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IBV C60: My Off-Collab with Fuwa-chan! 1

10/24 edit: Please read this quick but important novel-related announcement if you haven’t!

Author: It’s really tough when you can’t get that live-streaming vibe, even though it’s a singing stream…
Maybe I should’ve gone for something with original-looking lyrics to make it more karaoke-ish…
I’m only showing bits and pieces of the lyrics to keep the songs from being too obvious. Thank you for understanding!
And yes, the songs exist.

“Oha-fuwarin, everyoneeee.”
[Good morning, Lis-niis and Lis-nees! It’s me, Yuka Shirahime!]
Since today’s stream is from the morning, unlike our usual greetings, we’re kicking things off with a “good morning.”



Ive been waiting for this moment!

It’s our fresh yuka-chan and fuwa-chaaaan!!

a stream with the two of them next to each other… fuhehe let this auntie join you too…

i feel all sorts of emotions gushing…

Yuru Kakizaki: Hmph, I’m not jealous at all…

mama yuwu…

Don’t cry

stay strong mama

“Everyone’s energetic so early in the morningggg.”
[Yeah! I’m full of energy, too!]

that aside, theres something I wanna ask you, yuka-chan

Me too, me too

me three!

me four!

me five!

Yuru Kakizaki: M-Me too…

[I know what you wanna ask…]
“It’s about Schwartz-san, righttt?”

Exactly!!!! That!!!! What’s the deal!!!!

is he really a V-blood relative?

How do you feel about the collab with your dad being decided?

Isn’t your dad’s voice just cool?

Youre all that I want, I just wanna pet you-nano

i feel like ive seen that way of talking somewhere…

probs just your imagination

youre seeing things-nano

im sure im not!!!

What’s this guy even saying

[W-Well, just to clear things up, that news is true! As for the collab with my dad… How should I put it, I haven’t really felt it sink in yet, kinda? So, for now, I don’t have any particular thoughts about it!]
“You’ve got quite a strong mentality, Yuka-channn. If it were me, I’d be freaking out for sureee.”

talk about a heart of steel…

people who wanted to get more tea from this are crying right now, lol

Normally, you’d freak out and probably decline the collab, right

Id be surprised too-nano

s’definitely a big no-no

hm? there it is again…

Some people talk like that now and then dude, chill

yeah! what he said. s’normal, tooootally normal


[Well, leaving that aside, for now…]

Listen to my songggggggggg!!!

listen to my songggggg!!

“Listen to my songgggggggggg!!!”

[Listen to my songgggggggggg!!!]

“Old but golddd.”
[Old, but totally gold!]

yup, this is the only way to do it

yamerarenai, tomerarenai~

is that supposed to be c*lbee’s k*ppa ebisen or smth

That’s an old commercial reference… How many years ago was that?

it’s delicious, so what does it matter!

“K*ppa ebisen is delicious, rightttt? It’s a classic snack that’s been around for a whileee.”
[You can never get enough of its crunchiness! Actually, hold on. We still haven’t sung a single song!!!]


They even went along with it for a moment back there lol

“All right, I’ll take the leaddd. Oh, and to the people who sent marshmallows, thank youuu! We’ll eat them during the break laterrr.”

here it comes

Go, Fuwa-channnn

wonder what she’s gonna sing

Got it, marshmallows

Marshmallows, okay

“Mou, ima waaaa… De saaaaeeeeee♪”

Oh, I know this song!

you do?

It’s a song by a famous Vocaloid producer. It’s one of his lesser-known songs, so it’s a hidden gem!

it’s indeed a good song

Fuwa-chan sings pretty cool, doesn’t she?

Right? She has this soft image, but she can also be quite sharp

rather than cute, she has a voice that suits ballads




That was amazingggg!!!!

what a sad song…

a tragic love song…

But the song itself is really great…

the chorus part seemed hard to sing, but she kept the rhythm perfectly. amazing

I love her crystal-clear singing style

“That was S*nset St*dio, an old song. It used to be included in a popular rhythm game back in the dayyy.”
[You sang so well, Fuwari-oneechan!]


she’s grinning from ear to ear

She’s totally smitten, lololol

Fuwa-chan, let’s switch places plz

I wanna be there!

hey, wait. A guy getting between yuri is a target for assassination, you know?

It’s not yuri, so I’m safe

i don’t think that’s the issue here…

[I guess it’s my turn now!]


wakuwaku tekuteku

hoo boy

Yuru Kakizaki: Earphones… earphones…

mama yuru’s seriously ready to listen, lol

Yuru Kakizaki: Yes, I made it in time!


Mission accomplished

[Tu-turu-turu, tuuu yaaa~♪]


my ears have been blessed^~

am meltinggg^~

Yuru Kakizaki: Fwah….

