mine own Demetersephone will once again be taken by mine own charm, seeing me act in kindness after such a long time.”

He seems to have an ulterior motive!
But I’m glad.
My honey now has life and the warmth of a human body.

From now on, we can talk, spend a lot of time together, and… more!

“Master. I’ve become a human being because of you. It’s all because of your love. I love you too. Please keep me by your side for the rest of your life.”

I’m going to marry her! As a regular Demon King army soldier, I have enough financial capability to support a wife and child!
When I return to the capital, we’ll officially take our vows before god and become husband and wife!

Ah, come to think of it, the god is already here!

“Hmm… But it seems unjust to only breathe life into this one.”

Hades waves his chopsticks again and sends stardust into the air.

They scattered around the area, and although they disappeared from my sight, I could hear people letting out surprised shrieks in the vicinity.

“As gratitude for the sustenance thou hast provided, I have animated all the dolls within this farm. Verily, the saint will be overjoyed to witness the place more vibrant than it was afore.”

Hades disappears, genuinely thinking he did something good.
Maybe he returned to his realm?

Anyway, I’m the happiest man alive with the best girlfriend now.

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1 month ago

HAHA It wasn’t even Kidan’s fault this time.

Pushyanth k
Pushyanth k
1 month ago

all that happiness just poofed up in smoke…… for Kidan…….

Last edited 1 month ago by Pushyanth k
1 month ago

Robot girlfriend, Yay?

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Post Comment
1 month ago

There goes another cycle the food shortage problem… Now the humanized automatons need to eat to survive.

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