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IBV C59: Let’s Prepare for the Off Collab!

After buying the laptop and returning home, my dad and I set up the computer together.
I’m going to use it for my offline collaboration with Fuwa-chan, A.K.A. Hana-san, so I need to install the necessary software beforehand.

“First things first, you’ll be moving your entire body in offline collabs, so I recommend installing this software,” says my dad, introducing me to BodyRig, a software that could be considered the full-body version of Fa*eRig.

“It tracks your image through the camera and has decent accuracy, but it’s still not as good as real motion tracking, so be careful.”
“So, it’s only good for offline collabs?”

“More or less.”
He also helped me with setting up the camera and such afterward.
Of course, he taught me how to adjust it down to the minutest details so I could operate it on my own from next time.

“Phew, just put the 3D model in here, and the rest is up to the software.”
“I can’t check the model when my data’s back at home, so I’ll do it then.”

“Hm, wait. I actually have one model, so we can check its operation using that.”
“Really? Let’s try that, then!”
Since Dad provided a model, we decided to verify its functioning on the software.

“Alright, we just insert this USB…”
He brought a USB memory stick and plugged it into the laptop.
The model data was stored inside, and after copying it, the model was successfully imported.

“Okay! All we have to do is run it.
I’ll record it for you so you can check it out. Can you try moving over there, Yuki?”
“Got it!”
I move to the designated place.
There, I made turns, swayed, and even did some headbanging.

“Okay, we’re good.”
Then, I checked the video.

“Looking good. The model isn’t breaking even when you’re turning or headbanging.”
“It seems okay.”
All this tweaking usually takes time, but it was surprisingly quick because Dad and I did it together.
It sure helps to have him around.

At night, we ate dinner Mom made.
I was reminded that my cooking skills still need improvement, so I want to keep trying my best.
It’s perfect because it will also serve as content for my videos. That’s killing two birds with one stone.

The following day, Dad drove me to Nagoya.

“I also have business to do in Nagoya.”
Apparently, the employee in charge of editing is still new, and there’s no one suitable to show him the ropes.
Considering how Dad taught me yesterday, I can tell he’s good at teaching others.

“Looks like people rely on you a lot, Dad.”
“Helping others makes me happy, too, but going all the way to Nagoya every time is a bit of a hassle.”

“Is it about an hour and a half by car?”
“Around that time from our house, yes. But if there’s traffic, it’s unpredictable.”

“If it takes two or three hours, that’d be awful. It’d probably be better to take the train.”
“That’s why I usually take the train.”

“But you’re driving today.”
“I need to load some necessary equipment into the car over there, so I have no choice.”

“This might be the first time I’ve felt like you’re seriously working.”
“True, I’ve been working from home a lot. I’ve been a VTuber since you were in elementary school, after all.”

“Well, you are a big shot. But why does your name sound like something a middle schooler came up with?”
“Ah, apparently, they made it up on the spot.”
What a terrible confession.

“But we first-gen livers did well, so I think the higher-ups got carried away.”
“That’s why they thought your names would work…?”

“I’d appreciate it if you forget about that…”
“Uh, sure.”
Seeing Dad looking a little distant, I decided it would be too cruel to delve any further.

Then, after being jostled about in the car for roughly an hour and a half, he dropped me off at my house in Nagoya.
“All right, Yuki, do your best at school and with VTubing!
Our collab will likely be in mid-September, so I’m counting on you!”
“Yeah! Thanks for dropping me, Dad! Keep up the good work with your streams!”

“Right! Thanks! I’ll be going then! Drop by for New Year’s or something!”
“I will!”
I wave goodbye to Dad and return home.

Thanks to my two computers, I found my work process improving significantly. I felt like I had made a good purchase.

Being able to do other tasks while encoding is such a blessing.
It’s not that it’s impossible without another computer, but if I were to lose data, it’d be a disaster, you know…

Time flew as I filmed cooking videos and streamed games, and before I knew it, it was the day of my offline collaboration with Fuwa-chan.
I wonder what I should wear.
Fuwa-chan seemed to enjoy it when I dressed cutely, so maybe I should bring something to surprise her.
Of course, I won’t wear it when we meet up!

But as soon as I left the house, I realized something.
Am I… becoming less resistant to cross-dressing…?

“No, no, that can’t be… right?”

The meeting spot was the Silver Clock at Nagoya Station.
We’re streaming from a designated karaoke bar nearby, so I’ll wait for Hana-san there.

“Ah, sorry for the wait, Yuki-kun!”
Hana-san calls out to me.

“It’s okay! I just got here!”
“I see. Phew.”

“Let’s have fun, okay?”
“Um, please go easy on me…?”

“Hehe, what’s that supposed to mean? Well then, let’s go!”
Hana-san seems unusually high-spirited today.
I guess she must’ve been looking forward to this.

For some reason, she held my hand as we walked to the karaoke bar and checked in.

We signed up for unlimited karaoke so we could stream at a comfortable pace and still sing a few songs if we felt like it.

“All right, shall we start setting up for the stream?”

“Do you have a laptop, Yuki-kun?”
“Yes, I just bought one!”

“Ohh, you went out of your way to buy one.”
“Should I not have…?”

“No, it’s not that. I brought an extra one just in case you didn’t have any, so you could have used that.”
“You brought two?!”

“Yeah, it’s the company’s, but when you’re streaming outside, sometimes your computer can act up, so they told me to bring two just in case for offline collabs.”
“I see…”

“But it seems like there’s no problem with your laptop, so once we set things up, let’s sing a song or two to warm up our voices.”

Thanks to my dad, the setup was finished in no time.

“Huh? You’re already done?”
“My dad taught me, so…”

“Oh, I see. As expected of Schwartz-san. He’s not his gen’s leader for nothing.”
“Huh? You knew?”

“Knew what? I figured it out way before it was revealed in the stream.”
“Oh, come to think of it, he did talk about you…”

“Really?! What did he say?”
“He said you’re dangerous.”

I totally messed up!”
“I told him, ‘That’s just how Fuwa-chan is,’ and he was speechless…”

“You’re pretty mean, too, Yuki-kun!”
“Ehehe, sorry.”

“Fine, I forgive you…”
With that, Hana-san finished setting up.
After doing some vocal warm-ups, we were all set.

“Okay, shall we start streaming?”

“Oh, right, make sure to include the current time in the tags for the stream! If you don’t, there’ll be copyright issues with the karaoke!”
“Got it!”

“All right, I’m going to start the stream, okay?”
“Please do!”
At that moment, I took a deep breath and became Yuka Shirahime.

“Oha-fuwarin, everyoneeee.”
[Good morning, Lis-niis and Lis-nees! It’s me, Yuka Shirahime!]
Our greeting marked the beginning of the stream.

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Thank you for the chapter! Alright, streaming again! What new chaos will happen lol

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Thanks for the chapter. Lis-niis and Lis-nees may all be people of “culture”, but their name isn’t quite as catchy as Henya’s followers.

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