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ITK C375: Restored Wool

“Eek! Gross!”

The demon rancher is terrified by the bizarre events occurring before him.

It’s an understandable reaction, given the sheep I touched is growing wool all over its body at an incredible speed, becoming fluffier and fluffier…

“Oh, I think I should probably stop soon,” I thought to myself, but the wool kept on growing by the power of god in my hands.

“Eeeek! What’s happening to it?!”

Even Batemy is surprised by this situation.
I could take my hands away, but they’re so entangled in the wool right now.

I eventually managed to pull my fingers out, but by that time the sheep’s surface area had grown six times its original size.


The smooth and naked sheep has now transformed into a giant fluffy ball.
It’s so poofy you can’t even see what’s inside.

“Noooooo! My sheeeeeeep! My sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!”

The rancher rushes to the lump of wool.
For him, livestock is an important asset and a companion. He can’t help but be worried.

“It’s okay.”

I take a couple of steps back and then pull out Dreischwartz.
The rancher went pale upon seeing it.

“Don’t worry. Nothing bad’s going to happen. He’s just a little cramped inside, so…!”

I swing my sword at the lump of wool.


It was the rancher who screamed on behalf of the sheep.
In a moment, a shorn sheep stands in place of the lump of wool, unharmed.

“Wow, Lord Saint. You managed to trim all the wool off the sheep without even hurting it!”
“It’s all because of the holy sword.”

I calmly respond to Batemy’s compliment.
In fact, it’s true that the holy sword is incredible. Peeling all those potatoes and carrots every day has paid off.
With the sharpness of this sword, I could peel off the skin of vegetables to a very thin layer, and the same goes for sheep’s wool.

“All right… As for this shorn wool… Ow!”

The sheep headbutts me again before going back to the meadow.

All that is left is a large mass of wool.

“So, this is sheep’s wool…?”
“The supposed non-existent fur on sheep…”

Both Batemy and the rancher are curious about the mysterious wool.

“Wow, it’s so fluffy to the touch. It’s not like goat or cow fur at all!”
“Could you go back to the farm and call some goblins, Batemy? Tell them to bring spinning tools.”
“Okay. Sorry, uncle, I hope you don’t mind us setting up a waypoint here.”

Amidst the rancher’s speechlessness, Batemy set up the waypoint to teleport herself back to the farm.
This way, she won’t have to go through much trouble coming back.

I think I’ll use this time to wash the wool.

“May I use your watering hole if you have one?”
“Huh? Oh, sure…”

The completely flabbergasted rancher responds to my request.

I know this wool just grew instantly, so it’s not particularly dirty. Still, I decided to wash it.
Any dirt came off easily with the help of the Hand of Supremacy, and it also dried quickly.

In the meantime, Batemy has returned with a few goblins.

As I had instructed, each of them brought their spinning tools, so they were all ready to get to work.

“Okay, spin us some yarn from this wool!”

The goblins are experienced in hand-spinning cotton and thread from the adamantine silkworms, and they aren’t afraid of spinning yarn of a slightly different color, either.
They worked briskly, and the messy wool disappeared in a twinkle, forming a few balls of yarn in its stead.

The speed with which they did this was indeed commendable.

“Then, I’ll be using this yarn…”

Now, it’s my turn.
I already have a crochet needle ready for knitting.
I made it from wood while I waited for Batemy.

Of course, I used the evil holy sword Dreischwartz to cut it—it’s so versatile, I swear.

The crochet hook scoops up the yarn and knits them together.
It would normally go at a snail’s pace, but since I have the Hand of Supremacy, it goes insanely fast.

While Batemy and the rancher were amazed at how fast I was going, I was able to finish one sweater.

“Ta-da! A sweater!”

Hastily made and simple, yet a well-made sweater nonetheless.

“The clothes you make really have no life in them, Lord Saint…” criticizes Batemy.

“Aw, it’s fine! My ability is built that way!”
“The clothes Our Lord makes have a somewhat ceremonious feel to them.”

Even the goblins are criticizing my work?!
Oh well, this is why we have Batemy as our tailor.

This sweater is a prototype, so to speak.
It has been proven that yarn can be obtained from the sheep of this world and can be knitted.

All that’s left is…

“Mr. Rancher!”

I bow to the ranch owner with all my might.

“Won’t you please sell this yarn to us?”
“Huh?! M-Me?”

The ranch owner is puzzled by my sudden proposal.
I guess he’d be.

“Of course! This yarn comes from the sheep of this farm, so you have all the right to own it! That’s why we’ll buy it from you!”
“I understand your point, but this is all too sudden, I…”
“We’ve already prepared the payment.”
“This much?!”

I had Batemy prepare this too when she went to fetch the goblins.
This money was given to me by Mr. Shax of Pandemonium Trading Company as payment for the paper.

By giving this as payment for the yarn, the wealth is being going to the rightful recipient…!

“Then… Now…”

The rancher accepts the proposal without much resistance, perhaps paralyzed in thought by the series of surprises.

“I speculate the sheep I touched will continue to grow wool, not as rapidly as earlier, though. Just at a natural rate.”
“I-Is that so?!”

It already has the Hand of Supremacy’s effects in its system, so I think it should.

“I’ll also activate the pores of the other sheep. From now on, you can make a living by shearing your sheep’s wool and selling it to tailors. I have high hopes you’ll reap huge profits.”

I’ll tell Mr. Shax to take the initiative in buying them, so this should help his ranch climb out of bankruptcy.

“Oh… I can’t express in words how grateful I am…!”

He falls to his knees, tears streaming down his face as if he had finally understood the situation.

“What generosity… What a miracle! What kind of god are you to perform such a miracle?”
“Oh, I’m not as impressive as you think. I just wanted to digest my own karma.”

No lie.


Another sheep headbutts me.
What’s their problem?!

Thus, I succeeded in taking care of the man on the verge of losing his job from our effluence of otherworldly technology.

As a little extra, the ranch later became famous for growing wool from supposedly-naked sheep.
Gentlemen from all over the nation suffering from hair loss visited the ranch in hopes of getting benefits by touching the rare fluffy sheep.

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