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IBV C64: My Off-Collab with Fuwa-chan! 5

“I-In any case, let’s continue the stream!”
I say to Fuwa-chan, flustered.

“R-Right on!” replies Fuwa-chan as she takes a deep breath to compose herself.
I also take a deep breath, getting into character as Yuka Shirahime.

[Sorry, Lis-niis and Lis-nees! We had a bit of a hiccup there, but we should be good now!”
“I’m so, so sorryyyy…”

they’re back!

Its okay, I just got here

some delulu’s trying to act like their boyfriend on a date LOL

Yuru Kakizaki: At least I feel relieved now…

Does this always happen, nano?

nah, not really, they’re usually chill during game streams, yknow

[Gee, my father already warned me about this and everything, but my body would still act on its own. It’s scary…]
“I got too carried away myselfff… It was fun, though…”

Shes not even gonna hide it wwww

ofc it’d be fun for you!!!

bro it was wild just watching that


Yep, yep

Yuru Kakizaki: Watch out when you’re tranced, Yuka-chan. Some people might pounce on you when you’re in that state!!!

“You should be more aware of how cute you are, Yuka-chan…”
[It’s hard to say that for myself, even with someone telling me to do so…]

the clueless MC type?

maybe yuka-chans just oblivious about it?

Flaunt the cuteness, we’re here for it!

Yuka-chan is adorbs!

so is fuwa-chan

Pair them up…

and theyd be unstoppable!

Hey, don’t forget yuruyuka!

Kuh, can’t let go of yuruyaka either…

Yuru Kakizaki: This is getting really frustrating. Maybe I should start my own VTuber channel…

Mama yuru as a vtuber?

I’d watch that ngl…

“Putting that topic aside, I have an idea for Yuka-channn.”
[An idea? What’s that?]

“Since we’re doing a karaoke stream, how about a contest? We’ll score each other’s performanceeee.”
[Sounds fun! Let’s do it!]

Theyre doing something…karaoke-like…?

wh, why though

Isn’t it almost time?

Oh, true that

Yuru Kakizaki: Does this mean they only have one shot each?

“Yes, given the time. One song of our choice, and we’ll compete based on the scoreee!”
[Any song?]
“Hm… Let’s spice things up a bit and only limit it to songs released last year. How about thatttt?”
[Deal! I won’t lose!]
“And the prize for the winner?”
[How about just granting a small request for them?]
“Sounds fairrr.”
[Light and fun!]

Th-theyre doing this seriously?

what happened to them?!

Lol, it’s so different from earlier

Considering the rules, theyre def gonna change the vibe of their picks

true, totally different

“I’ll go first, thennn.”
[Go for it, Fuwari-oneechan!]

Shes cheering her on xD

are you rly cheering her on www

Its cute, so it doesn’t matter!

“And I choose this songggg.”
[Wait, isn’t that…]

bruh, isn’t that her song LMAO

Cheating much? lolololol

I’m rofl rn

Yuru Kakizaki: She’s going all out?!

Fuwari-oneechan deftly worked the remote for the karaoke system and started singing her solo song.

With her eyes closed, she carefully traced every lyric with her voice.
Fuwari-oneechan’s singing beautifully followed the words, and she hardly missed a note.
The scene was nothing but earnest.

Who is she even?

Such a smooth melody

makes you wonder who that wild girl was earlier

im being purifiedddddd

The score’s gonna be nuts

Opening her eyes, Fuwari-oneechan looked at the screen to reveal a score of 97.

[Huh? How am I supposed to beat that?]

took you long enough to realize

You had no chance from the start, yuka-chan!

Fuwa-chan’s quite the mvp wwww

Yuru Kakizaki: That’s just mean.

She’s not showing any mercy, as expected, nano

s’just downright brutal

[Mmrh… In that case, I’ll sing this one…]
I picked the opening song of a recently broadcasted anime.
“That’s Mahou Shoujo Koitsu ☆ Magica’s opening theme, right?”

[Yeah! The OP Disconnect!]

[The contract we made? I don’t give a damn about that.]
[I open my eyes and forge ahead.]
[I’ll slash through everything that comes at me and move on alone.]

This upbeat song is one I’ve listened to many times.
I sing with as much attention to the melody line as possible.
Since this song has a cooler vibe than a cute one, I make sure to sing it as coolly as possible not to break the song’s image.

[That’s why I won’t believe in anything anymore.]
The tune changes drastically to darker lyrics, but I feel like I sang it better than I expected.

“And the score issss…?”
The screen reveals a score of 95.

[Kuh…I tried my best…]
“I guess that goes to show how strong my song wasss.”
[That was a little unfair of you, Fuwari-oneechan!]
“All that matters is winning, you knowww.”

Yeah, you did great, yuka-chan…

I always thought of yuka-chan as cute, but she rocked that cool song

Yuru Kakizaki: That was cool AND cute.

[Ehehe, thank you!]
“So! About my requesttt.”
[Oh, I forgot about that.]
“Would you like to collab again sometime?”

wait, is she okay? is that still fuwa-chan?

she’s way too normal right now

Someone check on her

“What do you think I ammm?!”

a yabai vtuber

a condensation of all the yabai-ness in the vtuber world


“Kuh, I-I can’t even deny any of that…”

“Anyway, today sure was filled with intense eventsss.”
[I feel like it was so intense that I lost track of what was going on…]

“D-Don’t worry about it too much—that’s how you lose.”
[I mean, I also did quite a bit of messing up…]


“W-Well, time’s up, so why don’t we end the stream here!!!”

They gonna end it like that? Lol

don’t just end it all of sudden lololol

Lol, they literally ended it on the dot XDD

Yuru Kakizaki: Th-Thanks for the stream?

“A-All right…”
[Thanks for tuning in!]
[Take care, everyone!]

thanks for the stream!

That was a legendary stream, for sure

waiting for the highlight clip; clippers do your thing

Yuru Kakizaki: Thank you for the stream

Otsu, nano

Peace out!

===The live stream has ended.===

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Thank you for the chapter! The ending was…normal? NOWAYING

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Ortho maleq
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Just post I’ll read no matter what time it is. This is my crack novel now

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9pm jst is perfect for me, but that’s just me xd

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