C342: Silver Wolf’s Adventurer Lessons

We are now greeted by an adventurer named Silver Wolf.

But as soon as he saw Sensei, he lost all composure.
Most people who have met Sensei trembled in fear, but I think his reaction was the most intense.

“Is this really okay…” everyone in the welcoming group thought, but Alexander’s follow-up brought his reputation back up.
I see, so he reacted weirdly precisely because of his experiences.

“I-I’m sorry, everyone. I had a traumatic experience being chased around by an Earl Lifeless King, you see…!”

The way he brought it up was so casual and to the point!

“But I was treated like a hero just because I escaped the earl’s grasps…” he says, smiling sadly.

“Sensei, doesn’t he pass the test? He’d make a good teacher, wouldn’t he?”
“All right, putting that matter aside, let’s see if he has the qualifications to teach my adorable students.”

Why are you being so harsh in your judgment, Sensei?
You’re starting to act like the students’ guardian or something!

Thus, it was decided that Silver Wolf would give a special lecture.

According to Alexander, he’s a top-class adventurer.

“By the way…”
“No, I just thought you have a unique face…”

It may be rude to someone I’m meeting for the first time, but his appearance piques my interest.

It may have something to do with his name Silver Wolf.
That’s because, well…
His face looks just like a wolf’s.

It’s not a figure of speech; his face is literally a wolf’s.
A therianthrope?

“I’m actually a werewolf.”
“Wow! A wolf?”

Wait, no.

“I told you before, Lord Saint, that such a minority group of humans exist,” says Sensei.

Yes, I remember. Didn’t you tell me that when the satyrs came?

Satyrs are a combination of goat and man.
In the past, there was magic that combined man and beast, and many people were fused with various animals.

Although such inhumane magic has been eradicated, these people passed on their characteristics to their descendants, establishing themselves as a sub-race.

“…I am a descendant of the werewolf, a therianthropic combination of man and wolf. We werewolves have more acute senses than humans and limbs with superior explosive power and endurance. I’m confident it’s because of my natural talent as a werewolf that I was able to become an S-class adventurer.”
“I see…”

But noticing him turn obstinate as soon as I mentioned his appearance, something unpleasant must’ve happened related to it.

I might as well not bring it up again, but Pochi and the other wolf monsters behind me look hopeful, thinking they’ve found a new friend.

“A therianthrope’s physical abilities increase in accordance with those of their corresponding beast parent. Their aptitude for adventuring is naturally high,” says Alexander.

“Yes. Besides me, there’s Golden Bat, Black Cat, and Pink Tonton. Of the five S-class adventurers, more than half are therianthropes.”

That’s four out of five.

“Danger always comes with adventuring. Unlike the Demon Kingdom, the Human Kingdom has no concept of protecting its people. Under their rule, the first adventurers were warriors who decided that they must fight for their survival.”

Eventually, a group of like-minded people formed an association as a form of mutual support, which became the foundation for the Adventurers’ Guild.

“For the people of the Human Kingdom, the dungeon is a ‘present crisis.’ If left unattended, monsters spawning in them can harm the surrounding villages. That’s why warriors first enter dungeons and focus on exterminating the monsters.”

Over time, such work accumulated, eventually perfecting the system.
Then, some people made such work their goal and named it a profession.

“That’s what we adventurers are.”

That’s the kind of topic I’ve always wanted!
We’d love to have you teach our students!

“The Adventurer’s Guild came into existence through circumstances completely unrelated to the Human Kingdom. Many power struggles in the past tried to bring us under various nations’ control. However, we have never succumbed to the state’s power and have remained independent and free. That is our pride as adventurers.”

Silver Wolf seemed to regain composure as he spoke.
He’s not the same man who was so intimidated by Sensei earlier!

“Wonderful! So, can you share your knowledge and wisdom with the students right away?”
“Our knowledge and experience are our asset. It’s not good for businesses to share it with others so easily. But if Lord Alexander, whom I’ve always been indebted to beyond words, asks me so, I can only accept.”

He seemed to have regained enough composure to say things in such a roundabout manner.

“Well then, to the dungeon we go.”
“An adventurer’s knowledge shouldn’t be learned in a classroom. You have to learn it in the field. A human aristocrat who didn’t do that casually went into a dungeon and couldn’t return because he thought he knew enough textbook knowledge. This has happened many times.”

So, it’s not the knowledge that counts; it’s the experience!
Spoken like a true veteran!

“Okay! Then off to the dungeons we go! Which one will it be?”
“Which one?”

Silver Wolf tilts his head at my statement, much like a dog looking at his own reflection in the mirror. But I’ll keep that thought to myself.

“Oh, two dungeons are near us, you see.”
“My dungeon…”
“…And mine.”

Sensei and Veil raise their hands in succession.

“Since this is your extracurricular lesson, do you prefer Sensei or Veil’s dungeon? We’d like to hear your opinion as a pro in the field!”
“Huh? I’m sorry. Please wait.”

Once again, he loses his professional attitude.
In other words, he went back to his timid self.

“That Lifeless King is a guardian of his own dungeon?”
“It’s Sensei.”
“Oh, Sensei… Okay, what about her? What’s that girl got to do with dungeons?”
“Veil is a dragon.”

I thought he knew dragons could transform into humans since he already saw Alexander’s human form.
I wasn’t expecting him to be surprised.

“It’s not like I can tell even if I know they can transform! …Wait. Huh? So, there’s also a dungeon with a dragon as its guardian?!”
“And it’s close by.”

Silver Wolf falls to his knees.
Was it such a shock that he lost all strength in his body?

“Two dungeons with guardians… Undiscovered…?”

Next to him, who’s still in shock, Sensei and Veil are arguing.

“Let them come to my dungeon! It’s a good opportunity to show them how cool I am!”
“I’m afraid not. My dungeon is the best place to ensure the safety of my students. I’ll be monitoring them, so I can quickly respond to any unforeseen circumstances. You, my friend, tend to be absentminded.”
“Aren’t you being overprotective of them?!”

They’re fighting over which dungeon to go to as the site for the extracurricular lessons.
Sensei indeed seems to be very kind to the students, or at least very protective.

“Lord Alexander! What is this place? How can two undiscovered dungeons with guardians be near each other?!”
“I told you, this is the Saint’s Farm.”
“The Saint’s Farm? This is even more amazing than the rumors say!!!”

Amidst Silver Wolf’s shock, Veil transforms into her dragon form.
It seems she wants to settle the score through a battle.

After all their fighting, Sensei won.

sorry, i didnt notice i missed a chapter. im traveling at the moment, so i couldnt respond right away. will rearrange the chapters (order/any errors) once im back from my trip.

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