C340: A New Teacher

I noticed that the automatons had become humanized thanks to Hades, God of the Underworld.

“‘Tis mine own method to express gratitude for thy consistent offerings. Prithee, no need for thankfulness.”

By ‘offerings,’ does he mean the bowls of mazegohan we give him?!

Now what?
I brought these hundred automatons because they don’t need food or a place to sleep, but things are different now that they’ve been humanized!

All of them even turned into pretty young ladies!
We can’t just leave them sleeping on bare earth, can we?!

Anyway, Orkubo quickly builds another dorm, and one automaton maiden is busy tailoring their clothes under Batemy’s guidance.

…I somewhat knew this was going to happen.

I mean, they told me when I met the first batch of anthropomorphic monsters that they don’t have emotions, so there’s no need to treat them as people.

But look at them now; they’ve gained personalities of their own and turned into valuable allies! History is repeating itself!!! I can’t look at the orcs and goblins as tools anymore, and if we were to suddenly part ways, I’d feel sad, as if my guts were being cut up!

I’m sure that’s what’s also going to happen to these automaton girls.

…But I don’t have an immediate plan in mind, so I’ll leave the automatons’ handling for later and deal with a more pressing issue first.

It’s about the students.

Here, they pursue their studies to develop into individuals capable of carrying the nation’s responsibilities, all while fostering harmonious relations among the three primary races.

Some may wonder, “What can you learn about public administration on a farm?”

Don’t worry. Our farm is not your run-of-the-mill farm.
We’ve got a lot of great teachers who can aid these promising students!

First, we have Sensei, the Lifeless King.
As the strongest undead who has lived for more than a thousand years, he has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share.
He also loves teaching, so it’s a win-win situation for the students to learn the secrets of magic and for Sensei to interact with them.

Next are Belena and Puffer, the finest full-time lecturers of the demon and mermaid race, respectively.
The Demon King, Mrs. Astres, and Prince Arowana also visit from time to time and teach as guests.

That’s when it hit me.
Isn’t this lineup of teachers unbalanced?

What do I mean, you ask?
Let’s review the people I just mentioned. Counting Sensei separately as a transcendent, we have…

Belena (demon race), Puffer (mermaid race), Demon King (demon race), Mrs. Astres (demon race), and Prince Arowana (mermaid race).

See now?
They’re all either mermaids or demons.

Demons, humans, and mermaids make up the three main races of this world.
And yet, our teachers are remarkably unbalanced in its racial composition.

Simply put, we don’t have any human teachers at all!

At this rate, our future graduates will be prejudiced, thinking there are no outstanding people from the human race, and look down on them!

“We need a human teacher ASAP!”
“You’re so concerned about the little things, Dear,” says Platy exasperatedly.

But I won’t stop.
For the students’ future, and by extension, the bright future of the entire world…

I’m going to invite a human instructor to the farm!

And so, from my small connections, I tried finding someone from the human race who could teach these kids.

The first person I thought of was one of my few human friends, Dalkish, a feudal lord in the former Human Kingdom.

He gave a passionate speech about what it was like to be a feudal lord in his nation, but when it came to the know-how and experiences of governance, the Demon King and Prince Arowana were more knowledgeable.

He had some stories of hardship unique to a feudal lord of a remote region, but the students didn’t get much out of it.

As an alternative, he talked about the hardships and problems he faced being the first interracial married couple in history with Mrs. Varlina, his wife.

To this, the students listened attentively.

By the way, I heard his wife got pregnant after all the effort they’ve made, so congratulations to them.

The other human I know is the former princess Letasreit, who also lives on the farm.
Some people worried about what she could teach, but I gave her a chance.
When I did, she only talked about beans, and in a sense, she didn’t disappoint us.
People urged her to talk more about her experiences as a former royal member of the Human Kingdom, but she said she only ate and played and didn’t do much.
So, if anything, she was the ultimate example of what NOT to do.

However, due to her bean advocacy, some students became healthy by eating a lot of beans and could break rocks with their bare fists (no magic), so it seems fruitful in that respect.

But it’s still not enough.
Is there any other human who can give more meaningful lectures?

I’m out of ideas within my connections, so I’ll have to rely on someone else’s contacts and friends of friends.
Let’s expand…
Our circle of friends!

“How about an adventurer?” advises Alexander, the strongest dragon.
“An adventurer?”

Alexander and I became acquainted during the recent dragon fiasco, which led to him visiting us regularly.

Dragons have always been the strongest race, and it seems he’s the strongest of them all.
If Bloody Mary, the second strongest dragon, Ardheg, the new Geyser Dragon, and Veil, who has awakened her power through love, were to attack him all at once, only then they might have a chance against Alexander.

Alexander teaches the students about the wisdom of dragons from time to time.
I’m sure they’re learning a lot from it.

I know we also have Veil to represent as a full-time dragon teacher, but she’s too sensitive for the job.

So, when I asked Alexander, he suggested an adventurer.

“It’s a profession unique to the human race. I’ve heard the other two kingdoms don’t have such a trade.”
“What kind of things do they do?”

Go on adventures?
Travel to defeat the evil king?

“First, they conquer dungeons. I have adventurers coming into my dungeon every day.”

Alexander has a dungeon in the former Human Kingdom’s territory, where he also lives.
I heard it’s common for dragons to be the guardians of mountain dungeons.

“Under the rule of the demon and mermaid races, the military controls and seals dungeons. However, the Human Kingdom is the only one that doesn’t do this. Adventurers were born experts in dealing with dungeons.”
“I often hear about how irresponsible the Human Kingdom is…”
“They say adventurers have accumulated unparalleled knowledge from years of conquering dungeons. If they can demonstrate that on the podium, it will help the children’s growth.”

Alexander is unusually fond of mankind for a dragon.
He shows great interest in talking to us.

“Well then, why don’t we choose from the adventurers who come to my dungeon and negotiate with them?”
“A-Are you sure? Won’t that offend the guild?”
“I have a good relationship with the humans’ Adventurer’s Guild, so it’s not a problem. My dungeon is open to the public that they even give me gifts at certain times of the year.”

Dungeons with guardians are too dangerous to enter, so people highly value those that have welcoming guardians.

With this matter in mind, Alexander returned to his own dungeon.

He came back a few days later.

“There’s this adventurer named Momoko Akesaka.”
“She’s the most active adventurer in my dungeon right now. She managed to reach the fifth station on her first attempt. I asked her if she’d like to be an instructor, but she refused.”


“She said she was busy trying to find the Saint’s Farm. Upon closer look, I noticed she was a summoned otherworlder, so she didn’t meet the requirement of being a human teacher. So I called out to someone else.”
“Are they the one?”
“Indeed. A great guy heeded our call! He’s one of five S-class adventurers in the world!” he cheerfully says.

Not everyone can make the strongest dragon this excited. Just who are they?

the circle of friends part is a reference to yet another old jp show (telephone shocking?) that aired in the late 90s.
to roughly translate it, it means something like ‘my friend’s friends are also my friends. let’s expand our circle of friends around the world’

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1 month ago

Good job on both their parts, completely blowing past her comment about looking for the Saint’s farm.

1 month ago

Ohh…… so close to completing that request……..
But then the requester (Human Kingdom) doesn’t exist anymore…..

1 month ago

She just missed the so called Saint Farm just like that lol

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