This is kinda unusual, I’d think you’d sing it the other way around…

But it’s cute, so all is well…

[Nadareteeekuuuuuuuuuuu ♪]





Yuru Kakizaki: I could sleep to this…

the way she sang it pre much recreated the original song

But, that’s good

The original was already leaning into the cuteness, so recreating it fits best

[To add to the reference made earlier, I sang Interstellar Fl*ght!]
“That was so cute, Yuka-channn.”

[Ehehe, thank you, Fuwari-oneechan!]

love that song fr

It’s just such a pure song, isn’t it

can you believe that song is over 20 years old?


lul what are you talking about, i was only 10 back then… wait? Im in my 30s now……

stop it, those words hit me hard

Well, I’m… I just watched it because it’s a classic, I guess. I knew the song, though

I was in kindergarten at the time, so I guess I found out about it when I was in middle school…

Yuru Kakizaki: I was also really young back then.

mama yuru had a loli phase too… EUREKA!

Comment reported.

i haven’t even said anything yet?!

Holup, fuwa-chan looks like she finna die any moment wwwwww

real, look at those eyes lololol

Fuwa-chan, come back to lifeee XDDDD

“Huh?! Oh, silly me, I was deep into the tee-tee hole for a moment back thereeee.”

tis what it is

Everyone would react the same

Even I would

If it were me, I would have hugged her

arent yall too honest with yalls desires?

[You’re next, Fuwari-oneechan!]
“Okay, how about I sing this oneeeee?”


Is this intro what I think it is??

Ame agari no… Mooo… Redasuuu ♪

This is an old song, but I really love it

a nice songggg!!!!

The extended notes sound so good to listen to

Idk this song, but its nice

when is this song from?

this is also from more than 10 years ago, right?


For real!?

I feel old…

What is this, some kind of internet club for the elderly or something?

She can even do the male parts

thats what Id call a solo duet lmao

shes pre good tho…

I was in elementary school when this song first came out, nano…

I think I was in high school… my memory s’getting fuzzy

i seriously feel like i’ve seen you two somewhere before

youre seeing things, nano

s’just your imagination, bro


“…Ni naru karaaa♪”
[Fuwari-oneechan, you’re so good!!! That was really cool!]

She’s really good, seriously

her vibrato is so pleasant to listen to

A good song with a good singer, of course it’s gonna be great

Clap clap!



Yuru Kakizaki: I’m frustrated that my music taste matches so well with Fuwari-san…

competing over music taste, lol

“Anddd, that was H*karu N*raaa.
Next up is Yuka-channnn!”

Shes on cloud nine lol

I get you wanna listen real close, but at least think about your position, we can’t see Yuka-chan now, lol

her position xDD

shes right in front pffffff

[U-Um, I’ll start with the next song, okay?]

go for it, yuka-chan

Kill us with your song!

“Oioioi, that’s it, I’m dead.”

What happened?


[Sekaaaaaaaaai deeee…]

[O. HI. ME. SA. MA!]




Yuka-chan’s non-stop attack is lethal today

Th-this is…

i shouldve seen this coming…

yuKa-chAaan… tee-tee….

WAAAAAARGH sooooOooo cutE

“Are you guys doing that on purpose?”

LMAO, what a coincidence

I just noticed

is this a miracle?

And almost at the same exact second, LOL

she’s just irresistibly cute

Shes even striking similar poses as she sings. Thats cheating…

yuka-chan can really sing close to the original, huh?

And man, how does she hit those high notes?

[…wa yo.]


fuwa-chan is down!!!

you monster!!!!

It may be life-threatening now, but she’ll get used to it

She’ll be dead before she gets used to it, though

“That was beyond incredible…”
[I’m glad you think so ♪]

she knows what she’s doing. yuka-chan is coming for our lives

Has everybody stocked up on extra lives?

anyone need a 1-up shroom?

“I do. I desperately need one…”

Then, after about two hours of non-stop singing, Yuka Shirahime and Fuwari Ukigumo decided to take a break to rest their throats and read some Marshmallow messages.

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1 month ago

Our talented Himemura can do the sassy spoiled princess dance choreography with extreme proficiency. Vocal ability aside, even his dance prowess has him falling into the gender ambiguous zone that attracts audiences of all demographics. Shirahime is not just a rabbit hole, but an all encompassing black hole.

Thanks for the chapter!

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
1 month ago

I think I died too in the World is Mine song since it is my first Vocaloid song I’ve ever heard and my downfall to the voaloid rabbithole~

1 month ago

Thank you for the chapter! I want to listen too.

1 month ago

Thanks for the chapter and the links!

Ortho maleq
Ortho maleq
1 month ago

I wonder how many souls ascended during this stream and are those two who I think they are?

1 month ago
Reply to  Ortho maleq

Two? Are you referring to the chat?

1 month ago

That last part is honestly very confusing to read lol

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