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IBV C62: My Off-Collab with Fuwa-chan! 3

Having finished changing clothes, I returned to the karaoke room and took a deep breath to calm my pounding heart due to the nerves.

I have to stay cool and collected.
I can’t let myself get carried away!

[Sorry for the wait, Fuwari-oneechan!]

“I think Yuka-chan should have an alias, tooooo. How about Yuka Shirahime of Absolute Reverence or somethinggg?”
It seems she was reading more Marshmallow messages while I was away.
And what in the world does Absolute Reverence mean?!

“Ah, welcome back, Yuka-ch—”
Fuwa-chan froze when she turned to look at me.
Her eyes and mouth are wide open.
Oh, and she’s smirking a bit.

Has yuka-chan returned?

Welcome back, yuka-channnn

did fuwa-chan freeze? Is she ok?

look at her mouth wwww

She’s smirking so hard lololol

Wait, this is kinda scary LOL

Classic Fuwari making that face, nano

s’not a face a maiden should be making!!!

Yuru Kakizaki: I’ve never made a face like that in front of Yuka-chan, have I?! I’m safe, right?!

Yikes lmfaooo

Fuwa-chan was frozen for a bit, but just when I thought she had snapped back to reality, she suddenly stood up.

Bam! I was gently pressed against the wall. Fuwa-chan must’ve been conscious about it because it didn’t hurt. It still startled me, though.

“Hey, you’re tempting me, aren’t you? That’s what you’re trying to do, right?!”
[Huh? No, I just thought that this would make you happy, Fuwari-oneechan…]

“Gooooooooooosh, why are you so cuteeeeeeeee!!!”
And then she hugged me tightly.


wtf is happening lolol

R.I.P. Yuka-chan

we’re wishing her peace in the afterlife already? shes still alive lol

Someone stop herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Yuru Kakizaki: What are you doing to Yuka-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?!

Mama yuru’s losing it

Wow, youth is something else, nano

s’youth, mhm. wait, this is bad!

This is one of those classic heart-stopping scenes, the wall slam!!!

[W-Waif! Fuwahi-oneefan! Chalm dowf!]
I was completely held and couldn’t move.
Th-The difference in our sizes has me pinned…

“Ehehehe, you’re shooo adorable.”
[A-Are my words not reaching her…?]

yuka-chan’s chastity is in danger!!!

Arent you supposed to worry about the opposite

Well, this is fuwa-chan were talking abt

Yup, that’s fuwa-chan for you

s’how desensitized are you guys to be okay with this?!

I wanna join them and nestle myself against Fuwari’s hills, nano…

Are you into girls or what?!

I like anything cute, nano

i think youre even more yabai than these two

From a quick glance at the comments, things have gone wild, and it seems my current outfit has dealt a massive blow to Fuwa-chan.

A cat hoodie and knee-high socks turned out to be a no-go. Maybe I should’ve thought this through…

But now’s not the time for that!
I can breathe for now since she’s holding me from the side, but if she moves, I’m in big trouble!

“Wehehehe, your onee-chan here will pet you allllll you want…” whispers Fuwa-chan into my ear.
I love her voice and how good it sounds up close.
Still, I couldn’t help but let out a girly squeal.
Her breath tickled my ear, okay? It’s not my fault!

“Did you just say ‘hyah?!’ …Ugh, how can you be this cute with your reactions, Yuka-chaaaaaaan?!”
Now, she’s hugging me tightly from the front.

Aw man, she done did it now

this is a 17-year-old boy we’re talking about, right? this is just torture

Yuru Kakizaki: I think naughty stuff is a no-no!!!

M-man, ngl, im kinda jelly…

But I wonder why

I don’t get jealous with Yuka-chan for some reason

Yeah, same

Right? Ikwym!

I hate to admit it, but I agree, nano

s’just like two girls hanging out and nothing more…

Calm down, calm down. I am Yuka Shirahime, practically a girl but still a boy. Get yourself together!

“Good girl, good girl.”
Fuwa-chan kept hugging and petting me.

Oh no, I’m having trouble breathing, and I’m starting to space out…

Hey, isn’t Yuka-chan going limp?

dude, she’s gonna die at this rate!

Fuwa-chan, snap out of it!!!!!!

Yuru Kakizaki: Yuka-chaaaaaaaaan!!!


“Hehe, how do you like onee-chan’s patssss?”

…I’m Fuwari-oneechan’s little sister?
…I see, I’m her little sister.
…Then, is it okay if I just keep being spoiled?

[…It feels nice.]
“Really?! That’s great… O-Oh, no, I’m sorry! Are… Are you okay?”

She finally noticed!

phew, that was close

Fuwa-chan ur way too reckless!

Yuru Kakizaki: Phew…

That was a close call, nano

You’re terrible lolololol

she had us all on edge, seriously

[Onee-chan, more.]
I reach out my hands toward onee-chan, asking for more without saying a word.

Yuru Kakizaki: Oh no!


What happened?

did yuka-chan enter trance mode?!

This ain’t good!

Yuka-chan!!!!! Snap out of it!!!!!

[Onee-chan, hug me.]

Oh, Fuwa-chan died first

Yuka-chan, you heartless creature!!!

Yuru Kakizaki: Wait, what’s going to happen now?

Oh no, there’s no one to stop them

the heck’s wrong with this stream?!

This is getting exciting. Keep it coming, nano

[Onee-chan, you can’t sleep here.]
[Mmh… She’s not waking up…]
[Oh! I know!]
[How about this?]
[Ehehe. Pat, pat. Pat, pat.]

yuka-chan’s doing a lap pillow!?!?

I’m so freaking jealous!!!!!!!!!





About ten minutes after Yuka Shirahime started lap-pillowing Fuwari Ukigumo, Fuwari’s eyes finally started to flutter open.
But of course, things wouldn’t just end peacefully.

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Brick Turtle
Brick Turtle
18 days ago

Why do I get the feeling the Yuki’s dad is one of the viewers…

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Thanks for the chapter.

1 month ago

Thank you for the chapter! Yeah, of course there will be chaos.

1 month ago

Tag: asphyxiation fetish (?)

Ortho maleq
Ortho maleq
1 month ago

Trance mode is always dangerous

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