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IBV C63: My Off-Collab with Fuwa-chan! 4

“Hn…? I was hugging Yuka-chan, and then I… huh?”
[Oh, are you awake, onee-chan?]
“Huh? What, uh?”
[You were tired, weren’t you, onee-chan? There, there.]
“Is this… heaven…?”
[This is reality, you know?]

Neither of them has noticed!!!

ah… tee-tee…

I could watch this forever

Yuru Kakizaki Grrrrrr….

I’m so jealous, nano…

but s’kinda heartwarming, no

“Reality? No, there’s no way you’d do something like this for me, Yuka-channn.”
[Why not? Is there anything else you want me to do for you?]
“Um, maybe hug me tight and whisper ‘I love you’ in my ear?”
[Is that all you want?]
I hug Onee-chan tightly and whisper the requested line in her ear.
[I love you, Onee-chan.]

“Uhehehe… I’m so happy…”

eyes!!! her eyes!!!!!

Her eyes are rolling back LMAO

Bruhhh wwww

Shes probably drooling too lmfao

am so jealous…

I want that too…

[Is there anything else?]
“Can I do something for you instead?”
[I don’t mind…]
“Can you rest on my lap then?”
[U-Uh, sure?]
“Come here!”

I lie down on Fuwari-oneechan’s lap.

“Ahh… you’re so cute…”
[Onee-chan, that tickles.]
Onee-chan strokes my head, but her hair brushes against my cheeks and tickles a bit.

“Sorry, is this better?”
Onee-chan moves her hair back so it’s no longer touching my face.
[Yeah! That’s perfect!]

What the heck is this?!


They might as well be sisters at this point

Yuru Kakizaki: I should be Yuka-chan’s older sister!!!

That’s what you’re competing over?!

[Ehehe, Onee-chan’s head pats feel nice.]
“Really? I’m glad.”
The scene continues like this for about ten more minutes until Fuwari’s mood changes.

“I wouldn’t mind even if this is just a dream.”
[What’s wrong, Onee-chan?]
“Can I hug you?”
With that, Onee-chan hugs me.
She hugs me tightly from the front and continues to stroke my head.
Her body warmth is so comforting.
I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy…

[Zzz, zzz]
“Huh? Did you fall asleep?”
“Fufufu, you’re so cute, Yuka-chan.”

crap! yuka-chan is getting attacked!

Yuka-chan, wake up!!!!!!!!

This is where you go in for a smooch, nano!

aincha supposed to be stopping them?!

Yuru Kakizaki: Which karaoke bar is this?! I’m going there right now!

ya really think they’d give away their location like that?!

“Poke, poke.”
I gently poke the cheek of Yuka-chan, who has fallen asleep.
It’s so soft and squishy.

“Fufu, if I’m dreaming right now, I’d rather not wake up…”
Then, I caught sight of the comments appearing on my computer screen.

“Huh? This is real?”
So, this means… Yuka-chan is…?
“Ah, she’s in a trance?!”

FINALLY Fuwa-chan noticed!

looks like she realized it’s a trance state!

Yuru Kakizaki: I was moments away from barging into that karaoke bar.

youre scary mama yuru lol

I wish I could’ve been there to poke her too

I wanna poke Yuka-chan too

“I-I’m so sorry! She was just too cute, I couldn’t help it…”

Nahh I wouldnt hold it against you tbh

I’d want the same, nano

I want her to say those things to me too…


“S-So, uh, Yuru-sensei, what should I do when Yuka-chan’s like this?”

Yuru Kakizaki: Last time, she was back to normal after waking up, so I think you can keep patting her head for now, as frustrating as that is.

‘As frustrating as that is’ lol

Mama yuwu…

But there’s no other way, right?

I think so too

How many minutes are we going to watch this scene? lol

This isnt a karaoke stream anymore XD

shh don’t say it lolol

“Well then, I-I’ll just… keep patting Yuka-chan… Haa… this is the best…”

She’s not hiding her feelings at all lol

its written all over her face ww

Yuru Kakizaki: I think you did a great job holding yourself back. Honestly, I was about to lose it, too.

“Thank you for the compliment…”

Is she… complimenting her?


well yeah, not attacking her is impressive, but still

Wait, yuka-chan’s a guy, so shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Normally, we should be worried about fuwa-chan here pfff

Welp, this is fuwa-chan were talking about

you said it

saying that as an excuse for everything cracks me the f up

“W-Well, you know, this is me we’re talking about, so…?”

you, of all people, saying that? lol

Everyone was worried you’d genuinely make a move yknow lmao

Im relieved we were worried for nothing, but still

“I’m an adult! I know what’s wrong and right!!!”

Yeah, yeahhhh, sureeee

Fuwa-chan is an adult, mmmmhmmmmm

fuwa-chan is an adult…?

“Aren’t you being too harsh?!”

Well, it’s Fuwa-chan

It’s just how Fuwa-chan is

That’s Fuwa-chan for you

That’s just what fuwa-chan is like

“Hmph… Say what you want… I’ll just get Yuka-chan to comfort me…”

she just said that so nonchalantly, but yuka-chan is still out cold

Yuka-chan, who’s at her mercy… /gulp

Yuru Kakizaki: It feels great when Yuka-chan trusts you enough to let you take care of her, you know.

Sounds like mama yuru has experienced it before…

Yuru Kakizaki:I have! Like during our off-collab trance and when we traveled to Tokyo together.

“You were together for days in Tokyo, right? I was so jealous. But now, I get to spoil Yuka-chan, so I won’t say anything…”
I smile as I watch Yuka-chan’s sleeping face.

It’s pretty obvious fuwa-chan looks happy when she’s with yuka-chan

Yuru Kakizaki: I can’t deny that. I feel the same.

Me too

I agree

Yuka-chan started to squirm in my arms.

“Huh…? What? Why am I…? Huh? Fuwa-chan… Ah.”
“Yuka-chan, you’re awake!”

“I-I’m sorry!!!
I didn’t mean to, I mean, why am I sleeping on Fuwa-chan’s lap…?”

“D-Don’t worry about it! I was the one who asked you!”
“Why would you do that?!”

yuka-chan’s trance seems to be completely gone, but does she have no memory of it?

Yuru Kakizaki: She didn’t remember last time either…

Shes awake n all, but what are we going to do about the stream now lolol

“I-In any case, let’s continue the stream!”
“R-Right on!”

This stream all over the place, lol

Calm down xDD

We’re having fun and getting our daily dose of tee-tee, so we don’t mind tho ww

And with that, we resumed our stream.

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