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IBV C61: My Off-Collab with Fuwa-chan! 2

A couple of hours into the stream, we decided to read some Marshmallows as a break for our throats.

“Okay, we’re gonna start reading some Marshmallows nowww.”
[We’re a bit tired from singing non-stop, so it’s like a break time! If anyone has got stuff to do, now’s the time!]

Speaking of, I haven’t had lunch yet, mb I’ll whip up sth while lisnin

hehehe, I’m all set with my instant noodles, so no gaps here

i just bought myself a beef bowl

Listening while on the move, huh?

i have pre-made food, so im ok

I got a bento with me, nano

S’gonna brb, someone called me

“Okay, let’s get started with the first Marshmallowww.”
“Fuwari-chan is staying overnight!
What kind of dish would Yuka-chan make for her?”

Being treated is enough for me!


Just being able to stay over means you’re living the life, just saying

Lol switch with me fuwa-chan

[I guess that Marshmallow is for me!
I’d probably find out what her favorite dish is and make that for her!]
“I’m fine with anything you make, Yuka-channn.”



I’d ask for seconds if it’s something Yuka-chan made

I’d eat anything too

ah but I can’t eat raw tomatoes, spare me

I can’t eat bell peppers…

Those are like top rank in kids’ veggie hate list lol

[Honestly, I’m also not good with bitter veggies… I can eat them, but still.]

what a good girl

I get not wanting to eat stuff ya don’t like

Yuru Kakizaki: Totally understandable.

Weird how I can do sweets but can’t handle anything bitter

“Shall we proceed with the next one?”
[I’ll read next!]
“Yuka-chan, please sit on Fuwa-chan’s lap, if you can!
Fuwa-chan, can you do that yuri thing with Yuka-chan? You know… where you face each other and put your hands together?
Do you prefer fried chicken or kara-age, Fuwa-chan?
Can you two play the ‘I love you’ game?
Yuka-chan, could you please say the legendary “Wake up, onii-chan. It’s morning” line?
Both FuwaYuka and YuruYuka are god-tier
I wish I had a little sister like Yuka-chan… My life would be complete…
I also want to see a FuwaYuka ear-cleaning scene…”

[Haa… Haa… That was a long one…]
“G-Good job reading all thattt.”

damn that’s some crazy message

I cant believe she read that live lmao

But gotta admit, I agree with a lot of it

[First of all…]
“The yuri pose!!!”

Fuwa-chan is raring to go lol

Switch with me, nano

hmmm 👀

“Like this, maybe?”
Saying that, Fuwa-chan and I put our hands together and faced the camera. Being this close to Fuwa-chan made my heart race.
[Is… is this okay?]


im gonna have to agree with that long message on this one!!!

This is… amazing….

Yuru Kakizaki: I can’t tolerate any more than this. Can we please switch places?

Looks like that’s a no for mama yuru lol

“Fuhehe… Next is sitting on my lap…”
Fuwa-chan suddenly picks me up and places me on her lap.

“Hnnnn… Ah, this is, um, what the Fuwa-mins, Lis-niis, and Liis-nees in the chat want! Yup!!! Hehehe…”


she threw her persona’s way of speaking outside the window lololol

she sounds like an old man with that tone of voice wwww

Yuru Kakizaki: Fwee…

Mama yuru is regressing xd

[Huh? Are we gonna keep reading Marshmallows like this?]

that’s right

Go for it, go for it

This is a feast for the eyes…

Please switch places with me, nano…

“As for the questions specifically directed at me, I guess it’s kara-ageee. Yeah, I wanna try Yuka-chan’s kara-ageee.”

I get that

I wanna try the one from that previous video

I had karaage for lunch, I’m gonna imagine she made it

stop, that just sounds depressing…

[Next is the…I Love You Game? What’s that?]
“Oh, the I Love You Gameee.”

hold up, is it just me or i can totally imagine what’s gonna happen next

don’t jump the gun

We can see you grinning, Fuwariii!

Fuwa-chan turns me around, so I face her directly.
“I love you, Yuka-chan.”

My face turns bright red as she says that straight to my face.

“Ahaha, you’re blushing! That means I winnnn.”

No fair 😞

that’s foul play

you trickster!!!

Yuru Kakizaki: Excuse me, which karaoke place is this? I’m gonna crash it, someone please tell me where.

calm down, mama yuruuuuuuuuu!!!!

[G-Geez! You surprised me!
Next is… this line is from my Onii-chan Ver. voice pack, right?”

for real?

Imma buy it

gonna go buy it rq

what’s a voice pack?

She’ll start selling the voice packs she sold at Comiket online soon

ah, I see, it’s included in that


“Ear cleaning is a bit too much, though, sorryyyy.”

Yuka-chan’s relieved lol

well, yeah, anything more than this would be mental damage

is that the last of the requests from that long marshmallow?

“Shall we move on to the next question thennnn?”
“A question for Fuwa-chan!
If Yuka-chan could grant you one wish, what would it be?
Feel free to be as true to your desires as you want, or you could try to score some brownie points.”

Brownie points lolol

being true to her desires?? XD

I wonder what she’s gonna ask

“Um, anything, right?”

oh no


this is gonna be wild, lmao

“In the case, maybe… a date for a day?”


That’s surprisingly normal

it’s normal……

[It’s kind of weird thinking that’s all it takes…]

“Then it’s a date out somewhere next time!”

Yuka-chan run for your lifeeee

no… it’s all ogre…

Yuru Kakizaki: I am NOT letting that happen!!!

Mama yuru lol

she’s that female character who intervenes in a yuri relationship… I’m okay with that

[M-Maybe I need to think about that one…]
[Okay, this is the last Marshmallow!]

she doesn’t even feel weird about sitting on her lap anymore lol

She’s given up

Yuka-chans accepted it so fast, lol

[If you two had to express your daily gratitude to each other right now, what would you say?]

Wow that’s the most normal one today, lol

she’s bringing out the big guns for the last one!

Hm. I like this question.

stop it with the deep voice impression from yuka-chan’s debut stream XDDD

[What I’m thankful for about Fuwa-chan, huh…
Well, there’s no doubt that my name got out there a lot more thanks to her, and I’m really grateful she always comes to my streams.
Oh, and the restaurant we went to last time had really good food!]

“As for me, hmm…I’m thankful for Yuka-chan’s existenceee. She’s just too cute… seriously, too cute…”

Can’t deny that

I can’t argue with that



[Y-You’re making me shy…]
“This! This right here!!! Did you guys see that?!?!?!”


that’s what we’re talking about!!!

Kaaaaa!!! You vulgar girlllll!!

You mean ‘boy,’ right!?

[Mmh… That’s it for the Marshmallow Corner! I’m just gonna step out for a bit, everyone wait for me, okay!]
“Huh? Did something happen?”

[Just a little bit! I’ll be back soon!!!]
With that, I leave the room.
Heh, she’s done it.
Fuwa-chan won’t see what’s coming!!!
I grab the costume and change in the bathroom.

And then, having changed, I take a deep breath before going back in.

[Just a little bit! I’ll be back soon!!!]
With that, Yuka-chan leaves the room.

“Did we go too far…?”

But she’s too cute, who can help it?

She’ll be back in a bit

we just hafta wait

“You’re righttt. How about we read few more Marshmallows until she gets backkkk?”

Aww yea

pick mine, pick mine!!!


After about ten minutes of waiting, Yuka-chan came back.

And she looked even more adorable.

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